SNF 2014.12 - SNF: Revenge of the Ojous, Pt 1

Description: In which Tiffany's giant American... enthusiasm overcomes the flower of traditional Japanese womanhood, leading to defeat in the Pacific War. Maybe not that last part. (WINNER: Tiffany)

Tiffany Lords hadn't entered the running for prom queen -- mostly because, to her, it's important that the king and queen actually care about each other, and Roy hadn't even been in attendance! Accordingly, the pitch for this particular exhibition bout has her a little... confused. Then again -- it's likely to be good TV, so she doesn't have a whole lot /bad/ to say about it, either...

Striding through the halls of Gedo as it gets renovated, the foreign blonde does a few quick stretches and rolls her shoulders; she favours a few of the assembled Gedo students with a wink or a nod of the head here and there as she takes up her position atop some construction scaffolding.

After a few moments, she tugs at her gloves a couple times, getting them squarely situated on her hands; she wants to get going, and does not -- /yet/ -- see her opponent.

Sada Asai... did try to become the queen of prom. And she was struck down.

Taken away from her rightful seat. That position given - well, not even to Tiffany, for instance. Tiffany is a person whom Sada can respect (or so she tells herself). Tiffany would be worthy competition... but HIMEKO KASHIWAGI. The READING GIRL.

It's enough to make you vomit blood!

Not really. (Yet.) Sada had dealt with her anxiety through the traditional teenage pursuit of smoking an illicit cigarette out behind the construction site, with the occasional Gedo boy who came upon her in her peculiar outfit getting given a look that could freeze off lava. Now, though, she's coming into the area with a cloak wrapped around her shoulders.

Nothing good ever came of wearing a cloak. Sada does not seem to mind this, though. The floral logo of Seijyun is embroidered on the back, and it trails behind her slightly as she walks, concealing just what her costume is. She comes up to the scaffolding then, and looks up towards Tiffany...

'Rotten cow!' she thinks. 'I'll rip you apart and watch your pallid face turn purple as I choke you into submission!'

Outwardly, Sada curtseys with a flutter of cloth, eyes lowered as she smiles. "Miss Lords," she calls. "It is a pleasure to meet you upon this field of honor. Would you prefer if I came up there...?"

If there's any animosity between Sada and Tiffany -- and there pretty definitely is -- Tiffany is distinctly unaware of it; she looks down and across toward Sada, taking her pleasantness as genuine rather than forced. "Huh?" Tiffany asks, as she makes her excessively flowery entrance and challenge; she doesn't really 'get' it -- though some of that may be the language barrier.

Nevertheless, she /does/ understand the question, if not the pleasantries in the manner in which they were intended; after a few moments, she takes herself into a quick acrobatic flip down off the scaffolding. Planting both feet neatly on the ground, she says, "I'm fine down HERE!" and raises her hand to flash a peace sign.

Then she realizes Sada can't see the peace sign on account of the gloves. Whoops.

She briefly considers taking them off to properly do so -- but that'd render her unready for battle yet again, and really, that'd be a mistake, wouldn't it? Oh, but her gesture looks ridicuous now... but... She is pretty well distracted by working through what to do about her faux pas, giving Sada plenty of time to initiate hostilities.

COMBATSYS: Sada has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sada             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tiffany has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sada             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Tiffany

Sada inwardly changes her perception of Tiffany. It's like a clapboard flipping.

Look! It reads 'worthy rival.'

Flap! Now it reads 'Airhead.'

Flap! Then again. 'I HATE HER.' We zoom out to see that this big board has approximately two thousand other entries, and over ninety percent are on 'I HATE HER'... but that's a story for another day.

Sada's eyes close and she smiles slightly, bowing her head. "Yes... you are quite energetic, aren't you?" she says, stepping forwards and reaching up to fiddle with the tie on her cloak. It comes loose; she tugs it aside, sweeping it off her shoulder...

"Could you hold this for me?"

