SNF 2014.12 - SNF: Up for Sale

Description: Auction house for a date with Rock Howard and Daigo Kazama. Both students fight it out to show off their skills and raise the bids on them.

Despite the various acts of vandalism and strifes between the highschools of Southtown, the administrations of the highschools have tried to restablish a sort of peace between them by organising this interschool prom in Gorin High.

Taiyo High has been taking care of some exhibition matches, as well as one of the important event : an auction house for date to the prom this Sunday. How do they convince the ladies to bid for them? Simple, through a display of their talents and smacking each other up!

The two male students up for this auction? Rock Howard from Taiyo High and Daigo Kazama from Gedo High...

Daigo learned a few days ago that his gang had signed him up for all of this. Wouldn't it be grant if Daigo ended up as the king of the prom in Gorin? It seemed only fitting for all of them. Daigo could careless about all of this, though seeing how much his friends seemed to care about all of this he decided to play along. What better way to give Gedo High students some pride about their school than to participate in this event... And hopefully, it will help restore some of Gedo High's prestige.

However, when he learned about the matchup and the details, Daigo was definately not pleased. After what recently happened, the tall man figures this might just be a cruel farce from the principal, another way to punish him for doing what was right. A match? In Taiyo? Against one of its student? At this point, it was too late to give up, and it would just make matters worse.

Daigo would just take whatever would happen like a man.

For this match, the professionals in Taiyo had set up a stage in the middle of the schoolyard as well as many platforms to allow as many students to witness the two students fight each other.

Daigo arrives near the stage riding his motorcycle. The loud noise of the engine getting the attention of most students as he parks it up and unfastens the vehicule. He wears an old pair of jeans, heavy workboots, a worn out brown leather jacket as well as a black motorcycle helmet with a white skull painted on it. He takes the time to take off his helmet though and puts it into the trunk of his motorcycle.

He glances around at those who stares at him, many whispering in his back. Fortunately, his frame was intimidating enough to prevent anyone from trying something stupid, he believes, but Daigo ignores everything they say.

The hulking man makes his way toward the stage with a confident step, taking long strides to get into the center.

On Monday when Rock Howard first received word that there would be an interscholastic prom at Gorin High, his initial reaction to the news was the equivalent to AW HELL NAW with a healthy side helping of AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. He gathered his school things posthaste and made a wild bid for freedom, but you don't just ESCAPE prom night! The teen heartthrob was dogpiled by his fellows at the door, literally tackled to the ground. There were fisticuffs, all of the fisticuffs, some moron earned himself a fat lip, and then the Howard scion was voluntold to show up OR ELSE.

Rock doesn't want to know what 'OR ELSE' has in store for him -- once pictures of him in the change room circulated Taiyo High for a week in his first year, that was awful enough.

Come Wednesday, after forcing his hand to consent with violence and thinly veiled threats that were not actually veiled at all, his horrible classmates encountered an interesting predicament. Sure Rock had agreed to attend prom, and he's an attractive kid that Taiyo would be proud to showcase, but for a guy with a fanclub and girls constantly vying for his attention, the American teen is something of an idiot regarding women. He doesn't approach them, they don't approach him (at least, not in person.) His love life is a stalemate of the sexes. Damn! You can't just beat the young wolf into submission and send him away without a suitable date; the students rallied together with one goal in mind: Get Rock a lady, through any means necessary. Maybe to humiliate their school chum for fun and for charity, as well.

That was the caveat, charity. Were it not for the money to be donated to charity, Rock would be so gone that it would create a new definition for the word. Kind of like a super gone. He isn't some wolf cub in the zoo, he's not here to be auctioned off like cattle. Climbing the steps to the huge platform stage that is larger than expected, the boy draws in a deep breath and pinches the bridge of his nose. Just... just think of who you're helping, he tries to console himself. You can get through this.

Taiyo attendees erupt into cheers at the sight of him, their 'support' causing the pale kid to blush so hard in embarrassment that he's a red to rival the crimson of his eyes right up to the roots of his blonde hair. Rock mumbles something, sounds like 'Shut up, I hate this.' to the announcer that he passes, tugging his uniform jacket tight around his chest and fastening it. He turns his head to the side and looks away, REFUSES to even glance at the crowd, shoulders curled in and everything about his posture entirely unwelcoming.

"Ha ha, fate's cruel when you're born with a pretty face, isn't it?" The announcer slaps him lightly on the back and Rock winces, having not yet fully recovered from his fight with the demon. His pain is ignored. The brightly-dressed man sweeps out his arm to the audience, his smile broad and magnanimous, clearing his throat into the microphone, "Our first bachelor, ROCK HOWARD! A favourite from Taiyo High!" A pause for the screams and declarations of love to die away, "Let's see, you play the bass guitar, do you not? Girls adore musicians."


