SNF 2015.01 - SNF: Very Merry Ferry

Description: Passenger ferries really don't get that much activity during the winter, once the big holidays are up. They really need the money, which is why two students at rival schools are allowed to basically slap the stuffing out of each other on pay television and teh internets. (Winner: Sada)

No documentation. No contact address. And more contract riders than the average professional fighter with -many- more years than the 18 she'd claimed on record. These are the requirements that went into place before the Gedo student named Miko Kobayashi got herself a ride on the ferryboat Veritable, its prow pointed southwards towards the glittering metropolitan skyscrapers of Southtown.

Five minutes before the fight, she had already taken the liberty to seat herself at the front of the ferryboat. No one else but the ship's captain has the wherewithal to stay aboard; most of the fight services -- officiating, camera crew, and the first aid -- will be provided by personnel atop a second ferryboat, the Indubitable, moored a short distance away.

But this boat is equipped to the nines as well -- fixed-position cameras have been secured to the ferry's sunroof, their mechanical eyes providing badly-fisheyed shots which are sure to be the sensation of social media in the coming days. But right now, all the cameras will capture is the back of Miko Kobayashi's head: jet black hair pulled into a tight bun by two hairsticks. Her charcoal grey gakuran coat flaps lightly in the wintry-cold breeze, but judging from the young woman's slight smile, she doesn't seem to be even the least bit concerned.. Perhaps she's expecting that the long chain in her lap, or the two forearm-length rods attached to either end, would acquit themselves well in her upcoming battle. Or perhaps the faint sound of violin... dubstep from the earbuds of her music player are keeping her nerves from fraying. It's hard to know for sure without asking.

Sada Asai, by contrast, had no real riders. Her purpose for this is...

Well, if she was pressed, she might make dark insinuations that she's investigating a mystery, or that someone who asked such questions should stop asking such questions, if they knew what was good for them. But the real answer is that she wants this struggle - even if it's only to distract herself.

From what? Even she can't quite say.

Be that as it may, as she comes around the squared bulk of the ferryboat's main cabin abovedecks, Sada Asai does not look very cheerful. She is wearing a coat not too different from 'Miko's', with a long skirt beneath it, although strangely enough, no leggings. A scarf is around her neck, but she isn't wearing gloves. Her hands thus exposed, she keeps her arms folded loosely in front of her.

Sada doesn't speak right away as she steps ahead, her back reflected lightly in the huge picture windows behind her, showing the rows of tastefully cushioned benches which tourists can sit upon with their sit-upons while gawking at the thousand and one subtle sights of Southtown. The old timey soda fountain isn't in service right now, despite its cheerfully declared and overinflated prices in yen.

Sada lets out a long breath. Her breath fogs in the breeze, and her face tilts up to look not so much at Miko as at the space about ten feet above Miko's head. The deck creaks subtly beneath her feet.

"So... Kobayashi, huh?" she says, her own long hair stirred by the waterside breeze. "You look... relaxed."

Miko had been able to tell when Sada walked up -- it's not hard. The volume of her earbuds was not up so loud that she couldn't hear her shoes against the rubberized floor, not so softly that she couldn't detect the minute shifts in the boat's balance. It's hard for Miko to miss the signs.

But that doesn't mean that she gives any -outward- sign of her awareness. It's not until a few seconds after Sada's statement that Miko's head tilts sideways a couple degrees, leading her to turn around, now spying a new arrival in her peripheral vision. Retrieving the earbuds, she tucks them into an inside pocket on her gakuran coat. Fighting in her Gedo school uniform(s)? Apparently she is, indeed, that gauche.

"I'm sorry, were you saying something? I was just admiring the view while I waited, I... trust I didn't keep you waiting long." she asks, one hand casually scooping both of the chained rods into her hands as she passes her competitor an inquisitive look. "... Oh, I see. You must be Miss Asai. I... believe I may have seen you at the Prom...?" With a faintly bemused smile, she passes a look over notes, "... This is a different look for you. It suits you." Miko may be just a /bit/ catty for someone who'd found something off-the-rack at the last minute.

It's all part of the act, though. For Miko didn't come here to chat. As the boat shudders with the sound of the ferryboat's engine firing to life, it becomes a bit more clear that she'd rather fight, than talk. The chains jangle from her left hand as she lowers the weapons, making a show of cracking her neck from left to right. Gedo vs Seijyun showdown time? Yessssss.

