SNF 2019.01 - SNF: Ring In The New Year

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Description: An SNF-CWA cross-promotional spot pits the free-fighting monster hunter La Huesuda finds herself across the ring from the lone wolf of war, Sven Maesters during the CWA's Auld Lang Dyin' pay-per-view. The ring's surrounded by a steel cage to contain this battle of shadow and muscle while clocks around the arena countdown to-- something, to ring in a new year of fight entertainment. _ but what are all those colored wires wrapped around the cage for...?

Sven Maesters was not a lucha.

As the crowd builds to a roar, welcoming in the new year, the warwolf sits in the locker room. The arena itself was situated outside of Sunshine City; with the recent war going on, tourism was hurting hard. But Sven wasn't an A-lister either. He was good enough for that. And as a friendly show between north and south, his opponent was a young lucha. Her name was La Huesuda, and she would probably be nowhere near the back here. But a lucha. The towering Swede stares into his wolfman mask. No belt this time. Just money and promotion. A joint venture between SNF and CWA.

He'd make it work.

Around the three roped turnbuckled ring, aluminum seats form a circle around the open-air arena. It was not the best of venues; but the exterior outlet gave it a lot safer placement for pyrotechnics, perfect for the new year celebrations. Steel fence barriers give a large buffer space between the four-cornered ring and the audience; a wall of fans, armed with signs, give a chant. It was time for the ramp up.

And the music plays.

As the roar of Viking Metal bellows out, a flash of fireworks shoot up alongside the walkway. "And coming down the line, the former world champion, the Warwolf himself, Sven Maesters!" The announcer shouts out. Sven himself comes striding down in big black leather boots, a wolf pelt on his shoulders as a cape, a wolfman mask on his face. The topless, khaki clad wrestler stomps down, shaking his fists in the air as he snarls behind his mask. Heading down the walkway, he rolls under the ropes, giving a last round to the audience, before allowing La Huesuda make her entrance: All by throwing back his head, to unleash a howl.


La Huesuda's lucha career is a fresh one. She first came into the scene only a few years ago, starting at the very bottom while learning the ropes. It was when she suddenly reinvented herself into St. Death's Acolyte that she finally got the break into the big leagues. Lucha fans noted the complete turnaround in her wrestling style, becoming more driven and brutal in the ring than she ever was before. Of course, the public doesn't know anything about her pledge to hunt down those that lurk in the dark.

Even then, she is a fresh face in wrestling. Yet to be sculpted by experience. It is here that she hopes to gain some of that and show how lucha is done. Even if her opponent WAS one of those Northerner type wrestlers. All muscle and power moves, it seemed like. But that was alright. At the end of the day, it was about warrior vs. warrior.

Her entrance is much more subdued. The lights dim, and organ music begins to play a haunting dirge. She steps down the walkway in a deliberate manner. Bone white skull mask, so detailed one might swear it was taken from a graveyard. Dark colored vaquero chaps, boots with silver tipped skulls, and a jacket to match the pants. Her light gray eyes pierce the darkness.

Suddenly, the organ music pauses, and that's when the guitar hits. Sven brings the Viking Power, but Huesuda? The heavy, droning power of Doom Metal. At the ring she tosses the jacket, and adjusts her fingerless gloves, before sliding into the ring proper. She meets his howl by crossing her arms over her chest like she was about to fall into a casket, tilting her head slightly to glare right at him.

Oh, the theatrics was quite nice.

Sven, like the public, was unaware of her true monster hunting nature. But like her, Sven had to work from the bottom. And at this stage of wrestling, unless you were a Zangief, you had to bank on your stage presence. And the girl definitely had it; while she had a less bombastic entry, subtle played very well with the doom dirge against Sven's own viking metal. Glaring around at the dark display, even he makes sure to step back as she enters, selling that flicker of fear. A microphone finds its way dangling down-

(wait, where was it coming from).

