SNF 2018.09 - SNF: Global Connections

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Description: subscribers? Well, due to new streaming rules, you can't just wear less clothing. Instead, you star a crossover! But rather than the chest-off between Siying and the -other- major streamer in her main demographic, she finds herself paired off with a fresh face on her lesser, fighting demographic: The mysterious G. The self-declared president of the world will be splitting subscribers and ad revenue with Siying, for the hopes of a prize purse down at the Neo*Geo Land in Southtown. Will Siying knock off of one of her competitors, or will she find herself sharing #CitizensOfTheWorld? Please like and subscribe if you enjoy what you see!

There was a nasty secret about crossovers.

At the best of times, it is two equally popular figures looking to magnify their popularity. Maybe they are two figures in the same genre, and want to give an opportunity for fans on both sides to cross-over as well. But what happens if one person isn't as popular as the other? Then its a shill. What happens if it is two randomly contrasting figures crossing over? A shill. Crossovers are some of the greatest acts of shilling.

And sometimes, the efforts look more pathetic than what's even imaginable.

The crossover was supposed to be Siying vs G, at the Neo*Geo Land in Southtown. The fighting itself wasn't inside the arcade itself, but outside. And yet, the crew of G was inside. Well. 'Crew.' It is a wide-eyed, African-American with short curly hair and wild eyes, a smile plaster on his face. He was training a camera on the main man himself: A tall, impossibly tall lanky figure dressed somewhere between a Magician and bad Lincoln cosplay, with a scraggly beard, and the vague scent of musk and Colt 40. The man was hovering over a Neo-Geo machine, a stovepipe hat upon his head. A strange, golden tattoo of the globe seem to be intermingled under his suit. And yet, his attention was all on his game.

"So what is this?"

The words come from a furious-looking young asian man, part of the SNF crew outside. G-Man's 'crew' looks over. "Whoa, we are on a live strream now." The asian man blocks the camera with his hand, glaring at the crew. "You know how long we've been out there? And what's going on in here, Abraham Lincoln? Playing an arcade game. Is this the whole G shtick? Wasting pepole's time?" The cameraman shakes his head, a dazed smile on his lips. "Nah man, you gotta, I mean, it's an experience, you know? Besides. It's right. About." He levels the camera out of the blocked hand, fixing it on the stranger. "Showtime..."

"That truly was, a game worthy of the world itself!"

The bearded man seems to stride through the Neo-Geo machines like they were the audience of his splendor. Giving an open-handed slap on the board, he turns to the camera, giving it a wink. Stepping with the grace of a true leader, he plucks the words from the air, as he speaks directly at the camera, without even giving it a look. "By playing as Muscle Power, I have made it not only to the very final boss, Neo Dio himself! It is wonderful! It is excellent!" And he swings open the double doors of the Neo*Geo Land, striding out to the street to the awaiting crowd.

"And it is worthy of the world."

"As the President of the World, I declare, for every man, woman, and child at home, every man, woman, and child of this WORLD, that this game, World Heroes, does in fact live up to the title of PERFECT on it!" The crowd is somewhat... lukewarm, as the stream continues. The exception being a few in the crowd who are -applauding- and -weeping- at the strange behatted man's declarations. Thrusting his finger at the camera, he gives a firm nod. "And to my viewers, remember to include, with your #CitizenOfTheWorld, the endorsement of World Heroes with the following!" And he sweeps his hands apart, as if he was creating a rainbow.


And for Team Siying777, the waiting...

"This is pissing me off," complains Siying in Chinese as she flicks cigarette ash into the gutter. She is mostly hidden from public view in a tent set up with garish versions of her stream logo graphics. Brother Sung is in there, while several low-grade yakuzas pass out promo cards. (You can tell they're Yakuzas because they have sanpaku eyes and they're wearing ugly suits. They're probably getting a rake from SNF. G**o Ma***a may be a major supporter of Siying-sa~~~.)

"Is that fucker really in there playing video games? What the hell kind of dickless wonder does this? We should be counter programming."

(Siying777 is not offline but has the little card indicating that Siying-sa had to take a shower so here's some greatest hits because we can't show you THAT on the Internet ~ The notification push hasn't gone out yet.)

Brother Sung is watching G's stream on one laptop and manning the chat in the other. He speaks as he taps out some anodyne bullshit into G's stream, just to build his cred. "Siying... you're not thinking about this psychologically."

