SNF 2006.09 - September 2006 Summary!

Description: [OOC] Here is a collection for the SNF posts (and addenda) for September 2006.

SNF Matches: 08/30/06 - Wed Aug 30 2006 - Gonzales
That's right. You heard me.

MATCH 1 ~ Mike Haggar VERSUS Shenwoo
LOCATION: Gedo Courtyard
SPECIAL: Gedo Rules

MATCH 2 ~ Jiro Kasagi VERSUS Hinako Shijou
LOCATION: Seijyun High
SPECIAL: Seijyun Rules ~ PREMISE: Rematch!

MATCH 3 ~ Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Chae Lim
LOCATION: Village Mall
PREMISE: Hot Trends

MATCH 4 ~ Nanako Yanagimura VERSUS Gabriel Kai VERSUS Aislinn Doyle
LOCATION: Bahia de Caraquez Resort, Ecuador, Central America

MATCH 5 ~ Sie Kensou AND Shinobu Ootsuka VERSUS Kain Heinlein
LOCATION: The Banks of the Vellikeel River, Kerala, India

MATCH 6 ~ Adelheid Bernstein VERSUS Foxy Arreaza
LOCATION: The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia

MAIN EVENT ~ 2v2 Active Tag Tactics (A.T.T.) -- Refer to 18/10 and 18/11
FIGHTERS: Guile and Mike Bison VERSUS Ash Crimson and Krizalid
PREMISE: Four Corners

MAIN EVENT 2 ~ 1v1 with Guest Host
FIGHTERS: Vega VERSUS Kyo Kusanagi HOSTED BY Saishu Kusanagi
PREMISE: The Kusanagi Spirit

Unf. We've got /eight/ matches for you: international, both current sets of school rules, A.T.T., /and/ a special guest host. You know you want it. You want it all. But can you handle it?

As a sidenote. If anybody has any suggestions for new types of school rules or battle rules, feel free to either @mail me /or/, if you want some public input -- which would be sweet -- post them to the Suggestions board. We haven't seen anything there in a little bit. >:D


SNF Results Week 9 - Wed Sep 6 2006 - Gonzales
The matches will be posted shortly; but first, this week's highlights! XD

MATCH 1 ~ Haggar vs Shenwoo with Gedo Rules
WINNER: Draw Match
SNAPSHOTS: Haggar and Shenwoo jousting with couches; Carlos watching intently from the sidelines; Haggar's couch exploding as he flies backward; Haggar landing on Carlos; Haggar getting up and picking up Carlos; Haggar throwing Carlos at Shenwoo.
COMMENTS: While draw matches are technically illegal under Gedo Rules, Howard Enterprises refused to let the student judges award the win to both Haggar and Shenwoo as was originally intended.

MATCH 2 ~ Jiro vs Hinako with Seijyun Rules
WINNER: Hinako Shijou
COMMENTS: While Jiro failed to 'avenge' his previous loss at Hinako Shijou's dainty hands, losing by a significant number of points according to the Seijyun judges, the closeness of this fight has maintained significant interest in the friendly competition of these up-and-coming fighters. The Seijyun judges remain bemused by but appreciative of Jiro's good sportsmanship in contrast to his usual attitude -- but remind him to use no foul language in front of the ladies.

MATCH 3 ~ Frei vs Chae Lim ~ Did Not Happen

MATCH 4 ~ Nanako vs Gabriel vs Aislinn in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
WINNER: Draw between Nanako Yanagimura and Aislinn Doyle
COMMENTS: Kids, whenever you feel kinda down, and start thinking of maybe becoming, like, an indignant back-stabbing water-chucking religious zealot or an eeriely stoic and possibly soulless leather-clad repli-girl, just remember what Nyanko-chan says: "YOU'RE ALL BEING TOO SERIOUS!!"

MATCH 5 ~ Kensou and Shinobu vs Kain at the Vellikeel River, India
WINNER: Kain Heinlein
SNAPSHOTS: Kain, executing a shocking comeback, as he nullifies both his opponents' attacks with an explosion so mighty that it changes the very course of the river. In the background, Jiro Kasagi can be seen, looking sullen.
COMMENTS: Surveys say that Indian peasants are actually more indignant about the amount of food Kensou gorged himself on during the fight than they are about Kain blowing up the river -- but then again, there also appears to be some speculation that Kain is actually the reincarnated avatar of a Hindu god. The jury is out on that so far, but we'll keep you informed.