Sven doesn't worry himself with the logistics of overhanging structural work, as he grips the mic. "You think that I am afraid? No, it is you who should be afraid, ya? Do not think I will take it easy because you are girl" Sven growls, sweeping his free arm. "This month, there will be a Blood Wolf Moon! And with it, comes the pure power of the Warwolf! You may have the strength of the underworld on your side, but it will not be enough. The night of the warwolf is upon us! And you! Will! Fall! AROOOOO!" Sven gives another howl, pushing the microphone away, letting it swing to La Huesuda's direction. Sven takes another step back, falling into his wrestling stance, and beckons the luchadora to come at him.

"Let me see what you Luchas can do against real Swedish wrestling!"

COMBATSYS: Sven has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       La Huesuda

After the mic is swung, Huesuda grabs it, holding it close to her face. She tilts her head back, still staring at Sven with her almost glowing gray eyes, and slowly extends an arm to point at him. She is not known for long speeches, instead keeping her lines succinct. It helps to add to the aura. "All creatures, great or small, are in Santa Muerte's embrace....even you, Sven Maesters....even wolves, die." English is not her first language, but she has studied it extensively enough to be fluent.

She lets the microphone swing back, and that is that. She assumes her own stance: legs spread, arms held up and out ready for grabbing, slightly hunched. Suddenly, she charges right for him. But as it looks like she's about to just ram him, she stops and performs a backflip, aiming a kick to his jaw before she rights herself back on the mat.

COMBATSYS: Sven dodges La Huesuda's Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       La Huesuda

To be fair, it wasn't Sven's first language either.

But as the two ESL warriors trade barbs, the fighting begins. La Huesuda takes the invitation, and charges straight forward. Sven Maesters watches the approach carefully, trying to make a read. Was she charging? There is a spark in the eyes behind the mask, as she stops. Sven Maesters knows this one! The moment the backflip comes, Sven was moving, turning as she brings that kick straight at him. It narrowly misses his jaw; Sven Maesters can't even get in position to counter as he still keeps turning. The guy was big, and agile. But to keep any sort of speed meant a great deal of force. So rather than fight the momentum, he does his own flip.

Leaping on to the top ropes.

"I laugh at death!" He snarls, as he eases his balance on the top ropes. Swinging back, he builds a spring, as he swiftly launches himself from the high ropes. Firing forward, he swings his fist forward as he hurls his full momentum into a staggering superman punch, attempting to overrun the luchadora with a suspiciously lucha technique. Did he still this from wrestlers like La Huesuda? In any case, he comes thumping down, both boots first, as his momentum keeps carrying him forward. The crowd was roaring loudly.

That you could barely hear the ticking, at the side of the ring, where the wires dug in.

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda blocks Sven's Garouken ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sven             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0       La Huesuda

Huesuda does not expect such agility from her opponent; she had taken him for the big lumbering type. She brings her arms up as he lunges from the top ropes, his fist smacking into her guard hard enough to push her back against the ropes, the sound of impact heard through the whole arena. She shakes her arms, feeling the sting of the impact, circling her opponent and giving him a silent death stare. If she hears the ticking under the crowd noise or not, she doesn't give any indication.

She dashes right for him again. This time, however, she ducks into a slide between his legs, emerging behind him as she wraps her arms around his waist. With a loud, wordless cry she uses all her strength to hoist him up and backwards in a suplex. This, however, does not end in a release, but keeps him tightly clenched in a bearhug after slamming him down.

COMBATSYS: Sven interrupts Cemetery Suplex from La Huesuda with Wolfensteiner ES.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sven             0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0       La Huesuda

Speed and power.

As Sven comes hurtling in, he slams hard into La Huesuda's arms. Crashing into her defense, the wrestler growls. He was already burning through his reserves, exhausting himself nearly out of the gate. THe sweat building on his body could already be seen, especially with the thick wolfpelt cloak on his back. As she circles him, the wrestler was already shifting momentum, using all his force to keep himself from collapsing over. Huesuda goes for the slide, slipping through his legs...

And right into the Warwolf's clutches.