"Tch," Siying says with a roll of the eyes.

"You and he... you're in the same business but you don't serve the same market. You have the tension of the eternal woman. G..."

Brother Sung points at the screen. "G is aspirational. He shows the viewers what they could be. You show them what they could 'have'. G may not know it, but he stands on a razor's edge."

Siying heard 'razor' so she's paying attention now.

"What they want to become... can become what they hate, when the pressure is right. Keep that in mind, Siying. We'll eat his balls yet."

Siying reaches for the jar of spirit gum.



The intro beat is less flashy because people were already watching the pre-show. Siying is poured into some kind of bustier top that is being kept together by the spirit gum along with pinstripe leggings and a hairband that suggests bunny ears in a red-lace motif without going full bunny girl. "Oooohhhh, here we go -- we've got that super special guest I talked about during the chat the last week! He's pretty crisp, super neat, and they tell me he's the #PresidentOfTheWorld. Do you think he's going to have time for us...?"

Approaching, Siying puts a hand to her mouth coquettishly as she calls ahead, "Ahhh - Mr. President! Were you having fun in there with Muscle Power?! I hope you got super pumped up!" She claps her hands then, before taking a deep breath and letting it out with a huff~!

The spirit gum is doing hard work. "So come on, everyone! Let's give G a big hand while he gets into position - I'm looking forward to seeing everything he can do!"

Siying has a moment, then, of sheer internal monologue, her warm perky spirit held in frozen abeyance by this mental vision which... is inaccessible to anyone except perhaps people with PSI stats. 'You shithead... the moment you get a good hit in, I'm going to twist this on you. And if I win, all the better! Heh heh... I wonder if you bleed magma. I'll rip you apart like your foolish dreams!'

Away from that moment of interior inspection, Siying pumps her fist and cries out, "Whooo~~!"


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BrotherSung> No d*ck please

The Muscle Bomber?

G didn't even seem to recognze the name. Even though he just said it. Even up close, there was an overwhelming pressure of heat. Yes, it wasn't hard to find the man's stream. But while his cult-like fans were small in number, there was a sense of presence around him. As she lights up, G looks at her, looks through her? And with a smirk in the corner of his lips, the theater doesn't stop.

"The pleasure is all mine, Siying,"

And he flashes seven fingers up at the camera, to emphasize the numbers. "Seven! Seven! Seven! For I am all but too aware of the generous contributions you have provided to the citizens of the world! That's right, Siying. For the world has blessed you with a phsyquie of a goddess!" The cheers burst from the audience. Her fans? His fans? "There is nothing more proud than your President right now, Siying Seven Seven Seven, for I have seen the full power of your heart in bringing show to the people of the world."

"And this is where we begin, Siying."

Chi flows over him, an inner light flashing under his feet. "It is my duty to test the sincerity of your true cause, in bringing joy and merriment to every man, woman, and child in this beautiful world. It is my duty, to test the loyalty and passion of your fans! But above all, it is my duty, to carry about the will of this beautiful planet we call The World!" G draws up a wave of pure magma from below the asphalt, leaving a searing stain upon the street where it still burns. Bringing it upon his hands, he gives the 'I Want You' point at his fellow streamer.

"Lets get it on."

COMBATSYS: G has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
G                0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Siying has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Siying           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0                G

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he better not touch my wife
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Siying takes a deep breath with her eyes shut - smelling the heating of the tarmac beneath them, the asphalt becoming partly fluid again, glowing with embers. She then opens her eyes, winks at G, and blows a little kiss~.

INWARDLY: ugh, he's glowing. what a show off. let's see he's probably too hot to touch - do i know that? he's so erupting, it's like it's coming off him. maybe i can suck it out <3

OUTWARDLY: Siying throws herself forwards then, closing the gap with wide gazelle-like strides before twisting round into an arcing balletic axe kick! Which lacks a lot of deep committing force, but its sweeping arc not only means that her butt gets to jiggle, it /also/ means that diving out of the way requires more commitment than usual. "Howaaa~!"

COMBATSYS: G just-defends Siying's Kill The Animals!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Siying           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0                G

Siying might feel what's off when she starts the flirting.

For starters, G 'reacts'. Oh, he nods along, eating up the charm and the wink and kisses. The alluring opening, the graceful execution. But the reaction is... all outwards. Siying might not be uniquely psionic, but you didn't need to be when you could feel the attunement in a fight. G felt -nothing- on the flirting. Only reacting, only outward. Inward? Nothing. And yet, as she comes rioting in, he focuses, drawing the energy around him as she descends.