As the klaxon sounds to inform those present of the impending launch, the announcement comes over the PA system: "FIGHTERS READYYYYY?!"

"Well, I suppose we should get started..." she offers with a lazy sigh, her blue eyes finding their way back up to Sada's, pressing her lips into a more predatory smile.

COMBATSYS: Honoka has started a fight here.

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COMBATSYS: Sada has joined the fight here.

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Honoka           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0             Sada

Sada's eyes narrow to snakelike slits - but she chuckles. Once. More of a subtle bark.

"Not too long," she says - before her eyes narrow again, that moment of good humor draining away as the prom is brought up. This has struck that much of a blow to Sada, at least, whether she'd like to admit it or not.

Sada tosses her hair back, and as the ferry's engine rumbles behind them, she raises her arms up, lacing her fingers together and stretching. As she settles back down, and the situation is called, she says with a poisonous sweetness in her voice, "Oh, I agree."

Her own dark eyes meet those blue ones. "Miko Kobayashi," Sada says, letting the words run through her mouth like a subtle insult. She raises a hand to her mouth as if to hide a laugh.

In her mind, Sada is actually assessing the fight situation. She is not facing a good environment here - she has to neutralize that chain, she thinks, or else she's going to be in deep crap fast. And what's worse... this Kobayashi seems like the kind of person who wouldn't be all polite and squeaky like that blonde American bimbo, Sada muses further.

I can't take her lightly, she concludes. And so it is that she licks the palm of her hand, hidden from view like this. ... Normally, this would not be a very useful combat move, would it?

Sada leans forwards, then, running ahead. This is probably exactly what Miko expects, but Sada does two things that make this slightly less than the painfully obvious!

1. She ducks low, aiming to tumble along the ground with her momentum and get up near Miko - this close to the ground, she may be hoping, a thrown chain's effects would be reduced...

and 2. She whips her hand at Miko's legs. Which sends SOMETHING flashing and screaming out of her palm, a rippling set of snaps like a handful of firecrackers and - ideally - a lingering burning sensation. Poison oak!? No... a poison /heart/.

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Honoka           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0             Sada

Miko doesn't seem terribly put off by Sada's responses -- it's clear that -both- have secret agendas in play here. A catty, standoffish attitude is just par for the course -- moreso, as Miko is at least remotely aware of the skill backing up her opponent's attitude.

A vessel the size of the Veritable doesn't generally get buffeted about by the wind and waves too much. Yes, it sucks on days with heavy winds, but this is, all considered, a pretty tame day. Really, there's only two times where Sada and Miko are likely to be adversely affected by the motion of the boat -- the start of the voyage, and the end. "FIGHT!"

As the announcement blares out over the PA system, the Gedo student's gakuran flutters lightly from the abrupt shift of inertia. The chain jangles as she adjusts her stance to keep track of her opponent tumbling about the deck. The tactics are amusing to the disguised professional -- she could hit Sada just as easily wherever she may choose to hide, after all -- but turning her hand so soon just wouldn't be fun.

The sound of popping firecrackers, though... that's something that raises an eyebrow from the Gedo student, causes one of the two rods to slip from her grip, the chain making a whoosh-whoosh-whoosh as she accelerates it into motion. Did her earlier preparations come into play earlier than expected? No, of course not, Miko reminds herself: Sada's not in position just yet. But there's a more pressing concern -- those pops are getting closer.

One, two explosions are enough to send her rod spinning off-course. A third, a fourth explosion impact across her leggings, causing Miko to stagger back involuntarily. Several more explosions occur a fair distance away -- but by and large, Miko's able to recollect herself after a moment, spinning the rod about into a more perfect circle.

"Your technique is impressive," Miko notes, beginning to stride over to her opponent. With one quick glance at the wall, she returns her eyes to Sada, whipping the twirling rod about in a threatening gesture. It looks like it might smart if it were to hit.

"But you've got to actually -hit- me with it." But when Miko lunges in, it's not to strike with the extended range of the chained weapon. That would take too long, and it wouldn't be as surprising as the sudden snap kick. An effective way to deal with the sensation burning its way into her leg is to give her leg something else to do -- planting her black combat boot treads into Sada's stomach. She says nothing -- just exhales sharply from the sudden exertion.

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Honoka's Strong Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0             Sada

As Miko takes her blasts - if not very cleanly, with some awareness - Sada pushes herself up towards her feet, leaving a dark mark on the decking that will probably cause Problems for the crew later. But not today. She gives Miko a poisoned little smile, and when she comes in to swing that kick --

Sada reaches up and catches the boot!