And with a flourish, Sada whips off the cloak, hurling it towards Tiffany - counting, perhaps, on the fact that she might reach up to grab it with her gloves and get tangled up!

Beneath that cloak, Sada is not dressed all that drastically or even immodestly. A black one-piece unitard with bare legs and arms, as well as a pair of comfortable thin-soled slippers to move around in. The Seijyun flower is on the back and the left breast. Of course, for Sada Asai, revealing skin is a more /direct/ sort of weapon than is usually the case.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany dodges Sada's Small Thrown Object.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sada             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Tiffany

When that cloak flies toward Tiffany, she decides to take the somewhat unorthodox tack of getting /way/ out of its way; she tucks and rolls to one side, popping back out of the roll with gusto. "I'm not going to hold my OPPONENT'S cloak!" Tiffany shouts back; she may not be super clever all the time, but she knows when someone's trying to take advantage of her perceived stupidity, and she doesn't much like it.

Hopping back up onto the same construction scaffolding she just left, Tiffany says, "Your UNITARD is really cute!" with clear, genuine enthusiasm; she swoops her gaze over the Seijyun student in earnest, adding, "The flower on the front is a LITTLE much though! Just the back would be better!"

With the pleasantries out of the way, Tiffany hops down, aiming her foot squarely for Sada's face; she seems to pick up drastic speed after the height of her jump, as she calls out, "Isn't this EXCITING?" As she moves down toward Sada, she brings a hand up to her hair, getting it out of her eyes mid-flight.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Sada with Exciting Kick.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sada             0/-------/----===|>------\-------\0          Tiffany

Is she making fun of me?! Sada thinks.

She totally is!! she decides.

But then the lunge forwards puts Sada in a poor stance. Tiffany may be able to tell that Sada's stance and self-carriage is somewhere between 'shit tier' and 'meh tier'. Is this going to be an easy pickup for Tiffany?!

BWAMMO! So it might seem. Sada takes a strike to the face, hard enough that her lip splits just a little bit. She coughs once in surprise - and raises her hands up, catching Tiffany's leg beneath the calf!

Well that's a little awkward. She holds on, even as she purses her lips and swallows. A little sweat glistens on her forehead. "You're certainly very strong, aren't you, Miss Lords?" she says --

Before her voice lowers into a register which may just evade all the notice of the nearby assembled schoolboys. Her voice gets crueller as she speaks in this tone. "But you've just lost!! Will you figure it out where those stronger than you have failed?!"

And then things get athletic. Sada, assuming Tiffany didn't wiggle her leg loose during that little MOMENT, twists around - hurling herself up along the taller girl's leg as she aims to get her calves around Tiffany's throat and press her head into her shin bone with the back of one foot! Certainly painful from a standing start -- and where her skin touches Tiffany's... it stings! It's like exfoliation that doesn't end - she may even find red patches that continue to sting and ache in a most deblitating way as things go on!

Surely this is some kind of a skin allergy thing, of course.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany dodges Sada's Sadaplata.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|>------\-------\0          Tiffany

Sure enough, Tiffany wiggles her leg loose; just because they're long doesn't mean they're not /also/ quite agile. She goes into a quick step-up with her other leg on Sada's chest -- not forcefully, just enough to get a little leverage -- and sends her body into a twirl, narrowly wriggling out of that grip before it transitions into a real hold.

She can still feel that stinging... not-quite-heat rolling off of Sada's body, though, thanks to their proximity, and that part has her a little uneasy. Is she just imagining it...? Or is there something sincerely strange about Ms. Asai?

She doesn't have that much time to think about it, though; her focus has to be on the battle itself, and how she can best finish it quickly. "Hey -- hands off!!" she says, in brassy English; after a second, she appends, "Thanks for the compliments, but there's NOTHING to figure out here!" That she knows of, anyway.