"I hear you ride a Honda Fireblade, is the second seat reserved for that special someone?"


"Your friends say you're the best cook in your class, are you preparing for all the dinners by candlelight in the future?" Wink wink, nudge nudge.


"Why is it that you never joined the basketball team? Sweat makes a man look and smell like a man--"

"I am very uncomfortable with this line of questioning, are you done?!"

At first, the announcer is shocked at the sudden outburst. He draws away from Rock as if the Howard scion had just physically struck him, violet eyes wide before they contract with knowing. A slow sly smile works its way across the man's broad slash of his mouth, "Oho, I see! You're /SHY/. That posture, your cherry cherub cheeks." That is PRECIOUS.

Scarlet eyes go wide, hands clench into fists at his sides. Torn between confusion and rage, the teen's jaw drops and a weird sound like '!?!' emits. Rock instinctually shifts his weight forwards, not meaning to be threatening, but he's going to punch this nattering butterfly who twirls away and strides off to the other side of the stage, leaving the blonde in a bit of a lurch. There's laughter from his peers, IS THIS A COMEDY SHOW? He ruffles his hair and lapses back into silence, awkward and unhappy.

The speakers boom as the announcer jovially cries out, "It would seem that our second eligible bachelor has arrived, DAIGO KAZAMA from Gedo High!" Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! "Come now, that isn't how we welcome guests to this fine school of tradition and mediocrity! Sure, attacks and panties, but this is a charity event! This is an exhibition! This is... A FIGHT! You want a date, gentlemen? Earn it with your fists! Impress the ladies with your skill and prowess! Do you have your bid cards?!" He whirls with excited eyes to the audience and some members hold them up. "THEN LET'S ROCK-- er, not talking to you, kid, a figure of speech. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Hang on, hang on. A /fight/? The young wolf is slow on the uptake -- what the hell is happening? If it's a fight, then that won't be so bad. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE TOLD HIM SOONER?! He visibly relaxes, he squares his shoulders. Casting a glance to the edge of the stage where the announcer flounced over to, when Daigo takes to the stairs, crimson orbs spy just the handles of the bike and recognize it immediately. Huh. Rock adjusts his position, turning fully to face the mountain with his scar and... He's heard about the infamous Gedo gang leader. "Nice bike." Shaking back his sleeves so they nest in the nook of his elbows, his hands are drawn up and the teen's stance hardens. Ready whenever you are!

Considering the majority of the crowd was constituted of students from Taiyo due to the proximity of the school and the fighting stage, Daigo had a feeling this would turn out that way. The boos and shouts from the crowd at his arrival as he walks into the stage.

He did not let them intimidate him.

The tall man stands proudly on the stage, taking a moment to stare and look back at those who shouts at him. The ones close to the stage and who are forced to meet Daigo's gaze seems to think twice about it. He stands there, staring back at them, proud and unphased by their jeers and taunts. He had nothing to blame himself about, after all.

Daigo turns on his heels to face Rock and the announcer. His eyes take a moment to scan him : a timid, blushing young boy. This is what Taiyo sent to fight him? Daigo arches a brow as he walks closer.

Rock felt like no wolf : it was more like a lamb. A lamb sent to the slaughter.

Whatever would happen here won't make the relationships with Taiyo any better : if he loses, they'll get their revenge and Gedo's pride will be hurt. If he wins? He's the mean monster... And it felt like that was exactly what they wanted to happen, the tall behemoth, crushing his poor victim...

Than again, maybe... Just maybe, Rock is more than meets the eyes.

Daigo takes the time to take off his leather jacket and he throws it on one side of the ring. It was old and worn out and probably wasn't worth much. He wasn't afraid someone would steal it. Underneath the jacket, Daigo wore a simple skin-tight white shirt t-shirt which only strengthen the look of a brute, showing off his impressive musculatur quite well.

Daigo rises his hands up to crack his knuckles. His expression remains stern and cold as he analyses the situation. Daigo ignores the comment about his motorcycle, unsure if Rock was serious about it or not : "So, you're the chosen one, the one who'll avenge Taiyo, huh? I hope I won't break you..."

He truly does -- alas, Daigo was not going to hold back. Not for the ladies, but for himself.

Ready or not though, Daigo charges up for Rock, letting out a loud shout from his throat as he hurls his fist for Rock's midsection with all his might. He would show them the might of Gedo, and if Rock was not up to the task, he'll slaughter him like the lamb he was.

That was what they wanted, wasn't it? The perfect setup... Damn the evil principals and their schemes, he was playing right into them.

COMBATSYS: Daigo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daigo            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Rock has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rock             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Daigo

COMBATSYS: Rock just-defends Daigo's Fierce Punch!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rock             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Daigo

Yes, the size difference between the two of them is immediately apparent when they stand face to face, but to think that the only son of Geese Howard is like a lamb sent to slaughter, the student of the Legendary Hungry Wolf, would be Daigo's error. For now, he's about to be proven wrong. If Akuma couldn't break him, what hope in hell does the mountain of Gedo High have?