As she comes up, she goes to grab the wrestler... facing at her? Sven backflips, ripping through his own reserves as he snaps his legs around the luchadora's neck in a murderous franksteiner. The acrobatic technique reverses hard, as Sven shifts momentum, slamming Huesuda violently into the ground head first. Breathing hard, he releases on contact, not even bothering with a pin. He couldn't, even if he tried. Struggling under his mask, he stablizes into an uneven stand. Only to throw his head back into a howl.


Huesuda's eyes widen when she's suddenly facing the wrestler. She barely can comprehend what's going on when he flips and grabs her head with his legs. The whole ring is a blur as she is flipped and slams headfirst into the mat, bouncing hard and ending up on her back, staring up dazed at the overhead lights, one arm flopped over her chest. She rolls side to side, groaning as the crowd eats it up.

But her eyes snap open again. She can tell Sven is burning energy at an incredible rate. She, meanwhile, remains conservative like an unrelenting hunter patiently running down their quarry. She immediately sits up straight as if revived, then leaps onto the top ropes behind Sven. After this, she performs her own backflip - but instead of a frankensteiner, she instead grabs for Sven's head and pulls him face down into a DDT!

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda successfully hits Sven with Strong Throw.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sven             1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0       La Huesuda

A moment of weakness.

Sven was unleashing full force, but his weakness was exposed. As he recovered from his Wolfensteiner, La Huesuda pinpointed down when to strike. The wolf was prey now, and when the luchadora pounces, Sven can only barely attempt to roll out of it. But there isn't enough energy, there isn't enough strength. He gets his head caught in her grip.

And Sven goes down.

His nose bleeds under the mask; he could taste his blood. Groaning in pain, the blood trickles at the base of it. He was able to rise up, his cape still on. But he was turning bright red; his early momentum was off-balanced. The deft finesse was gone; that was the truth behind both speed and power: you relied on momentum. Face down, ass up, he is on all fours as he struggles to recover. To get space, he gives a singular mule kick to get space off of La Huesuda.

All while the clock ticks down.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits La Huesuda with Light Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Sven             1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1       La Huesuda

Huesuda stands, breathing steadily, blood also trickling down her mask from a cut sustained from the Wolfensteiner. She squeezes her eyes shut, opening them just as Sven throws out a kick. She attempts to sidestep, but is smashed in the gut by his mighty boot, knocking the wind out of her with a loud gasp. She doubles over and staggers away from him, eventually falling on the ropes for support. Her breaths become heavier as she takes large gulps of air. Her hair bun is undone, letting it fall at a medium length in long strands. She is suddenly aware of the ticking. Yes, the explosives. She will have to keep up the pressure.

She whirls on Sven. Hoping to catch him before he rises, she grabs him by the mask and hoists him up - to his feet, or his knees, whichever - and raises her other hand high with the palm flat. She then brings it down in a hard chop, trailing shadowy chi energy like the blade of a scythe as she slams his shoulder. She then follows up with another cross chop with the same energy, then another, and another...and finally finishes the assault with a flip into the air, coming down in a moonsault to squash him on the ground.

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks La Huesuda's Cero Miedo.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sven             1/--=====/=======|=------\-------\0       La Huesuda

Sven only has enough time to stand up, when La Huesuda is upon him.

Breathing hard, the wrestler was gradually regaining his bearings as La Huesada seizes him by the mask. The Swede works with the lift, letting the control go to her to buy time for his bearings. When the chop comes, Sven Maesters takes it brutally into the forearm. Blood still oozing under the mask, the towering swede groans as the chi energy cuts nearly to the bone. And it comes again, and again, and again. Sven barely can keep his arm up when the brutal assault comes to a close. She releases him, to take in the air. When the moonsault finally comes, Sven comes crashing down, pancaked underneath. Enough to mitigate a portion of the bodyslam...

But that was a cold comfort, considering his forearm.

The limb was bloodied, nearly useless. He wasn't going to be able to block with it for the rest of the fight. Reaching out at Huesuda, he at least didn't have a stunning experience this time. Bringing his good arm forward, he pushes back, trying to flip her over. Should he succeed? He would go for the pin, attempting to clutch her around her neck in a triangle choke with his good arm. The other one could barely get a grip, yes. But he had to force a pin.