For like half a second of course, long enough that it doesn't score its blow but just twists her around, her hair sweeping gorgeously around. Sada speaks as she rotates. "That's very true... I would have to strike a telling blow to make up for the power of your chain, wouldn't I?"

As her spin completes, Sada slams her other foot down - and leans forwards. What happens next combines multiple factors!!

One, an armbar aimed right at the neck/collarbone region.
Two, a sweep of her other arm to put it behind Miko's lower back.
Three, a crossing of the legs so her knees are holding on Miko's thigh, at least long enough for all of these things to combine with --
Four, a sudden lean in to press her body against Miko. If she's not careful, Sada would press her forehead against the other girl's face, neck, or back of the head - and she's already breaking a sweat. A sweat that, when it touches the skin, stings.

"I'm getting EXCITED thinking about just how to do it... How about you, Kobayashi-chan?" Sada breathes in the cold air.

Fortunately all of this would give Miko a chance to snap loose. If not, a horrible combination of Sada's cursed sweat and a pressing submission abdominal stretch will - well - combine.

COMBATSYS: Honoka fails to interrupt Sparkling Abdominal Stretch from Sada with Sarak Kamui.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0             Sada

Miko frowns as her boot is caught. She's had training as an acrobat; her balance is strong enough that it's not enough to throw her off overly much, but it is mildly uncomfortable. She's grateful enough when Sada releases her, if nothing else.

But what comes -next- from the mysterious Seijyun fighter is enough to put her on edge. Miko can tell the inner workings of a plan coming to fruition, and... finds with bleak dismay that the plan is just enough to begin ruining her day. But it's not enough for her to continue her plan. With her left hand still twirling the rod about, her right hand clenches into a fist, a blossom of pink-purple energy flaring up therein.

The armbar that checks across her neck and collarbone is enough to cause the diaphanous petals of the bloom to flutter away and disintegrate. The impact sets her staggering backwards, off-balance. The sweep, the cross-up... those are troublesome, and Miko offers token resistance ... but isn't quite familiar with -this- hold. "Nnngh..."

But when Sada's skin is pressed against cheek... that's enough to elicit a bit more than a grunt from Miko. It's more of a scream, in fact, as the burning perspiration starts to set in.

Miko's screams echo throughout the hollow chamber of the ferryboat -- and they can even be heard on shore. Some fans of the fight have gathered along the riverbanks -- the ferryboat is making good time through its journey into Southtown, with fans pumping their fists. Those lucky enough to be at the projected screens set up alongside the ferry's route will be treated to live footage of the event. You can't have an event as big as Saturday Night Fight without an audience, after all!

Miko's skin is burning as she struggles to break free of the hold. Perhaps the -chain- swinging about will discourage Sada from pressing her advantage any further, but for right now, witty repartee will be limited to whatever meaning can be gleaned from the agonizing howls.

Sada Asai's got the advantage of not knowing what the hell she's doing. Some philosophical advice from a mysterious old man is about as far as it goes - from there, she's been flying by the seat of her pants. And as the fencer has said, he fears not the master, but the novice -- for you never know what the novice is gonna do.

And for once this works for Sada. As Miko screams, she draws her lips back into a genuine grin, continuing that pressure as Miko's planned counterstrike evaporates into mists. "Ohhh, what would that have done? Is that the fruit of your training? Is that the ancient family technique that you've been chosen to bear?"

Sada lets a low, treacly laugh out through her teeth. "I guess it wasn't much good after all." The audience is out there, and they can see her doing this, she knows. They can hear those agonized screams from Miko.

"I could just squeeze you like this until you screamed for mercy... or maybe until your skin started to slide off, like a fresh cooked chicken leg. But I don't think we want to disappoint the people who set this up, do we, Kobayashi?"

Sada jerks forwards in a clumsy sort of hop. This is not dignified, but she suspects it would be a bad idea to just let go of Miko and hope she'll cooperate. So, you adapt. "Look at how big the side windows to the deck here are! I bet they could see EVERYTHING super easy. And the wind is kind of bad, huh? So, since I'm concerned for your safety -"

Sada does untwist her legs now, and Miko does get an instant of relief from that stretch -- but whether or not she can put it to proper use is another question. Sada's slipping behind her, aiming to grab an arm -

And then pivot forwards, to pitch Miko right at one of those fat picture windows. With enough force, perhaps, to shatter through the safety glass in a shower of delicious fragments! (Note to children at home: Fragments are not actually delicious.)