It's a bit chilly, and the regulation uniform jacket of Taiyo is his protection from the elements, so he does not cast it aside in lieu of a fight. Rock does wait for Daigo, however. He's polite and doesn't harbor the resentment of his school deep in his breast. His compliment was meant in earnest, as is his confusion at the other man's words, "Avenge? No idea what you're even talking about." Are you going to throw down or just worry? Bouncing on the balls of his feet, gently rocking his svelte frame from one to the other, the ripped gang leader is even offered the first strike.

This offer is only available for a limited time. It may be redeemed at the following retailers between these dates. Offer not valid in Canada, Thailand or Latvia.

"Ahem!" Turns out that the announcer is also a capable auctioneer! He is a multi-talented man spurned by such fighting organizations as, uh, whoever put together that SLAM event a few weeks back. There's some others. Now the announcer lends his skill to these silly high school affairs and his wife left him-- I'm getting off-topic. "The bidding starts at 100 yen! Do I hear 100 yen!" His free hand cups around a largeish ear, all the better to hear the shouts and catcalls from the audience.

"Kazama isn't worth 100 yen!"

"Hee hee! If Rock loses, can I have him for free?"


He balked at the crowd, but regains his bearings with lightning speed. The announcer thrusts his finger at the youngsters and waggles it in a way most irritating. He snaps, "Serious bidders ONLY! If you've got something to say, say it with your card raised high into the air! DO I HEAR 100 YEN FOR EITHER OF THESE STRAPPING YOUNG MEN? Beauty or the Brawn, 100 yen! Show your love, it's all for charity!" There's one, two... Some girls complain about having spent their allowance, darn.

At last, there is a loud shout. When Daigo charges in, his opponent firms his jaw, holding his ground. The 'blushing young boy' is gone, replaced with a broody but determined teenager who surges two steps in and meets fist with the cap of his knee. His timing is so perfect that the might behind the blow is dispelled by equal might, all momentum halted in one instant. A shadow of a grin can be felt more than seen, the twist to Rock's lips is ever so slight.

Whether he is playing into some evil principals grand scheme or not, Rock doesn't care. He doesn't think about what winning or losing will net him in terms of glory. Any opportunity is the chance to grow stronger, to see other combatants in action, to understand another the way one can in the heat of battle. As long as he isn't expected to hit girls, just like the mountain of Gedo, the lean wolf won't hold back. He could be fighting entirely uphill, he's just that focused. "My turn." The boy weighs in, but not to strike, not with his fists. Amethyst chi wreathes his arm and envelopes it. The Howard scion leaps back a foot to provide him with the room required to slice through the air with his burning limb. "REPPUKEN!"

Violet energy is siphoned away into a blade of blue-purple at his feet, the rapid swipe sending it streaking off a short distance across the platform, leaving the stage scorched in its wake. If Daigo finds himself on the receiving end, he's in for a nasty shock. Rock brings his attacking hand around, fingers threading through silken locks of sunshine yellow, mussing his hair further. Lingering remnants and whisps of his chi flicker out of existence all around him to ooooooooos and ahhhhhhhhhs. More cards rise into the air.

COMBATSYS: Rock successfully hits Daigo with Reppuken.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Rock             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0            Daigo

This was getting interesting. The way Rock manages to halt his mighty fist and break the momentum of his punch shows that Rock should prove more resilient than he first expected. After his encounter with Jason, Daigo figured there had to be a few worthy fighters in this school.

Daigo's lips curl into a tight smirk. He was pleased with the outcome. It would have been a shame if Rock's skills were lacking compared to his and he would have ended up wrecking him. What if Rock proves to be stronger and more skilled than he was? The thought crosses his mind but it was too late to think about this.

All there was this fight.

Daigo takes a step back after his punch and he raises his guard, lifting both fists up to show he's ready for some brawling. Unfortunately, not a lot of good this stance will do him against the incoming blades of energy. Daigo's eyes widen and he hardly has the time to react before his body gets engulfed momentarly by energy. A grunt of pain escapes Daigo's throat, and his lack of reaction from Rock's attack causes the crowd of Taiyo students to cheer in glee and delight... Or maybe it is due to Rock's pose after his attack that earns a few positive reactions from the girls in the crowd. No doubt, he was definately more photogenic than Daigo.

Despite the scorches on Daigo's shirt and the burnt marks on his arms and body after the attack, when the energy fades away, Daigo is still standing, unwavering after the blast of energy. His fist tightens a bit. "Huh, well at least you're good, that makes me feel better..."