And the shield of flame flashes around him.

The fires are hot to touch, and thick. It is easy enough to draw off as any chi; G is not looking to even stop Siying from taking the energy. But the flash stops the axe kick -cold-. Not enough to hurt her yet, and that restraint is something G pays for. Staggering backwards, the barrier endures a split second longer. "Amazing!" He gushes. "But that's no normal energy, young lady. That's the World's Energy! Raw magma force. Here it comes, ma'am!"

And he flings it off him.

The ball of energy flashes forward, rolling forward to bowl right over Siying. It won't go far, and it would kind of collapse back into the earth after a short distance. But staggering back, it seems that the light around G was fading. The charges were fading, gone. For all his flash, G's energy depended on the earth. And looking to the ground?

He seemed eager to draw it back up into him.

COMBATSYS: G successfully hits Siying with G Barrier ES.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Siying           0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0                G

There's no 'there' there.

Well, that's not true. There's something there. But there's nothing /there./ That is the best that Siying could say to summarize her impression of what is present when she is caught mid-kick. She can feel the heat, of course, but it's like the heat of a space heater, not the thick sweaty passion of a man begging for his life!

Siying spins her arms a little on reflex. It looks kinda cute. This is a side effect, for once.

When G pulls back, Siying stomps her foot down, takes in a deep breath, and is immediately praised. Her head tilts, making her twin-tails bobble for a moment. "Hey," she begins to say, when



she died as she lived catching it in the t*ts
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BrotherSung> OH NO!
BrotherSung> everyone!
BrotherSung> Siyingsa needs your POWER!
BrotherSung> Give her your energy!!! \o/ #donate


Has no idea this is going on, but she creaks out of the small shallow crater she'd been thrown into. "Wowowowowowowowow... That really stung... But that was a pretty flashy way to open, dont'cha think? I wonder," and here there's a glint of the actual cruelty there:

For Siying may not have a positive soul in her, but a negativity isn't a [Cell Undefined].

She runs in again (an inevitable problem for her) and she keeps her head low. She raises her hands up - and what she's doing may be faintly embarrassing because one hand is grabbing at G's presidential timber! The other is aiming to grip him at the shirt collar, though, and pivot him up into a hopefully-surprised suplex over towards - why, the same patch of asphalt he's pre-heated!

COMBATSYS: G blocks Siying's Scream For Everybody!.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Siying           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0                G


While he was just short of Za Warudo, the President was throwing his presence around. Every attack came with a flash of magma and fire, and the moment it stopped? It died down, dimmer and dimmer. As he blasts her back? He actually begins to dip down, trying to reach down to the street. He was covered in sweat already, exhaustion creeping up. And the moment his fingertips touch the ground?

Siying is dashing right into him.

"Oh! Right in the house AND senate!" He groans, as he staggers back at the clutch. Gripping her own hands, he twists and grits his teeth, as Siying quickly finds that G has been granted many gifts from Gaia. It seems that maybe the two weren't so different, in a sense. As he grunts, struggling, he is hooked over.

And he is slammed hard in his own goo.

The asphalt clings to him, still swirling and hot. Covered in his mess, G rises back up, looking at the molten tar. And he grins, as it hardens, solidifying back into the semi-solid state. Unharmed by the heat (though to say the least on the impact), he brushes his shoulders off, and does a quick Congressional inspection before turning his attention on Siying, putting his fists up.

"Impressive, but ambitous!"

"You might not believe in the spirit of my words, young lady. But even a citizen of the world cannot deny, that the strength of The World infuses me ever more, and never!" He hurls in with a craggy punch straight with his left. "I mean never, will act in disfavor of me!" He forces into a clinch, as his body erupts in molten light, breaking apart the clinch with a follow-up lariat to Siying's head. And yet, the moment the punch is unleashed, the light dies down even more. Now not even the golden tattoos could be seen. It seems with the power of Gaia flowing through his veins, that every attack only drained away that power.

And he would need to take a break, sooner or later.

COMBATSYS: Siying blocks G's Violence President ES.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Siying           1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1                G

Hoist... and slam! As he's down, Siying straightens upwards, letting out a chest-heaving breath and then raising up one hand upwards.