COMBATSYS: Honoka just-defends Sada's Power Throw!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Sada

Miko is... pretty strong. Stronger than a highschooler ought to be -- but restrained thusly, she can't really fight back without choking herself. Between the arm bar and the pain of having her skin practically seared off, language is not really something that is coming to her at the moment.

Until Asai mentions her 'ancient family technique.' That gets a bit of a rise out of the Gedo student, as she struggles just a bit more.

But Miko isn't the only one unnerved by the response. On the live feed, there's a picture-in-picture view of the audience response to the fight; one young woman in a purple jacket, with purple highlights in her hair, gasps a bit at the footage on the screen -- though whether it's from the view of the acid burning away at Miko's skin or the words from Asai, it isn't terribly clear.

Miko's face is distorted into a rictus of pain -- one that seems to relent as soon as she's released, and relent even more as she's flung off to the display windows.

One of her ancient family techniques, however, is specifically related to this fight: the utter lack of motion sickness. So even as she's hurled about in a throw that would induce nausea in many, she's able to not only correct for this, but straighten herself out in midair -- a product of her professional training. She does not contact the window as planned -- in fact, Sada may have noticed that the 'whoosh whoosh' of the chain is no longer present. Instead, there is the sound of chain wrapping around the metal railing along the side of the ship. And then the subsequent tightening of the chain as Miko pulls herself free of the death spiral. Miko's boot treads do touch the window, but it's under her own terms.

Clawing her fingernails at the wound on her face, she somehow finds the time to... grin, in spite of the pain. Suffused with a faint pink glow, Miko launches herself back at her opponent, only contacting the deck again about a foot in front of her opponent. Rising to her full height, she alternates swinging her left, right, left, right rod at her Seijyun opponent, aiming to drive her back and exact her revenge. Should she manage to destabilize her opponent, she'd lash outward, snaring her with the chain and jerking upwards sharply to send her tumbling backwards to the deck. "Hraaa!"

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Honoka's Shitumbe Marapto.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Sada

Sada's eyebrows furrow as she sees that Miko hasn't actually flown through the window like she wanted. Did she get the angle wrong, or are schoolgirls just too squishy to be easily thrown through glass?!

Either way, when Miko's boots hit the window, those eyebrows of Sada's raise up in surprise, and perhaps some involuntary admiration, especially when she flips again and lands in front of her, swinging those dual rods.

Unfortunately this Escrimasque assault on Sada's own precious personal noggin is not to be, because Sada decides to do another Stupid Schoolgirl Trick - she dives down, balancing on her hands and giving Miko a wholly different target profile to deal with. Before her skirt can start falling down and making this Too Hot for TV, however, Sada lances her feet forwards to try and wrap her calves around Miko's neck -

And fall forwards, to try to press her to the ground in an agonizing necklock! And her calves have managed to get sweaty during all of this too, adding injury to - well - potential injury.

COMBATSYS: Honoka blocks Sada's Sadaplata.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Honoka           0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0             Sada

Quadcopters are pretty much silent, even when they're equipped with cameras and hovering just outside the ship. It wouldn't be hard for the bystanders along the shore to notice the mosquito-like objects buzzing mere dozens of feet away from the ship; they appear fixed, as if they were attached to the ship by invisible poles.

But their synchronized motion is perfect for the fighters, as this means they won't prove to be a distraction. Which is good, since Miko had overcommitted just a -little- with her swings, and a distraction could prove fatal. As it is, when Sada's aiming to get her calves around Miko's neck, it's about all she can do to get her batons raised in time, chains jangling from the strike. Her batons are still pressed close to her burned face, but only after she's able to exert the pressure to slow them down and soften the blow -- but more importantly, keep the virulent compound from touching her skin.

But... with Sada already on the ground, it'd be a shame to put the opportunity to waste. "You're missing the amazing view, just so you know..." With the sting of Sada's earlier attacks evident in the mild shakiness in her voice, Miko steps forward sharply, aiming to plant a sharp kick at Sada's midsection. Should she manage this, Sada might feel a bit more of the excitement she'd mentioned earlier, as a surge of energy sprouts downward through the Gedo student's heel -- lancing right through the acidic schoolgirl's torso.

Said energy spike would would also provide purchase for Miko to give her opponent a harsh shove, sending her on an express tour of each of the planks along the port side of the ferryboat's deck.