Daigo rushes toward Rock and once he gets close enough he intends to show him his own flames : the tall man swings his mighty fist down to the ground, the impact causing the stage to shake a bit as he diffuses some of his chi on the stage, causing flames to burst out of the ground at Rock's feet, hurling crimson flames mixed with broken debris from a part of the madeup stage Daigo just broke.

COMBATSYS: Rock counters Phoenix Fire from Daigo with Joudan Crack Counter EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0            Daigo

Normally, Rocket probably wouldn't even show up to an event like this. Since when would she ever have to bid money to get a date to the prom? (As it turns out, all it really takes is her cousin Sadao putting her name into the SIGNATRON pool, but she's blissfully unaware of that terrible truth so far.) On the other hand, with all the rivalry brewing between the schools and the fact that most of the Gedo students wouldn't be caught dead at a date-a-dude auction, she's decided to skip detention just to show up and show some school spirit.

Well, for that reason and because detention is seriously lame, duh. You can't even rollerblade in detention.

And besides, if she's going to be part of Daigo's crew, she's going to show some solidarity, too. So even though she's just kind of lurking at the edge of the crowd - more interested in watching the fight than anything - and blowing a pink bubble with her gum, when she hears someone yell that Kazama isn't worth 100 Yen, she bristles a little.

"Oi! One hundred Yen is too much for Daigo? I'll how them..."

Spitting out her gum and standing up straight, she cups her hands over her mouth and yells:


For a supposed gang leader of Gedo High, Daigo fights with true sportsmanship. Rock had expected contempt, rage, that his skill would be attributed to dumb luck. A man such as this would never accept failure, or so he assumed. He feels a bit ashamed in hindsight, the mountain acknowledging the young wolf's ability without depreciating his own worth. The teen's grin is visible now, thin lips peeling back from white rows of teeth. "You're not so bad, either. Let's give 'em a great show." Kazama is kind to immediately acquiesce to his request.

"100 yen!"

Meanwhile, the auctioneer announcer is in his prime, indicating, repeating and receiving bids from the crowd. "100 yen for Daigo Kazama-- wait, really?" A pretty girl with pigtails nods her head enthusiastically! The larger teen is slowly winning over at least some of the audience, particularly the ladies more interested in burly bears than the absentee sixth member of the Backstreet Boys. "Okay, 100 yen for Daigo Kazama! Do I hear 200 yen? 200 yen for Daigo Kazama! Go, go, go!"

Just then, the stage platform explodes. Those crowding the fighting arena scream and stumble over each other as they try and scramble to a safe distance. To their great chagrin, it is relatively contained, focused around the feet of the Howard scion who... throws up his arms, but immediately reconsiders. The chunk of floor he stands on ruptures, a deep fissure splitting it in twine, flames surging beneath him. How about... no? Rock can't defend when his situation is so precarious and wrought with the promise of fiery doom. He breaks away from the piece of platform as it crumbles, springing onto the next.

"200 yen! Rock Howard!"

The updraft isn't enough to support his weight, not for long. The instant he lands is the moment he begins to fall, so the broody teen blitzes forward, hopping along all of the broken stage shards until none are left and there's just the space that separates him from his taller opponent, still with his fist planted in the ground. Rock soars through the air in an arc, wings would complete the picturesque image of his graceful form. Drawing his legs over his head, the American boy snaps down a heel and plummets, cutting the flight short.

Rock is indiscriminate of his target, anywhere is fine. He could crash down on Daigo's skull, neck or shoulder. Maybe in the soft junction between the two. Reppuken wasn't able to topple the mountain, but perhaps this will! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Geese Howard's true heir yells his, uh, battle cry.

They love it, the spectators cheering (or jeering), screaming support and condemnation while the announcer tries to restore order, "People, people! Who will it be, whose heart do you desire! Nick Carter or the, uh, I think he kind of looks like a young Ron Pearlman. Well?" He scratches his cheek and jaws a bit, "PLACE YOUR BIDS, they won't be able to keep this up forever!"

"200 YEN ON KAZAMA!" rings out from somewhere in the back. Sounds like a real Gedo supporter, not a Taiyo turncoat. Somehow he hears it, at least the tail end of it. Rock facepalms. Totally facepalms. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SKINNY HE CAN'T HELP IT OKAY.

As far as the crowd goes, Daigo ignores all the cheers and boos coming from them in reactions to his battle. His concentration allowed him to focus on one thing : Rock Howard. The tall behemoth had enough experience and fights under his belt to know not to underestimate another fighter, and after his experience with other Taiyo youth, he definately knew they had some capable fighters in that school.

After Daigo's fist unleashes his flame, the tall man slowly rises to his full height, expecting the blast to have swept away the smaller teenager. Before he realizes it though, Rock soars down from above, his feet landing right into Daigo's back and shoulders as he was straightening up.