/o%rBrotherSung> No trolling plz


Brother Sung holds up three fingers. Siying breathes heavily and grins, and turns her head to regard the President again, looking perhaps a lot less cute. "So," she says, "you get the love of 'the world' - that's what fuels your heat?" And then he throws a punch which Siying swerves out of the way of! Of course then she gets conked in the side of the head with that lariat-twist, feeling the heat pour through her and practically burst out through her back. Saliva flies from her lips as she staggers back on one foot.

She breathes in deep through her nose - wobbles further back - actually spirals her arms a little - sinks down on that one foot... lets her muscles tense...

Inside of Siying, she thinks: House and Senate... I'll crush both of them underneath my judgment. Yes - the supreme court that is my foot - that's going to be what puts out this particular powerman. He can't focus that energy if he's on the ground - and if I have him in such a position, I'll be able to do 'that' until he's drained and dry! I wonder how far I could go...!!

And then she throws herself forwards. Foot first! The target is the sternum of the President, and the aim to drive him back onto his back and - should she prevail - to move up to put her OTHER slippered foot on his face and /grind/.

COMBATSYS: G dodges Siying's The Yoshi-P Special.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Siying           1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1                G

This was getting Kennedy levels of sexiness here.

As a professional, G couldn't let himself fall under the heel of tyranny. Even if it was something people would pay good money for. As such, The President swiftly moves to protect his affairs of state to prevent any immoral congress. As the feet come flying, the exhausted G wipes the sweat from his brow, as he hangs over. Dipping forward, he turns, spinning as the feet cross past his chest. With it, he falls on his back, tumbling with the impact as the pair land. When the second stomp comes at the matter of convenience, he rolls, tumbling on the ground longways as he grunts, rising up unsteadily. Looking back up, he tips his hat that miraculously remained on through this whole process, a grin on his lips as he stares into space.

"I am glad you asked, Siying Seven Seven Seven!"

THe President brings a finger, not to Siying, but the audience around him. Twirling on his heels, he is striding... away... from Siying. "It is the love of the world that powers not only my heat, but the heat of every citizen of this world! The world loves each and everyone of you, no matter your passion, your creed, your sins, your heart." And he turns back to Siying.

"The world will even love your darkness."

Spreading his arms open like he's about to embrace Siying from so far away, he calls out, as the very words rumble through the street. "And I can -feel- your suppression! I can feel your incredible presence. I can feel your power, your thirst for The Power of The World! Your desires, to latch on, and feed on the rich, hot energy pouring out from me! You have already tasted it, with that... grapple. And yet, there is more than enough to feed you! For the power your fans have for you, the love for you, empowers me as well. It is the power of love that fills every Citizen of the World! So from my fans, to you Siying Seven, Seven, Seven. From all my, One hundred, Thirty Seven subscribers, all across this world!" He twirls.

"Let the Power of the World Run Through Our Veins!"

And he falls to his knees. Slamming a hand down, G brings his palm firmly on the ground, as golden, molten energy flows from below, pools of melted asphalt boiling on his touch. Recharging him, boiling through him, empowering him. The dim tattoos on his body, shapes like the continents of the world, begin to glow once more with a golden light, as he lets the energy flow within.

Infusing him with even more hot, overflowing energy.

COMBATSYS: G gathers his will.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Siying           1/-------/=======|=======\======-\1                G

Her monster step failed, Siying recoups. She doesn't plummet forwards, though there is some heroic swaying. She snaps her head up to gaze at the Preisdent even as he extemporizes and her first thought is: He's stealing my heat!

Then her eyes widen as G explains himself. If he's not talking trash --

He is LITERALLY stealing her heat!!

There is more to it. There is more detail going on. Brother Sung, who is basically just some street hood from Taiwan with an associate's degree in IT solutions, is getting this more clearly than Siying - Siying herself is making an incredulous furious face. Brother Sung starts to type.

BrotherSung> one hundred and thirty seven...
BrotherSung> why don't we get them all here
BrotherSung> everybody here from Gs stream say o7
*remove 189 remarks asking when's spangles, etc*
hey i'm here from g's stream ( 'o')
BrotherSung> I'd like to propose
BrotherSung> A GIFT STORM


Siying looks down as G gathers his power and slaps a hand onto the ground. As he glows, his power surges through him. Rippling with the marks of the world. Some tiny part of Siying wonders: If we were on Mars would his tattoos look different?