COMBATSYS: Sada endures Honoka's Wakka Pururuse!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Honoka           1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1             Sada

"Just so you know, you - hunggh!" Sada begins to say, before she's given a brief kick and a lancing slam of surging force hitting her in the gut. Her back spasms as she's kicked - and then given a harsher shove, grinding her down along the side of the ferryboat, face down and with no real way she can defend herself from such a brutal grinding!

She slams against the far railing.

Something hisses around her.

Sada giggles. It's a tense, feverish sort of sound, but she reaches up to put a hand on the railing and pulls herself to one knee. "Missing the VIEW...? But what is it that I'm supposed to SEE...? Is there something you wanted to SHOW me? Because if you want, I can be sure to LOOK..." Her other hand is cupping her eye.

Sada turns now to face Miko. There's red on her fingers. Her other eye is narrowed to a corpselike slit, her lips pulled back into a grin that would suit a demon in hell. "Here, Kobayashi. Why don't you -"

Her hand moves, two fingers coming down. The scrape's apparently been rather bloody, and there's something quivery about the revealed blood. Sada lets large fat drops pour into her lower eyelid. "Look at -"

She pulls the eyelid down, her tongue lolling out for a moment in a horrid parody of the classically cute akanbe. But despite the obvious signs of agony and injury on her body, she seems to be planning for her triumph. How!? The answer becomes clear once a freshet of blood gouts out into the air.

Once it has gotten more than, oh, a couple of inches from her body, the blood does not burst the way her saliva did. It does not erode the way her sweat did. What comes forth from her cursed blood is FIRE, erupting outwards as the streaking quarter-cupful of fluid lances ahead, heating and bursting orange-white as it flies!

But it's not going to burn up. There will be plenty left when it splatters - whatever it hits!!

COMBATSYS: Honoka dodges Sada's Haemolacria.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Honoka           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0             Sada

Under other identities, Miko has done plenty of violent things to plenty of violent people. She's drawn blood, to be sure. She should be used to it. But there's a reason that many of these things are done in the dark, rather than in the light of a wintry day on a boat cruising down the Southtown river. In other words, dat's nasty, and while motion from the boat isn't about to make Miko sick to her stomach...

"... It's no fun if you tear yourself up before I get to..."

Okay, maybe that won't make her sick either. But it will definitely cause some queasiness amongst the onlookers on the shore of the northwestern forest or the banks bordering Southtown Village. The boat's moving at full speed now, and that means any slight modulation in the wind or waves might have an adverse effect on the ferry's travel. And it would seem that the ferryboat's captain -- pulling double duty as the helmsman for this skeleton-crew voyage -- made a slight course correction to avoid a rough patch ahead.

The boat lists to the side for a moment. Miko tenses, staring back at Sada's giggling visage. She flashes the Seijyun student a smirk.

And then the boat suddenly rocks back the other direction. The Gedo student takes full advantage of the motion of the ship, using it to aid her as she leaps into the air. Flipping head over heels, her gakuran fanning out as she sails over the gout of flames that could have nearly engulfed her head whole, she lands on the upper deck, her chained weapon collected into her left hand.

"I'm sorry... did I miss it?" calls down Miko, squinting one eye shut from the pain as she squints down the length of her right hand. Her palm is raised, her fingers glowing pink -- bright enough to be seen from shore. Fingertips trace a quick circle once, twice -- and then she steps forward, slamming her palm into the center. Should the burst of pink energy that erupts forth like a fireball contact Sada's stomach as planned, she might experience this particular impact as a sharp, nauseating pain -- payback for the completely horrid displays she's been subjecting the audience to.

COMBATSYS: Honoka successfully hits Sada with Ishirishina.
* Attack Of Opportunity! *

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1             Sada

A blast of pink light smashes into Sada's stomach and she looks ashen in agony for a moment, blood trickling down her face as those chains gather around Miko, as - as everything gets confusing. Sada staggers back with one hand on the railing, leaning over the side for a moment, and -

Well, that was brief and disgusting. It makes the water churn violently for a moment too. Illegal dumping!!

"You... you bitch!" Sada says, before she grasps the railing with both hands, looks with furious eyes towards Miko, and then... She performs an act which transcends her ancestral training. A technique even her forebears had not achieved.

Sada Asai... turns and runs towards the stern of the ship, pivoting around then to try and put the cabin between herself and Miko! As she does, she hoists herself up into the superstructure, breathing rapidly and trying to push past that nauseating agony.