The added weight and pressure goes a growl to escape from Daigo's throat as he crumbles under it, forcing him to move one hand down to support himself, falling back on his knees after the shock. His powerful arms manage to hold him from totally splattering himself against the stage though.

Daigo growls a bit from pain, pushing himself back up with both of his arms. His hands curl into tight fists and Daigo tries to retaliate, spinning on himself as he rises and attempts to catch Rock shortly after he lands with a rising kick, using the momentum of his push to empower his kick.

COMBATSYS: Rock blocks Daigo's Medium Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0            Daigo

This battle is about to explode!

No, not actual explosions, nevermind those. I'm talking figuratively.

With the ball finally rolling, the spectators cotton on and the bids come pouring in, squealing girls competing even with, uh, guys? Whoa man, whoa. "Eeeee, 1,000 yen for Rock-chan!"


Oh god why.

The slender teen drags the palm of his hand down his handsome face and crimson eyes look up at the sky. He wonders what it would be like if he could transform into a bird and fly away. No doubt there's going to be some hassle involving his cutesy new title later on, after this is all said and done. Life is terrible.

Daigo saves himself from sprawling out across the stage, from spilling into an ungainly and ugly belly-flop. No doubt that would've been highly embarrassing! Rock is impressed, the taller young man's resolve may even deserve to be called inspiring. He refuses to do it a disservice by daydreaming about pointless matters and how he will deal with his classmates, returning to his ready stance with fists raised. "Hope you got more where that came from." Why, that was actually cocky. The humble Howard scion is just as arrogant as your typical combatant from time to time.

He receives a rising kick for his sass, scarlet eyes shock-wide, Rock reeling back and planting one foot behind him so he doesn't topple straight over backwards. Both hands slap to either side of the shoe, boot, whatever foot-thing the mountain wears, the muscles in his arms tensing in order to cushion the impact. It halts inches from his nose. The young wolf allows a sigh of relief to escape.

"Did you see that? Daigo Kazama attempts to smash up Taiyo's pretty boy by feeding him a mouthful of Gedo-foot! Don't you think that earns him a bid of 1,100 yen?!" He sweeps out his arm, the announcer gesturing wildly.


Violet eyes squint at the protestor, "Hey, shut up! I didn't ask /you/!"


There is a sea of cards, so many that the auctioneer-announcer isn't able to keep up, rambling off numbers and the worth of the contestants so quickly that it all blurs together into WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS. His lips move quicker than light (okay, that's exaggerating) until, "DAIGO KAZAMA IN THE LEAD WITH 3,121 YEN!" Wait, some high school student actually has that kind of money? Must be her life-savings. Rocket is spared from taking her boss to prom, maybe. Only time will tell.

Rock rocks (HA!) forward and throws the kick off to the side. He hauls up his fist next to his ear before he leads with it, allowing it to pave his way as he hops up and swings his arm down in an overhead punch. The American teenager blazes amethyst, each blade of chi that erupts from his back blending together and forming spreading wings. Sure would've looked pretty cool if he had them sooner, but angelic symbolism is not a conscious effort. It... sort of... happens.

"DUNK!" I have no explanation why this is necessary, but he bellows it and it sounds ridiculous. Maybe the fight with the demon rattled his brain a bit, or he imagines a basketball in hand and Daigo's face is a net. Point is, he descends with a face-seeking fist-missile, the energy of his birthright infusing his strike. Rock's lips are a grim-line, his brow furrowed as he concentrates on just this, chipping away at the mountain of Gedo High to the chorus of, 'No need to argue. show me the money!'


COMBATSYS: Daigo Toughs Out Rock's Rage Run Dunk!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rock             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Daigo

After his kick is stopped by Rock's hand, the towering behemoth slowly regains his usual posture. He stands silently, a monument of strength and might, unwavering and steady. His movements were slow, yet confident, his eyes never leaving Rock's frame as he comes back at him, his wings of chi unfolding.

Unlike him, Daigo was not flashy. The two fighters on the stage had a lot of contrasts : both in their built and their fighting style. Daigo was a mixture of serenity and calm unfitting for someone who had the look of a force of nature, yet even in the face of Rock's renewed charge, Daigo does not falter and stands his ground, awaiting his charge, arms open as if he was embracing bravely Rock's attack.

When Rock's fist falls down over his head, Daigo arches his back and tilts his head back, exposing his pectoral muscles to the young teenager, letting his chi empowered fist hit them. His muscles flex upon the impact, bulging and hardening to absorb the impact. To everyone on the stage, it felt like Daigo just took the blow without flinching, as if he didn't feel any pain. Though Rock might notice the reaction on his face, the twitches of pain as he grits his teeth the moment he hit -- it was quickly concealed though.

It might be then that Rock realizes his dire mistake : how by placing himself in a vulnerable position like this, Daigo's got Rock just where he wanted : close to him, and in a bad position to defend himself.