MATCH 6 ~ Adelheid vs Foxy at the Royal Exhibition Building, Australia
WINNER: Adelheid Bernstein
SNAPSHOT: This one's a beauty. The setting, the lovely Royal Exhibition Building outdoor gardens; in the midst of the flowers, frozen in time, an airborne Foxy slashes down with silver chi wreathing her rapier only to be met with a cool-eyed Adelheid's dark shield. The shield is just beginning to explode outward, and scintillating shards of 'chi shrapnel' glitter dangerously through the air, their metallic colors contrasting sharply with the gentle pastels of the flower petals.

MAIN EVENT 1 ~ Guile and M.Bison vs Ash and Kriz with A.T.T. Rules
Not Yet Finished

MAIN EVENT 2 ~ Vega vs Kyo hosted by Saishu
WINNER: Kyo Kusanagi
SNAPSHOT: In the foreground, Kyo plunging heroically through Vega's psychic attack to unleash a mighty fight-ending Orochinagi; in the background, standing on the sidelines of the arena and framed by the cheering throngs farther back, Saishu raising his fists high, roaring with pride and enthusiasm.
COMMENTS: A young hero defeating a mysterious evil presence with his father cheering him on from the sidelines? Sports entertainment at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. This one's going on the DVD.

Some pretty exciting matchups here, folks, and some pretty awesome results. Well done, everybody! XD Admittedly, some wackiness took place with Main Event 1 that I take responsibility for: I think I wasn't clear about a couple things that I'm going to elucidate on right now, to prevent further complications.

1) On A.T.T.: While I personally enjoyed my time participating in this style of matchup -- perhaps because I came up with it -- I have discovered that, as the first word of the acronym implies, it is /not/ condusive to defensive play. Constant tactical tagging is the name of the game, not charging, focusing, or projectile wars. Being the sort of person who pays more attention to 'the spirit of the rules' in any case, I may never have pointed this out -- in which case, my bad XD -- but it's crucial to the A.T.T. playstyle. Unfortunately, this particular match ended up sluggish... but hopefully you guys will find the time to finish it, as the character interactions seem potentially exciting.

2) On Personal Preference: This message is not directed toward any particular person or event. I just want to make a point of this: if you guys have personal OOC reasons for not wanting certain types of fights for whatever reason, let me know. These are all valid as far as I am concerned, and I will take them into account. While I admit I personally think part of the fun of tournaments like SNF is having your characters forced into unusual and occasionally uncomfortable situations with exciting results, under no circumstance should the /player/ be uncomfortable, so please let me know. However! If you're going to impose restrictions, there may be points where I will have to simply not slot you for a match, if I can't meet those restrictions in a manner I think is cool. Just keep that in mind before you all start singing 'My Least Favorite Things'. XD

Next week's matches will be posted shortly!

SNF Matches: 09/06/06 - Thu Sep 7 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Sie Kensou VERSUS Adelheid Bernstein
LOCATION: A Raft on the Yellow River, Qinghai Province, China

MATCH 2 ~ Mike Haggar VERSUS Daigo Kazama
LOCATION: Metro Square
PREMISE: Trash My School? Trash Your City!

MATCH 3 ~ Karin Kanzuki VERSUS Kim Jae Hoon
LOCATION: The Roof of the Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal, Europe

MATCH 4 ~ Nanako Yanagimura VERSUS Frei Tsukitomi-Renard
LOCATION: Downtown (Outside Asahigakouen Elementary)
PREMISE: Cats Versus Bunnies, Part Deux

MATCH 5 ~ Blue Mary Ryan VERSUS Ash Crimson
LOCATION: Outside the Spasskaya Tower of Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

MATCH 6 ~ Sakura Kasugano AND Sean Matsuda VERSUS Seishirou Ryouhara AND Yuri Sakazaki
PREMISE: Playground Tactics

MAIN EVENT: Vega VERSUS Terry Bogard
PREMISE: A Battle of Wills

MAIN EVENT 2: Kain Heinlein VERSUS Jiro Kasagi AND Mimiru Kasagi
PREMISE: 'Dear Kain, LOL! Sincerely, Geese'
RESTRICTIONS: Kain must compose every third action, to avoid SAN loss

Enjoy. XD

I, uh, may have some difficulty with the @mails again -- that sort of stuff is turning out to be pretty time-consuming, unfortunately -- but I'll do my best to explain the important stuff, and the rest should generally be self-evident. But whatever the case, as always, do whatever seems most exciting with the material. Have fun!

SNF Results Week 10 - Thu Sep 14 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Kensou vs Adelheid ~ Did Not Happen
COMMENTS: Spurned! Adelheid Bernstein was a no-show for this fight, much to the shock and dismay of the SNF coordinator. Most surprising, however, was the response his agent gave when questioned about the young fighter's refusal to show himself: the Young Master, quote, 'refuses to waste his valuable time and energy on fighters who don't take their art seriously'. Apparently, Adelheid judges Sie Kensou, who once competed in King of Fighters, unworthy of a fight. Fans are shocked, but, of course, less shocked than they are eager to see how Kensou will respond.