Why, she thinks: this is so unfair!! I keep facing these gorillas! Even when I have missing memory of the fight, I STILL get beaten up by gorilla women!!

As a quadcopter reveals her exact location, Sada doesn't notice, but she does let go again. "I'll throw her in the bay to freeze to death...!"

COMBATSYS: Sada gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1             Sada

Miko smiles maliciously as her energy attack strikes home, gathering her chained rods back onto her palms. The sudden churning of the boat... all the better, and all the more reason for her nauseating wave to have full effect. When you're raised on a boat, some things just don't matter as much as they do to landlubbers. "I'm sorry! What was that? The wind makes it hard to hear, you'll have to speak up!" she shouts back.

The captain just shakes his head. Damn bratty schoolkids. He'll be happier when this loony ride is over, and his ferryboat is nice and safe in port.

Jogging the chain about in idleness, Miko finds herself a bit disappointed at her opponent's sudden act of cowardice. Fleeing, now? In her moment of triumph? The Gedo student is still feeling the sting from her attacks. She's been able to keep on a strong face (ha) through sheer determination, but she will definitely need to visit the medic on the pursuing ship once this is all over. She tips a quick salute to the harried, pausing for one moment to pull a small film canister out of her pocket. Film? What's that? Oh, who cares, it's full of metal ball bearings anyway -- which she tosses onto the rear of the deck, letting the slight wind carry them towards the spot where Sada is hiding.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are..." she calls out in a sing-song tone, before slinking around the corner. There's not much room to hide with the bulkheads being where they are -- Miko had done a thorough survey of the ship beforehand. And she knows exactly how far her chained rods will reach, and exactly how much opportunity Sada would have to escape from such quarters. It may prove quite frustrating, between the rolling ball bearings, the lash of her chained rods, and the sickening motions of the -top- of the passenger ferry, so far from its center of gravity. And she's aiming to do as much damage as possible without getting anywhere closer to the bloodbath named Sada. Because, still, ew.

COMBATSYS: Sada overcomes Large Thrown Object from Honoka with Contemptuous Spit.
- Power hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1             Sada

Rattling stones - is she throwing pebbles at me? Sada thinks with a scowl, rising up - and there's a lashing from the chain!

What Sada does next is done in a moment of blind fury and sometime around the second lash. She takes a deep breath, and when one of the chains whips forwards, she leans into it - it wraps around her coat sleeve.

And shreds the fabric, which is understandably being kind of laden with acid, what with being full of Sada's overheating body. But now she's bound to Miko. It's the binding of true fighters!! Sada steps forwards --

She might have had some complex plan involving inflicting horrible doom on Miko.

But Sada didn't count on the ballbearings. As the ship sways back the other way, Sada slips forwards, and stumbles, tumbles, and practically leaps her way towards Miko, closing the distance fast and hoisting her arm up enough that Miko actually manages to punch her, a little bit, in the mouth.

Which, normally, would be a good thing.

Except that Sada's mouth - well - You don't want that on your hand, do you? But it's too late now! Sada slams against a railing afterwards, but she doesn't seem dizzied--

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Honoka with Contemptuous Spit.
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1             Sada

That... that got messy. Miko hadn't -quite- known what to expect as she'd rounded the corner. She knew she's find Sada, for instance. But the unpredictable nature of her quarry is such that she can't really predict -quite- as well as she'd hoped -- especially with the captain's occasional course corrections to negotiate past the hazards of the Southtown River; the changes become more disconcerting as the harsh verticals of the Chinatown and downtown districts come into view. But... having her chained rod get snared is enough to drag Miko into the disorienting fun.

Not to mention, it pulls her right into the path of the ball bearings she'd placed as a distraction. Normally Miko's able to account for even the smallest objects, but Sada's panicked reaction forces her to lose her step.

Which leads to Miko accidentally punching her in the mouth, which... well, she doesn't get to even enjoy due to the reintroduction of the explosive spit, snapping and popping right in her face.

It's enough to make a girl scream. And that's what Miko does... leaping backwards, clawing at her face.

"Nnnrgh... you are one -persistent- little..." It makes for some great TV, doesn't it?