With a loud shout, Daigo swings his arm with all his might at Rock's midsection, attempting to knock him away and send him flying less gracefully than he has been hopping around lately, to show his might and strength to everyone with a powerful backfist.

COMBATSYS: Daigo knocks away Rock with Phoenix Backfist.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rock             1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0            Daigo

It takes a moment to sink in. The boy isn't exactly slow, but sometimes he's not all that bright and as he has committed to the hit, when the gears in his brain start turning to process information, Rock comes to realize too late that he isn't so much socking Daigo in the mush... Daigo is leaning back and his fist settles into flexed pectoral muscles because the mountain endures it. He takes it like a man, and there isn't a damn thing the young wolf can do but push back, landing on his feet and making every effort to prepare himself.

Gedo supporters and the turncoats of his school scream in approval. There's probably some attendees from Pacific, Justice and Gorin hanging about, but they're not important enough to mention. Rock grinds his back molars, his shoulders rise and fall with every breath. The blonde's brow creases again, yet his emotions are difficult to read. Aside from his unwavering dedication that borders on obstinate, it could be anything else.

A hand is swept through his fair fringe, disarranging it and leaving the strands in a state of untidy disarray. His fans sigh collectively with longing. Rock pretends he didn't hear. C'mon, give it your best shot. Were he truly so proud, like the man who fathered him, the boy would beckon his opponent towards him and sneer.

His mistake is that he doesn't retreat in that small window of opportunity, too stubborn to accept that being built the way he is means his lithe frame wasn't meant to withstand the backfist of a brick shithouse. Rock remains right where the gang leader wanted him all along, the tightly packed muscles of his abdomen firming up. When knuckles collide with his midsection...

He is knocked away.

There is no grace to be found in the manner he tumbles ass-over-kettle, flung even off the stage itself and crashing hard onto his back on the ground. Air exits his lungs on two occasions; the American kid hardly recovers from the first before the second causes stars to be born and die in his vision, darkness creeping at the corners and biding their time. "Ugh..." Rock might... need to lay here. Forever.

"Kazama, you suck!"


"Rock-chan, don't be dead."

With microphone in hand, the auctioneer-announcer approaches the edge of the platform and peers downward. He opens his mouth, closes it. Open, close. His lips pop like a fish everytime he repeats the motion until he finally finds the words to describe the sight, "Looks like Howard's going to need to get his kidneys replaced! No discounts, though. Not even for damaged goods!" Don't girls love to play nurse? They can look after him or something! "5,200 yen, anyone?" Harsh.

He grimaces, wrapping an arm around his bruised middle. That wasn't anywhere near as bad as being chopped in the spine, but it still hurts like hell! Rock eases up and sits, and coughs. Bile makes its presence known and blood, but he is saved from tossing his cookies right here. The urge isn't quite strong enough. A hand wraps around one of the supports of the stage, the scion eventually climbing, even onto the stage. Getting to his feet from there is pretty difficult.

When he does, the audience applauds, his non-supporters included. Hey, it means there will still be gratuitous violence, who WOULDN'T be pleased?

Pupils narrow to the size of a pinhead, swimming in the depths of his crimson-coloured eyes. Lungs ache with each deep breath he forces them to accomodate. His discoloured abdomen twitches. The fabric of his regulation uniform whispers as Rock stomps down and... stands? Does nothing? The way the kid's hands are positioned looks like an eerie call-back to another fighter, fingers unfurled and his palms visible. To draw close could be folly. Will Daigo be willing to find out?

"Is this unconditional surrender? No! Ladies, Rock cannot fight for your love when you're being so quiet!" A cacophonous racket ensues, screams and yells and further bids. Despite the announcer's urgings, still the student of the Legendary Wolf stares on. He nods at the taller teenager, his action likely to confuse all but the other fighter.

COMBATSYS: Rock focuses on his next action.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rock             1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0            Daigo

Once the back of his fist connects with Rock's midsection and knocks him away, Daigo straightens himself up. By the sound his opponent did, Daigo knew it would take him a few seconds to recover. His eyes follow his form all the way out of the stage. However, Daigo doesn't take this time to recover and regain his composure, he simply walks in Rock's direction : he'd carry on this fight outside of the stage or force him back into it if he had to.

Before he can reach the edge of the stage though, he notices Rock clinging to the stage and climbing back up on it. His resolve and determination to fight brings a smirk to his lips. "Good," He says to Rock with a nod of his head. It would have been a shame if this would have marked the end of their fight.

Not giving Rock any quarters, as soon as he gets back on the stage and recovers his bearing, Daigo charges at him, his heavy footsteps causing the stage to tremble a bit underneath his weight. He swings his fist right for Rock's face this time as he draws close to him, hoping his longer reach will give him the advantage.