The rest of her walks forwards. Steadily.


As G gathers the world's power, Siying says, "If there's as much power as you say... then Siying wants /every last bit!/ I'll make you give it up to me as fast as you summon it out of the planet, until the entire planet runs cold and dry!~!"

Brother Sung looks up, frowning. That was at least kind of on brand. Back to the chat for him.

Siying, for her part, raises up her foot as her lips curl back in that tasteful blend of perfectly mixed outrage and naked sadism with just a little leavening of big-sisterly dismay and disapproval, and as G gathers his strength, she tries to do the same thing she did again but far harder --

And this time with follow through, down towards the pavement.

COMBATSYS: G blocks Siying's Smash That Button!.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Siying           0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2                G

Stealing her heat?

G was the heat.

Overflowing with the heat, in fact. And all with the stride and presidental aura that would make even Electric Six a little nervous about spending all their money on the G Stream. But if was on Mars?

Well, Mars People are not canon.

Even post-reboot.

But the fact of the matter was, as G draws up the energy of the earth, no babbling or platitudes would evade the fact that he was holding still and exposed to whatever fondling and foolhardiness Siying had planned for him. G actually has his tongue sticking out of the corner of his lips, as he tries to hurry up the drawing. There isn't enough time as he is caught up. Pulling his hand away, the best he can muster is a clinch

And harder is -worse-

Slammed hard into the puddle of molten asphalt, he groans in agony as he writhes on the ground. Instinctivly placing his hand on his hat, the big lug seems to not handle being tossed around very well. Bigger they are, harder they fall etc. And the stomp, or -stomps- only make it worse, as he actually gasps out in pain on those blows. For all the bluster and bravado, he was still human for the most part, and could hurt and even- yes even bleed.

And yet, as he rises up just too slowly.

Hardened asphalt clings to his body. G eases on his feet with almost uneven balance, and he tips his hat to the audience, a grin on his lips. Sweeping his hand around, contrails of golden light carry in the air, as he swirls it around. "Well folks, if she wants to have it, who are we to deny it to her! Get ready, young lady, and latch on tight! It's going to be a bumpy ride! POWER TO THE EARTH!" And he turns right to the camera, and suddenly, he's Uncle Sam, pointing his finger, giving all the presence and force to tell Siying, that no matter her heat, no matter her sadism, the fact of the matter was that as the President of the Earth, he had one thing to say. Was it 'I Want You?'

"Light It Up!"

It wasn't.

And G unleashes a metaphorical firehose of explosive magma from his fingertip, launching a rioting chain of eruptions straight at Siying. The full force of the swirling energy floods out from him, as he glows brighter in brighter. He was gonna let Siying get a taste of the power of the Earth. Let her drain it dry.

Let her try.

COMBATSYS: G successfully hits Siying with Pangaea Burst.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Siying           1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0                G

David Bowie once asked us: Is there life on Mars?

With a surging burst, Siying777 learns the cruel truth that if you just do the same thing over and over without even trying to change it up, AND you expect different results, you are a crazy person -- and, according to world law, should go in a dungeon! (This is not the case. Siying777 supports #MentalHealthAwareness as well as #TBT and #Caturday.)

She overbalances. She's gripped. She squeals and kicks her legs as she's raised slightly upwards and pitched forwards and then SLAMMED INTO THE PAVEMENT! The hot, bubbling pavement.


not the face
siyingsa's pretty face T^T
i have no need for a masked wife
BrotherSung> don't worry but...

NORMAL SPACE: Brother Sung frowns a little. But the hashtag... it has promise. Perhaps...

Brother Sung can't help her.

Nobody can help Siying in all the world. As she rises up from the asphalt it cools into a simmering gray and she reaches up to grasp at the Presidential timber - no, not that timber, but rather his leg. Her grip is cold and enervating. "hnnnnghhhhhh," she breathes out, frost rising from her lips as she looks upwards, but any glare is hidden in her eyes - because they are, for the moment, gummed up with the dirt of the street.

The Earth's heat is drawn into her. A geothermic vampirism? "Damn - you," she gasps out, her voice throaty, shaking. Something dark is on full display here (however briefly and tangentially). And her goal from here: to pull, to draw down...

To bring him down with her. What's her plan from there? (there is no plan, just like a real President)

COMBATSYS: Siying issues a challenge!!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Siying           1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0                G

COMBATSYS: Siying successfully hits G with g e t o w n e d.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Siying           0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\-------\1                G

It's all instinct. An indecent instinct.