Deciding to stick to her game plan rather than let herself be outpaced by Ms. Asai, Tiffany plants her feet and hurls herself into a big, forceful cartwheel, legs at maximum extension. If everything works out according to plan, she'll be able to introduce both of her shoes to Sada's face one after the other and hopefully keep her off-balance enough that she doesn't try to grab her again.

The crowd realizes about a quarter of the way through the move that this is a /fantastic/ opportunity to get a glimpse of --

-- ... America-themed bicycle shorts. There is a collective sigh from the Gedo boys.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Sada with Groovy Wheel.
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sada             1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Tiffany

Thrown loose, Sada isn't able to get in and execute that move she saw on wrestling DVDs. How unfair! She lands with a stumble, hair hanging in her face; as she straightens up, she sucks in a deep breath, but then


The humiliation. The degradation. As the first shoe hits her, the world seems to slow down to a crawl for Sada Asai. Even as Tiffany reveals the power of America, from cheek to shining cheek, Sada's rage boils up like hot bile in a sump pump and --

The second foot's dropping.

The fury makes Sada's eyelid sting -

What happens would require a freeze frame to see, but what really might seem to happen is that Sada's face is kicked, hard enough to draw blood. She staggers back, whirling and clutching at her face with that one hand. "K-kyahhh... Miss Lords, must you be so cruel? A girl's pride is her face - please, do not set a bad example for our fellow students!!"

She's kind of grinning as she says it, though. It might look like a grimace but from Tiffany's perspective? Totally a grin.

And when that foot came down -- a jet of glittering red, briefly shrieking in the exposed air and burning-hot to the skin, had arced out!

COMBATSYS: Tiffany blocks Sada's Haemolacria.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sada             0/-------/------=|>>>>>>-\-------\0          Tiffany

Tiffany busts open Sada the hard way, and is promptly too unnerved by having done so to go into her usual series of flips and twists and dodges; instead, she just throws up her arms, saying, "Sorry! Sorry!!" frantically -- and, as she does so, noticing that that jet of red has left her burning a little bit. Her eyes widen a little, and she attempts to figure out why it's even happening... and, truthfully, she can't. This doesn't add up.

This just means she has to move to take more control of the fight for herself, though; even if things are going a little badly now, she can't just back off entirely. "... What'd you DO?" she asks, still a little mystified as that red fluid continues to eat away at her.

Reaching out toward Sada, Tiffany attempts to seize her by both shoulders as she asks her question; her grip, even with the boxing gloves, is pretty forceful. If she manages to pull her in, she'll hook her in even further with a hand behind her /head/, now, mashing her face squarely into the cheerleader's chest for a few moments.

In hindsight, this may have been a bad idea, given her burning bodily fluids -- which is what prompts Tiffany to thrust her whole body up and out a little faster than she might otherwise, hopefully sending Sada flying back away.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Sada with Chest Thrusting EX.
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\0          Tiffany

"I didn't do anything!" Sada says in dismay. She's going for forced heel heat! /diabolical/. She is of course then grappled, and despite wriggling a little, is drawn downwards into the valley of heaven.

Heaven to some - hell to others! To Sada it's definitely the latter, and the residual blood on her face isn't enough to start erupting into fiery horror against Tiffany's chest. She is then thrown backw--

No!! Sada's hands had come up to clamp with brutal force onto Tiffany's wrist, and she swings around -- which is probably a great time for Tiffany to weave out of the way or snap her arm so that Sada goes flying into the scaffolding.


Sada wriggles her way around, looping another arm to try and shove it up underneath Tiffany's doubtless-hirstute American armpit and wrench backwards. Her knees come up towards the small of Tiffany's back - painful! Grinding! The touch of her HORRIBLE ACID SWEAT even more so.

Sada hisses to herself, "I'm not going to lose to you...!!"

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Tiffany with Sugar Hold.
Grazing Hit

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\-------\1          Tiffany

Though Tiffany isn't /quite/ fast enough to worm out of Sada's grip before she gets a hand on her and that burning sweat starts to do its work, it's a close shave; she does get out before she can really get the worst of those fluids, but it doesn't feel particularly great, just the same. "Aaaah!!!" she shouts, even as she whirls around and rolls back to the side; she slumps a little, still sizzling from that half-grapple.