COMBATSYS: Rock interrupts Medium Punch from Daigo with Raging Storm EX+.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1            Daigo

If Geese Howard had ever kicked down the door to ruin Terry Bogard's birthday party, this must be how it felt, right before his foot connected. Anticipation, expectation, elation. Could there have been some mounting trepidation? No, maybe not so much that, but his son is susceptible to such an emotion. His every second spent in inaction frays his nerves. Rock wavers between states of absolute knowing to predicting his utter failure. This open-handed stance is optimal for reversals, counters and interrupts, but...

No buts.

But no!


Encouraging the audience to get all raucous rambunctious, the announcer swoops around at the edges of the stage like a technicolour bat. "What's that, louder!" He windmills his arms, cranking the volume straight up to 11! Those that don't seem to care are on the fringes of the spectator crowd, but everyone else either screams or is trampled. The bid remains ongoing. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! 6,000 yen, Daigo Kazama! Let's heat up the-- 6,230 yen says you adore Rock Howard, ALL RIGHT!-- hgh?"

It's a light show! But there weren't any light shows scheduled, what gives?

Anyone easily distracted by flashy, flamboyant clothing and obnoxious showboating has their attention called back. A hush, a disconcerting quiet... Jaws click shut one by one, cards lower back into the hands of their keepers. Daigo only allows him heartbeats between each assault; he lunges in and follows his fist. The goal is the American teen's handsome visage, who seems rooted to the spot until the very last second. Rock's torso twists, shoulder whipping out of reach, fair head turned and the pale column of his throat exposed. Would've looked pretty cool if the mountain missed entirely, almost Matrix-esque. Straight-up, the Howard scion is punched in the ear.

He doesn't have time to swear or stumble about. Rock can't even spare a moment to clap a hand over the blazing red cartilaginous rim of the helix. Trap laid, it must be sprung. Whisps of violet chi are already alighting on his regulation attire, some like translucent snakes and others like daytime fireflies. They dance, multiply. As one, pulsing brighter, suddenly the energy expands in a brilliant flash that makes it hard to tell what's even happening! "RAGING..." The young man drops to a kneel, slamming his knuckles home onto the stage platform. It splits, it starts off as a single fracture of the floor and develops two more, four, fifteen. The teen heartthrob is in the epicentre of an aggressively expanding web that soon creaks in protest as an unseen force causes it to crater inwards. "STOOOOOOOOOOOORM/!!"

The seismic explosion would not be complete without violent scythes of bluish-purple; they erupt from the schisms, war for dominance, reach for the sky. The pale hair lifts off his face, Rock closes a hand around his wrist and tries to hold on, gotta keep control, sealing his curse into his hand... But how do you control the hell unleashed, the raw thunderous energy, a stampeding shockwave that swells and consumes. Daigo's so close, the Gedo gang leader won't even hear the destructive force heralding its arrival with dazzling radiance before its upon him, burning and searing until passing on, as though it had never existed.

"H..holy freaking BALLS!"

Daigo's fist grazes Rock's head as the blond teenager manages to twist himself out of the way. The momentum he gained with his mighty swing leaves Daigo wide open for Rock's vengeful retaliation : after all, you can't stop a charging juggernaut's impulsion so easily.

The Gedo Gang Leader ran straight into Rock Howard's trap and was now defenseless against his unleashed fury.

Daigo's eyes widen when he feels the stage under his feet collapsing : the cracks weakening its structure, the tall man's weight along with Rock's infused energy causes him to fall into the crater. His lack of balance due to his powerful swing at Rock's face turns against him as he ungracefully falls into the crate for a second.

Daigo struggles to regain his footing, but his efforts are all in vain as a violent burst of chi erupts from the crater. The blast and powerful shockwave literally knocks him a dozens of feet away, his massive frame engulf by the fading energy and curls of smoke around his body.

The initial shockwave managed to tear off a scream of surprise and pain from the man's throat, along with another loud sigh and grunt when he lands a dozens of feet from the crater. His massive form rolls on the ground, just about to get off the stage before he smashes his fist into the stage to rapidly slow his sliding body and halts it.

Daigo grunts softly, using the hand that anchored him on the stage to slowly drag himself back to his knees. Many scorches and burnt mark can be seen on his massive biceps and muscles on his arms, as well as on his shirt and jeans. Daigo pants softly and he stares at Rock from this distance.

He straightens himself up, though it seems to be demanding for him to do so. Daigo bows his head respectfully to Rock and he calls out with his loud voice, "You are a formidable opponent, probably more skilled than I am," Daigo says, "I admit defeat.." He says humbly.

If anything, this might as sudden and unexpected from the Gedo Gang Leader. Still, despite him surrendering to him like that, he stood with pride and confidence, no shame in actually admiting someone could have bested him.