Once the President has been brought down to Earth by a low woman, Siying rolls herself forwards. She keeps her hands hooked underneath the Presidental calve and her legs splay apart slightly. The primary goal is to get body/thigh control on the upper body and from there to hook down her legs -- but it sure looks as if she's trying to smother G's face in


It's just a sea of peach emojis scrolling.

G was already shifting his attention back to the audience.

"Now you see now, Citizens of the World," He begins, as the flash fire dies down. "The authority which has been given to me has come from the planet itself. So you must heed my words; there is a great evil coming forth from beyond the planet, a creature from beyond this world, who seeks to encase it all in a veil of darkness and sorrow. The earth does not stand for this, no matter the creed, or the philosophy. It is an affront, that must be-"

"Oh heck naw!"

The drawl comes out as a hand lashes on his leg. He lifts his leg back, as he sweeps his arms apart. A barrier of fire bursts around him... to no avail in stopping the woman from draining away the heat. The president gets a look of dread as he realizes that he is just feeding the woman. Struggling, as his energy is sapped away, the woman's strength takes away his own. Drawn into the spider's parlour, snared like a fish in the clutches of an anemone, he is brought into the crushing vicegrip between the murderous ass of Siying. Trapped, his fires sucked away, he goes limp for but a moment. THere is silence.

"My duties..."

G begins, struggling with the volume of understanding smothering him so fiercely. Placing a hand on the earth, he surges with power that quickly is sucked away into the thick plump peaches of Siying. And yet, it is just enough fire to get him back up. "As President of the World will not be distracted... by the strength of your loins!" A hand lifts up, and moves to seize Siying in place. Whether or not he gets a grip doesn't stop the surge of energy that floods over his hands. Boiling with power, the President explodes with a rapid chain of molten blows, attempting to punch the hell out of (and off of) Siying as he forces himself back with awesome power. "So if you got anything better,Citizen!" He roars, as he finishes the combination with an rising arc of lava-infused uppercut power, to finally bring him back up to a stand.

"You better bring it out now!"

COMBATSYS: G issues a challenge!!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Siying           0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\-------\1                G

COMBATSYS: Siying blocks G's G Impact ES.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Siying           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0                G

This is how the world falls: Underneath the fundament of a woman from Taiwan.

Siying raises a hand to cover her mouth. She chuckles. She giggles. She snickers a little - and then she is releasing a full fledged cackling noblewoman's laugh as she presses downwards. "Ooohohoho! Where is your authority now?!"

She fans herself and then - she's held.

That cold feeling in her skin draws in that heat but the President of the World is able to outpace her. She drinks it in - empowered, thrilled, excited, excited in a different way entirely - but the problem is that she's drinking from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche.

Coming down a mountain.

And then she is punched directly into her butt, launched upwards with her legs dangling as she tumbles round and kicks and wails in dismay and surprise!? She falls down and raises her hands up, flinching back, and she lands on her hands - her arms compress...

And she stops, her face an inch from the ground. Finally, she blinks the asphalt from her eyelashes and turns her head down, saying with a grin to him, "You've really tapped it all! But how long can you sustain this?! If the battle goes on for more than four minutes," hop flip kip, "You're gonna need a doctor, yaknow?!"

She's swaying a little. Her skin is glistening with sweat despite that weird creepy chill to her skin. She's pallid... but she's grinning as she sways back and forth on her feet. The wind seems to pick up unnaturally, tickling past her.

"Did you feel it - did you feel your own power channeled? Just when you tried to punch poor old Siying in her cute little butt - did you FEEL what I did?!"

FLASHBACK: Just as the fist bursts upwards, Siying is elevated slightly - it's a little farcial but it means that the blow strikes an object already moving upwards.

"Your power is fading... mine's rising... oohohohoho~ How many times can you bounce back? I can go ALL NIGHT!"

COMBATSYS: Siying gathers her will.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Siying           1/--=====/=======|==-----\-------\0                G

At least he got his space.

What the fight was showing rapidly that in spite of the speeches and fan service, there was a delicate fight pacing in place. G was the real deal, he was bringing pure power into Siying. But the moment he got pressure on him? If he couldn't burst it back, he would lose the momentum faster he could gain it. As he demands his opponent to counter him, the wily Taiwanese girl was playing coy. G actually loses a bit of his fire, as the sweaty fighter keeps away. He could keep going of course, he had the pressure off him. THe trouble was?