Before she takes advantage of that disabled arm.

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda parries Sven's Crushing Throw!!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sven             1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0       La Huesuda

The girl who reveres death, however, is ready this time. There's a sudden glint in her eyes, a subtle shift in expression as she focuses in on the wounded wolf. As his arm reaches out, she not only moves around it, but she grabs it and uses it to help her hoist him UP and over her shoulders in a fireman's carry with a surprising surge of strength that belies her much smaller size compared to the hulking wrestler. Indeed, energy seems to renew her and sharpen her senses. Huesuda gives another loud, wordless war cry as she stands to her full height, still carrying Sven across her back like he was a sack of potatoes.

She pauses, letting the audience soak it in. Then, she kicks her own legs forward in a sudden drop, pulling Sven down with her at the side, so that his head and back slam into the mat along with her. After this, she rolls onto him to put him into a half-nelson for her own attempt at a pin.

COMBATSYS: Sven endures La Huesuda's Dearly Departed EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sven             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0       La Huesuda

Sven had to make a gambit.

His attempt at a pin not only is foiled, but exploited: He is swiftly hoisted up, his own pin reversed expertly. He doesn't fight it. He has no room to fight it. He just can wait. Held high in the air, he takes a deep breath. And finally, he is -slammed- straight down to the mat with a groan. But not a roll. As he is moved in position for the half-nelson, he waits a moment, his entire body burning, his head burning, everything burning and sore...

To answer with a headbutt of his own.

It didn't need to connect, to create space. Sven would force a shakeout, his strength surging, and start slamming his good arm across. Normally, this demanded both arms to slam. That was not an option at this time; Sven improvises by chopping, attempting to drive La Huesuda back to the ropes. If he could get -any- momentum there, he would cease his one-arm chopping offensive by dipping low. There, he would attempt to lift her up by the knees, and spin around for a clean giant swing, to send her tumbling across the mat. "The night... the night..."

"The Night Of The Warwolf Comes Near!"

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda fails to interrupt Wolf Blitzer from Sven with Blooming Lily.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: La Huesuda can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/<<<<<<<|

The headbutt smashes into Huesuda's face. "Augh!" Well, that gets her off Sven, alright. She staggers backwards, blood pouring out of her nose as she clutches her face from the sharp, sudden pain. She looks up just as she's grabbed by the wolf master and lifted...finding herself spinning horizontally as the whole world becomes a blur.

She struggles, at least, to try and counteract this; she curls upwards to wrap her arms around Sven's neck, attempting to pull out of the swing and pull him down in an RKO...but at this point she can't muster the strength to do it. Her arms fail her and she falls again just as Sven flings her. She goes flying, not just onto the mat, but smack into the steel cage, hard enough to make the entire structure rattle. She bounces off it and hits the mat, lying motionless. It seems she has found her final resting place.

Sven Maesters went out too hard, too fast.

There was a certain theater you needed in these things; if you make it too fast, it kills the audience, juts kills them. The arm slash breaks her interrupt, that was fine. But when Sven Maester goes for the giant throw, he realizes too late that it was a step too far. When the luchadore goes down, she doesn't go back up. Hitting the cage hard, landing on the mat, she doesn't get up. Sven Maesters pauses, looking dumstruck. The audience was... awkward. Sven tries to save it, throwing his arms in the air. "AROO! AROO!" He calls out. But the audience was lukewarm. Sven looks around. "But there was supposed to be a blast. Where was the boom, tho-"

And the explosions around the ring goes off, collapsing the ring.

"GRAAAAGH!" Sven Maesters roars, as he collapses down, falling into an equal knock-out as the fireworks explode around. -That- got the crowd roaring, as the entire thing blows up into a chaotic finish. Well, looks like the audience got what they wanted, for better, for worse.


Technical Double KO

COMBATSYS: Sven has ended the fight here.

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