He glances at some girls in the front row of the stages, who seems terrified at Daigo's gaze. His lips curl into a faint smirk and he says, just for those to the front to hear, "If I were you, I'd hurry up and bid on him before it's too late..."

Daigo had nothing more to say to this point. He makes his way toward the other side of the stage to fetch the leather jacket he had tossed aside. He gives the announcer and Rock one final nod as his gaze meets theirs but after that, he no longer pays attention to them. The way his left leg seems to limp and how his right arm his clutching his side shows that he must have some bruises and other injuries that might take a few days to heal. Though no doubt, he'll be well in no time, thanks to his tough nature.

Obviously, to Daigo, this fight was over.

When he reaches the edge of the stage and bends over to get his leather jacket, he notices Rocket and he can't help but smile, "200 yens? Is that all I'm worth, huh?" He says, his intonation obviously playful and teasing. Though it was obvious he appreciated the gesture.

COMBATSYS: Daigo takes no action.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1            Daigo

Rocket is still a bit wide-eyed by the time that Daigo addresses her. The stage-destroying display is probably one of the most spectacular things that she's seen in person, after all. Sure, she has some command of similar energies - in fact, she's got something of a natural knack for incorporating chi energy into her fighting style, albeit with a bit of an odd quirk - but she's nowhere near that level. Frankly, it's rather inspiring for the girl. Maybe the skinny guy isn't so bad after all...

Then Daigo snaps her back to the present moment with his question. She looks up at him - way up, considering she has to look up at him when they're on even footing - and gives a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders.

"Meh. Two hundred seemed a bit steep, but I figured I could afford it 'cause it was for charity." She sticks her tongue out for a moment before adding, her tone ironic, "If I knew you were gonna give up, I wouldn't have been such a big spender. Even if that was pretty badass."


COMBATSYS: Daigo has left the fight here.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/--=====|

Rock is awash in amethyst chi, a whirling maelstrom that fades in due time. Undulating minute spheres of blue fall like snow, sprinkling over his settling hair, across the shattered remnants of the stage platform and the first few rows of the audience. It's harmless, but incites a modicum of panic, at least amongst a small number of the student populace. The ensuing squeaks and squeals disturb the awed silence, their calmer peers blinking out of captivated trances, turning to point and laugh or reassure friends, all as they see fit.

A soft exhalation escapes, breath tickling past thin lips parted faintly. The teen's hand continues to blaze, but the longer he maintains his fierce grip, tightly wrapped digits cutting off circulation, it eventually peters out. The howling of his blood quiets and simmers, for now. Crimson eyes reappear, Rock looking down at the crater-- "Huh?" He says stupidly, slow realization dawning upon him. Daigo is a lot further away than he suspected the mountain could fly.


He could elate at the sight of the fallen man, and would if he were a more arrogant individual, but Rock has immense amounts of respect and appreciation for the Gedo gang leader, rumoured attacker of Taiyo High. Booted soles slip on the cracked crevices of the floor as he clambers out from the deep bowl of the depression. He runs fingers through his blonde locks, the action leaving his flaxen fringe distinctly ruffled. The Howard scion stands and curls an arm around his bruised midsection, then waits for Daigo to regain his own footing. As he locates it, already the American boy is leaning back in preparation to defend.

The opportunity never presents itself. Instead of resuming fisticuffs, the larger teen bows his head. All thoughts and elaborate plans stutter to a halt. What's... going on, Rock wonders. His fight-addled brain suggests a trap!

Or maybe Kazama threw in the towel, figuratively.

Dedicating this one moment to contemplate the day, he sizes up the looming mountain of Gedo High before Rock's handsome features relax into an almost grin. It is an idea that maybe he might've bested Daigo or vice versa, but to throw down to the point of utter destruction /here/ would leave them both looking a terrible state for prom (not that it's really a concern for him) and embarrass one school in front of the other. They are like representatives, and he will show Taiyo that friendly competition with Gedo is possible -- it's not all panty raids and steely rivalry, a little effort goes a long way.

"You're just as skilled as me, don't sell yourself short." There is being humble and then there is self-depreciating. Geese Howard's only son is nothing like his father; he has no ear for that sort of talk. You done good, Daigo. Keep holding your head high, like you are wont to do. Rock grants him the same courtesy. "Next time, a real match, right down to the finish." Get it, got it? Excellent, put it on paper.

As the taller teenager exits stage right, he imparts a tease to the girls clustered at the front of the stage. Dammit, don't--!! Kazama's words ignite a fire in their eyes, heads swivel to focus on the target. Too late. Rock recoils from the predatory gleam, taking a step back, but that just neatly delivers him into a side-arm hug from the announcer-auctioneer. The weirdly dressed man drags the taciturn blonde back to the centre and spotlight. NO ESCAPE. "The results are in! Which of you lovely ladies will accompany these fine athletes on Sunday night?"

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