Even though he wasn't saying it out loud, you could see the effect she was having on him.

The gasping breathes, the fatigue, the fading of that golden light. His energy was becoming all but tapped out. There was still a spark, but unless he stopped to get more from the earth, he was going to be nothing but flailing limbs and size. Not a bad thing in a fight, but Siying was already drawing out more and more of his strength. Gripping his shoulder, he stops his gasping. Taking a slow, steady breath, he inhales. And then, relaxing, exhales.

And his body flashes, as the last rush of energy from the earth basks over him.

"I have just enough power for what I need, Siying Seven Seven Seven!" His fists burn, blazing with molten energy. "And you have not had your fill of the Earth's loving embrace! Open up!" He bellows out, as G stampedes straight into Siying. His hands burning with pure molten power, he would attempt to chokehold SIying with one hand. Should he get a grip? He would simply scoop her up, and one-handed pancake slams them into an volcanic eruption on impact, the very last of his energy coming all out in a single dynamic explosion.

Fitting, in fact, for the fans of Siying.

COMBATSYS: Siying interrupts G Rage ES from G with Murder With A Thousand Hands On The Blade ES.

[                         \\\\\  <
G                0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Siying can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
G                0/-------/--=====|

"Yes, that's right - give me more," breathes Siying, a veritable INCARNATION OF THE FEMALE VOID!

IN SIYING777'S FIGHT STREAM, Dave Sim, author of Cerebus, nods to himself. "Like I figured," he mutters, even as he hits the Donate button for the 9th time.

"You know what you need," Siying then says. And she practically winks - no, she actually does, for serious, wink, and did a little red heart fly out from her eyelashes? It's not clear - could've been a fleck of asphalt - but the man comes forwards and he is grabbing for her neck. What Siying does is, frankly, stupid - she jumps forwards! G gets a hand on her a lot sooner than he expected!

Which means she has a moment to try to get a scissor-lock around his neck.

The problem for Siying is that she doesn't get his neck, which would have been both extremely questionable and probably game-over for G and game-set for Siying-sa here. Instead she gets round his majestic Presidential torso, mashing herself upwards and coiling her legs together as she squeezes with crushing, rib-popping force.

There is an enormous passage of energy as that burning passion pours out and overwhelms her. The motion of defeat is only brought about when G moves - with blurring heat and a rising *fog* from where the stray water of people spilling their water bottles and from Siying's own body sweat sublimates in the face of that intense passionate heat.

B U R S T!

With a fiery smash - can you make it out in the fog? - Siying hits the pavement. Spiderlily cracks spread out. She doesn't get up, though after the neccessary three count, the medical team moves in - as does the camera crew.

Brother Sung sighs. Then he checks the chat:

Oh well
She fought hard
It's kind of cute when the girl loses... ('3')
^ this guy gets it
^ this guy also gets it
^ this guy is problematique
too bad it wasn't another girl tho
BrotherSung> OK guys, VOTE TIME
more like goat
:goat: :goat: :goat:
BrotherSung> remember how to vote
BrotherSung> DONATE with the last #
BrotherSung> so here's the choices...

Brother Sung types.

Perhaps in the end the least human thing is the final note of keyboard clicking with staccato enthusiasm. Perhaps the least human thing is not a monster, but the plan to show a monster.

But my God, how the money rolls in!


It is like two unstoppable forces smashing into each other, two freight trains of internet culture colliding in full force. Once the vice grip comes around his chest, it -does- crush. And frankly, with the tall, gangly man, it's basically a buffet of where to work. As the energy floods out, however, and the spray of sweat and water overtaking him, the hissing steam comes as he finally lets it burst. He slams her down in a geyser burst, breaking her free. It was a final blow of final blows.

But it is a step too far.

G is standing fast in the face of the three count. One. He is stumbling backwards, gasping for air. His ribs were broken. And with the force of energy out of him... he was collapsing, collapsing fast. Two. G finally falls backwards, landing firmly on his ass. And he rocks, injured by the impact. He holds a finger, before the three could be called. "I'm finished. My only regret... I have but one life... to give... to the World..." And he points a finger right at the camera, giving a manic smirk.

"But remember."

"To like and subscribe!"

And he faints, falling backwards, unconscious on the earth he holds so dear.

A Double KO.

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