"What -- what is YOUR DEAL?" she forces out, after a few moments; she glances from side to side, trying to draw on the energy of the crowd to the greatest extent she can. Though she knows she has the potential for something big, she doesn't want to push her luck /quite/ yet...

... so instead, she decides to just stick to her fundamentals. Stepping up toward Sada, she swings three quick punches for her face, two jabs followed by a hard left cross; she then asks, as she gets close, "SERIOUSLY, why does your skin hurt so much?!" She can't tell if it's a /technique/ or just... something strange, and she doesn't want to guess and be wrong and say something hurtful!

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Tiffany's Medium Punch.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>------\1          Tiffany

The grappling ends with Sada dislodged, rolling along the ground. She comes up with her back against a piece of support structure and she looks at Tiffany, breathing heavily.

"My deal.. is that I fight for the honor of my school! For the sake of my friends, and for my ambitions!" Sada says, which is at least one-third true. She's still sweating, but she's pushing herself hard. And is that a little smirk on her bloodied lips?

"And the reason you find me uncomfortable to touch... is that my purity repels the unrighteous!"

When Tiffany starts punching, Sada weaves once and then just ducks down low once the T-ster seems to be fully committed. Crouching like this, Tiffany gets to whack the scaffolding a couple of times, which was probably not the plan. Before Tiffany can recover, or worse, punch down harder than Tosh.0, Sada kicks off the ground, aiming to tackle her over by the thighs!

COMBATSYS: Tiffany interrupts Medium Throw from Sada with Beautiful Spin EX.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1          Tiffany

As Sada comes in to grapple Tiffany, the heiress ducks low and places her hands firmly on the scaffolding; at first, it seems like she intends to curl up into a ball and make tackling her just about impossible -- but the truth is a little more aggressive. Pushing up off the scaffolding with both hands, Tiffany goes into an upward whirl, meeting that tackle feet-first while wreathed in purple, sparkly light.

As she ascends, she notes, "I -- I feel like you're LYING to me! I'm not the BAD GUY here!" she insists, as the pair climb, foot squarely planted in Sada's face. "QUIT being weird!!"

As their momentum shifts back down toward the ground, Tiffany finishes with a quick flip, getting herself squarely back into offensive posture as she drifts down, her fall slowed modestly by the assistance of her chi.

"If you aren't the bad guy, why must you defend yourself so!?" Sada says, before they are rising upwards while... engulfed... in pink and purple sparkles.

Sparkles are rarely a good sign.

Slammed into the ground explosively, Sada lays flat on her belly as Tiffany lands in a shower of princess lights, because of SHEER INTENSITY OF BLONDE PRIVILEGE -- or, well, a mastery of personal energy. Sada lays on the concrete. It is slightly discolored beneath her.

She pushes herself up to her knees. Then to her feet.

Sada leans against the scaffolding, hard. It trembles a little. She clings to it for support -- and glances over her shoulder, hair hanging in her face. Tiffany can sense, easily, the malicious intent in that look. Is she just angry because she's hurt? Or is it something far worse?

Then she topples over, backwards - still holding that pole. The scaffolding shakes...

But will it come down!?


COMBATSYS: Tiffany dodges Sada's Huge Random Weapon.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1          Tiffany

As the scaffolding shakes, Tiffany decides that right now would be a great time to get out of the way; even though it's coming down slowly, she decides that it's more important to be /absolutely sure/ she doesn't get hit by it than to keep herself in prime offensive position. Diving out of the way, the heiress loooks over to Sada, carefully considering that pole; she knows she doesn't want to get hit with it, either, and is fairly certain that Sada /could/ just nail her with it if she gets in too close.