But while one hand is clawing at her face, the other is twirling the rod around. A ball of her energy drops from her hand, swirling into the spinning vortex. Several dozen of the ball bearings get drawn in as well, making for a confusing melange of pink and purple energy dotted with black and silvered metal. "I'm ready to -end- you!" It takes but a fraction of a second for this all to happen, but when Miko slings her hand upwards, the entire circular mass condenses into one point -- and goes flying at her opponent, aiming to either crush her into the railing, or send her flying off into the river itself. "HAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Sada blocks Honoka's Nochiu-o Kando.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Honoka           0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1             Sada

"Ha! Just as I planned, you feckless little rag!" Sada calls from the railing, full of sassafras now that she senses the advantage. "You're going to get the chance to feel the true depths of despair before I give you a short trip into the depths of the sea!"

Is that - OK?
Like is that part of the rules?

Either way, Sada is subjected to a sudden burst of sorcerous shotgun smashing, the pellets and shrapnel smashing into her torso and making her double over in agony, the railing she was on now a thing she drapes against. The blow seems to have drawn blood, judging by the hints of smoke curling up from her coat. This coat is probably done for.

But Sada herself is not!

"Nghk... I won't... lose to your - damn - pink flashes!" Sada growls, before throwing herself forwards when the ship lists back the other way again. It's her one chance, to push past this agony. What she does is at least made easier by that tilting - a chance to grab at that efficient, brisk, grown-up bun.

It's the handle by which her battle must turn...

Because if she makes contact Sada swivels around to use her weight to both draw Miko back and to sink both her knees into the small of the girl's back!

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Honoka with Hair Pull Backbreaker.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Honoka           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0             Sada

Feckless little rag -- is -that- the kind of language they teach at Seijyun? Miko is mostly done raking what of the acid she can out of her face -- it still burns like hell, but she'll need something a bit more fast-acting to deal with that. She is, however... happy to see that her improvised shotgun blast seems to have done the damn trick, the numerous pebbles having embedded themselves into her opponent's face and coat.

When she sees Sada racing for her, the Gedo student hops backwards, swerving her face out of the way again. Why the -face-, huh? She needs that face, it's the only one she's got! ... Unfortunately, that sets her up to be a perfect victim for Sada's attack. Her open coat billows outwards from the sudden forward motion, hurried on by the impact of Sada's knee as she's slammed into the side of the cabin.

The captain curses, turning back to see Miko's face smeared against the back window. If he didn't have to navigate the boat he could actually -watch- this dumb fight, but nooo... Ah well. Money's money!

Miko has, unfortunately, had -just- about enough of this Seijyun nonsense. "Maybe, maybe not," is Miko's response to the threat. Spinning -both- rods around to parallel her forearm, she slams backwards, using both as a double tonfa to slam back into Sada's solar plexus, and hopefully send her flailing backwards against the back railing once again. Clearly, she's in agreement that the answer is, in fact, not more pink flashes.

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Honoka's Quick Strike.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0             Sada

Sada stares ahead as those spinning rods are brought towards her, pointed --

And then, in an inspired moment of stupidity, tumbles towards the side, away from the battered and slammed Miko. This was, in fact, blind idiot luck on her side... or perhaps the patronage of darker powers?!

Sada raises her hand to her mouth and says as she does, "You're pretty clever, but your chain techniques aren't anything compared to the girl gangster at Seijyun. Such an inferior style never had any chance against me..."

Ignoring, of course, her multiple bruises, scrapes on her face, the huge bloody bruise on her waist, the ripped off sleeve of her coat, and a half dozen other sundry bruises and contusions too minor to have gotten called out, but be that as it may: Sada licks her palm discreetly.

Then she swings her hand around. There is a sudden blurring enormous CRACK --

Possibly against Miko's cheek. Even if she never really touched her.

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Honoka with Beat the Cheek.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0             Sada

The girl gangster at Seijyun. "... Girl gangster... what, do you people just not use names any more?!"

Miko says this while whirling around. Only for her face to suddenly be impacted, slung off in the direction she was whirling. What the -hell- was that? It stung like an open-handed slap, but... hurt way more than one ought to have.

Wiping her mouth on her sleeve, she looks back up at Sada, her cold blue eyes glaring intensely. It's come down to slapfighting now? Gritting her teeth, she shakes her head. She's better than this. That was -barely- an insult, not even worth her time.

Downtown is fully in view from the sides of the boat now. Geese Tower, the G-King Arena, Howard Arena -- anyone stationed in any of these would be able to watch the schoolgirls going to town on each other.

If they were at the right angle, that is. Or watching the view from one of the quadcopters.

