Full Name: Mizuki Kamigawa
Game: Original Character
Faction: Justice High
Team: Independent
Profile: There are those who, by the circumstances of their birth, are destined toward greatness. There are those who are born with Destiny gazing down at them. And there are those whose God-given duty is to support the ones chosen for the spotlight. The Kamigawa clan were, in ancient times, retainers and aides of the royal court - chosen to be bodyguards, 'problem solvers', and the like. As the decades passed, however, the connection was gradually weakened, and was severed when the new government came to being. The Kamigawa clan quietly continued their lineage throughout the centuries, however, and the result is Mizuki - a young woman trained since birth to wield the particular powers of the Kamigawa clan, powers centered around water and ice. Having been raised mostly in seclusion in the family's compound in rural Japan, Mizuki has been sent to Southtown, and Justice High, to complete her education on a number of levels. Bright and generally cheerful, Mizuki fell in love with the 'city' lifestyle as soon as she experienced it, and though she hasn't forgotten her goals - to gain experience in the world, and to gain practical experience to perfect her martial arts - she fully intends to enjoy her time in the 'real world'.
Style: Kamigawa Family Fighting Arts
Signature Move: Suishou no Kagami -- ENERGY REFLECT

OOC Data

VoiceActor: Kasahara Hiroko (Hououji Fuu - Magic Knight Rayearth)
ThemeSong: Key to my Heart - Kuraki Mai, Open the Gate - No Doubt


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Hi-mi-tsu!
BloodType: B+
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: ??
EyeColor: Blue
HairColor: Crimson
Wins: 1 Losses: 0 Ties: 0
Neo League Points/Fights: 0.0/0

Fight History

Win SNF 2007.04 Shopping! Kaiwei vs Mizuki Apr 21, 2007