Then again, there aren't a whole lot of options left, either... She has to act decisively, one way or another, if she wants to finish the fight. "I'm defending MYSELF because it's a fight!" Tiffany declares, with the same trouble with emphasis as always; she weaves toward the unitard-clad girl in an irregular motion, fists clenched inside her gloves.

For an instant, it looks like she's going to go for the same three-punch combination that she did before -- the one that started their path to where they are /now/, with scaffolding and tools falling everywhere. Instead, though, she swings her foot up at the last second, aiming a leg squarely for Sada's midsection. After her last few experiences touching Sada's skin, she thinks better of aiming for the arm.

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Tiffany's Light Kick.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1          Tiffany

"But I am defending myself too!" Sada counters, though unfortunately not literally. However, when Tiffany lunges forwards, she swings up a foot that is slightly hidden by a large chunk of falling bucket!

But she hits the bucket - and when this happens, Sada moves.

She's not in a good position to smear her acid sweat onto Tiffany right now. That ship has sailed, unless she wants to pop out her own veins or something, which would be both kind of self defeating and totally gross. What she CAN do is slide her arms up in between Tiffany's own...

And wrench forwards, aiming to lock that arm into a half-nelson and then yank it across Tiffany's own personal neck. If Sada can't strangle her... maybe she can strangle herself!?

COMBATSYS: Tiffany interrupts Cobra Clutch from Sada with Wonderful Kick.

[                                < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sada             1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Tiffany

When Sada reaches out and grabs at her, Tiffany wrenches away just slightly before using that momentum to take herself up into a flipping kick aimed toward the Seijyun student's mouth. The flip continues into a second, near-identical flip, with the assistance of Tiffany's sparkly chi, carrying the pair even higher; for a moment, it seems like her sudden burst of offense is over, as she floats neatly back to the ground.

... then she actually /touches/ the ground, and it starts right back up again. As before, she pushes herself into a forceful handstand, and then up and out of it into a high-speed kick with both feet. There's no chi attached to it this time, though -- just the full-force gale of Tiffany's feet up into the sky.

When she finally comes back down a second time, still stinging a little from Sada's earlier sweat, she winces, saying, "I guess that makes SENSE...?" with a small frown on her face.

The kick hits Sada in the mouth, sending a jerking ripple through the assortment of metal posts that (discreetly) form her dentition at present. Fortunately for her, none of it breaks!

Unfortunately for her that was kind of distracting.

Drawn up into the air, she curses inwardly, because she doesn't have the strength to do more than that. Kicked in the gut, she loses focus on her original Plan A, which was to try and yank down her other eyelid and pour more blood on Tiffany. Instead she reaches down, blindly.

And as Tiffany lands, she makes a cogent reply to Tiffany's remark. "Yes!!"

Because she'd grabbed onto the fattest, blondest curl she could and is swinging around to try and mash her knees right into Tiffany's kidneys!! "We are fight... tting...!!" It's a final effort; her grip slacks after what may be one hell of an impact.

Damn it, she seethes. Damn all of these evil cows...!! Kashiwagi, Lords, all of them..!!

COMBATSYS: Sada can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tiffany          0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Tiffany blocks Sada's Hair Pull Backbreaker.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tiffany          0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Tiffany has ended the fight here.

Though Sada does get her grip squarely on those curls and yank, Tiffany doesn't resist the pull, instead letting herself move with the yank and roll off of the knee rather than landing on it flush. It still hurts -- but at the very least, it's enough to keep her standing once she finally pulls her hair out of Sada's grip with a twirl of her arm.

As she pulls herself back up to a full standing position slowly, Tiffany puts her hands on her knees, clearly fatigued. "... Phew," she murmurs, taking a few steps back; breathing out a long sigh, she says, "That... was a GOOD FIGHT!"

This time, when she goes to flash a peace sign and smile for the crowd, she at least pulls off one of her gloves before doing it.

Sada does not have much of a response.

For now.

But surely she will have no opportunity to get her revenge, will she?

You'll just have to see -- at the INTER-HIGH TOURNAMENT

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