With a sneer, Miko simply taps herself on the temple with two fingers, twice in rapid succession.

"Yeah, maybe you're right."

What? Is that... is that an attack?! What did she /do?/ You'd have to be some kind of... psychic to know that.

COMBATSYS: Sada parries Honoka's Ishirishina!!

[                           \\\  < >  //////                        ]
Honoka           1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0             Sada

"I don't want to reveal her IDENTITY on TELEVISION, smartass," Sada ripostes, and as she draws her hand back -

That TOWER leans up. Looms up. Those great buildings wherein fighting takes place... the center of the Southtown battle world. Outside of Metro City or the Capcom arena... are there any greater icons to conflict?

No, probably not right now.

Something reaches invisibly into Sada's mind...

... through her hair... scalp... the outer layer of bone... three layers of membranes... the outer regions where... Really, Miko may have the impression that this is going to be more trouble than its worth, as Sada's invincible ignorance and pigheadedness may render her resistant to -- oh there it goes!

The ship 'seems' to suddenly lurch, and Sada staggers forwards - however, while this might put her in contact with Miko, that is doubtless only a brief inconvenience. A setup that would make it easy to roll her over the side and into the water.

And unfortunately...

"My chance!" Sada breathes, before she moves with surprising swiftness, twisting herself around to roll with the false impression of the ship's motion and loop an arm around Miko's own in - is this a half nelson?

Normally this would be a backstress move again... but in this case, Sada's goal is just as much to grind Miko forwards, and possibly OVER those rails, as anything else.

COMBATSYS: Honoka fails to reflect Sugar Hold EX from Sada with Kamui Atemka.

[                         \\\\\  <
Sada             0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Honoka can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Sada             0/-------/----===|

Miko can respect the idea of an identity to be kept secret. But she has a feeling she already knows the identity of the person in question -anyway-, so what's the big deal?!

Miko frowns. She'd been trying to find a weakness in her opponent for quite some time. Something she's... afraid of. Something she's weak against.

Perhaps she should have tried something that gave her more panic to attack in a -different- vector, though -- or maybe just hurl herself off the ship -without- taking Miko with her, because this particular strike just didn't work. Miko raises her chained rods as she senses the response to the lurch that exists only in Sada's -mind-, and while there was definitely an intense buildup of pink-purple energy, she doesn't get the chance to use it to -do- anything -- so quick is Sada's strike, so rapid is she yanked into a wrestling hold. Who went around teaching all these high schoolers wrestling holds, anyway!?

With her arms pinned behind her, Miko will find her stomach rammed into the railing. The second time, the clatter of her metal rods hitting the deck, and the chain spilling into a pile can be heard. And the third time, it would seem that Sada is successful in pushing Miko right over the edge.

No falling into the water though -- she'll be taking a short nap on the lower deck, hands and feet resting limply to either side, her gakuran burned through in places, and her cheeks beat red. Er, beet red, from the acid.

The PA system erupts with the call from the officials on the other boat: "AND THE WINNER IS.... SADA ASAI, FROM SEIJYUN HIGH!" Hey, that rhymes. The abruptness of the PA call causes the boat captain to pitch forward with his hands over the ears. Never again, he swears.

As the ferry boat slows to a stop, allowing the second boat to pull alongside, it's about to get real boring on the main camera views, so the SNF broadcast will cut in audience reaction shots from the various stations. For one brief moment, the girl with the purple jacket is shown again, once again with her hand over her mouth as she stares at the footage, completely unsure what to make of it. A man reaches over to tap her on the shoulder; he can be heard saying, "Excuse me miss, are you Hono-"

By this point, the quadrotors have departed from their formation, and are swooping in to get a tighter shot of Miss Sada Asai. The boat having pulled alongside, the announcer uses his normal voice (rather than the PA voice which apparently spooks the captain) and asks, "Miss Asai! Congratulations! Would you have any words for your fans?!"

The answer, dear Miko, is...

Also, Sada's cursed blood. She basically is riding on that. If not for that she would be Shingo-tier, and there is nothing more shameful.

Sada is still a mess, even if she's now flush with the happy glow of victory. She has no chance to do more than take a couple of breaths before the cameras swoop in, looking at her, ragged and beaten up as she is.

She gives one a V-sign, naturally dainty, and says, "Please work hard for all of your dreams! And..."

A beat passes.

"If anyone tells you not to chase your dream... knock 'em down!!"

That seems to be as far as she's willing to go. (FOR NOW.)

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