MATCH 2 ~ Haggar vs Daigo in 'Trash My School? Trash Your City!'
WINNER: Draw Match
SNAPSNOT: Daigo, having been hurled mightily into the air after a fierce and powerful grapple attack, descends with fist ablaze, phoenix chi lighting up the faces of awed Metro City spectators.
COMMENTS: Having only seen Gedo High in the few SNF matches wherein sections of the dilapidated-looking school are being trashed, American fans of SNF are finding new respect for the hitherto little-known school. After all, if a schoolboy can match the strength of their famous wrasslin' mayor, what can the /teachers/ do?

MATCH 3 ~ Karin vs JaeHoon ~ Did Not Happen

MATCH 4 ~ Frei vs Nanako in 'Cats vs Bunnies, Part Deux'
WINNER: Frei Tsukitomi-Renard
COMMENTS: Bats are warm-blooded mammals, much like rabbits and cats. Unlike rabbits, they do not chew all the time to wear down their teeth. Unlike cats, they do not steal men's souls and make them their slaves.

MATCH 5 ~ BlueMary vs Ash ~ Did Not Happen

MATCH 6 ~ Sakura and Sean vs Seishirou and Yuri in 'Playground Tactics'
WINNER: Seishirou Ryouhara and Yuri Sakazaki
SNAPSHOT: A shot from behind of Sean's head snapping back as he gets hit in the face with one of his teammate's Hadoukens, with Sakura looking somewhat guilty in the background.
COMMENTS: Technically that Hadouken hit both of her opponents as well, and other images from different angles reveal that fact, but, I mean, come on. Can we really let her live down knocking out her own teammate?

MAIN EVENT ~ Vega vs Terry in 'A Battle of Wills'
COMMENTS: Nobody's quite sure what to make of this one, folks. The SNF fight coordinators were thinking they might have to label this one a Did Not Happen, but... Terry fell over in the end, so there /must/ have been a fight... right?

MAIN EVENT 2 ~ Kain vs Jiro and Mimiru in 'LOL!'
WINNER: Kain Heinlein
SNAPSHOT: First: in the background, a snarling Jiro lunging, fist blazing with chi, at an slightly bored-looking Kain; in the foreground, Mimiru shouting enthusiastically into the microphone she's just appropriated from the announcer and sweeping her hand out the audience. Second: in the background, Kain walking straight out of the arena, without even a glance back; in the foreground, Jiro kneeling weakly over his unconscious sister, his face hidden from the camera as he turns to watches Heinlein go.
COMMENTS: The lines between fantasy and reality are blurring as fans of SNF begin to wonder just how much of what they're seeing is planned out 'sports entertainment' and what's genuine -- and the clamor is rising for the Kasagi kids to be interviewed about the experiences leading up to their current perspectives. Because, I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to hear Mimiru interviewed about her opinions on her brother?

Hey folks. :D I apologize, but it may take me a little bit more to get this week's SNF fights coordinated. Some aspects of the tournament are going to be changing in ways that I hope you guys will find interesting, and to help SNF fulfill the new role it was meant to fulfill -- so I'm going to plan out a post to explain that as well. Got some important RL stuff to take care of tomorrow, but after that, I should have time, so. Until then... suspense! XD

SNF Matches: 09/14/06 - Thu Sep 14 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Sie Kensou VERSUS Carlos Miyamoto WITH Megumi Andou AND Mike Bison
LOCATION: Downtown
PREMISE: Calculated Confusion

MATCH 2 ~ Frei Tsukitomi-Renard AND Shinobu Ootsuka VERSUS Cammy White
LOCATION: Tarfala Valley, Sweden, Europe

MATCH 3 ~ Sean Matsuda AND Karin Kanzuki VERSUS Daigo Kazama
LOCATION: Gedo Courtyard
SPECIAL: Gedo Rules

MATCH 4 ~ Hinako Shijou AND Nanako Yanagimura VERSUS Kim Kap Hwan
LOCATION: Seonunsa Temple in North Jeolla Province, South Korea

MAIN EVENT ~ Mike Haggar VERSUS Rolento Schugerg
PREMISE: Mystery Opponents

Horray! I managed to pop in during my lunch break to throw this up in order to give you guys more time to plan out your schedules. XD I'll get in the @mails later tonight. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves. :D

Please read the post that follows.

SNF Week 11 Changes - Thu Sep 14 2006 - Gonzales
Some of you have probably noticed that you haven't been included this week. This is intentional and in no way personal. As always, these matchups are based purely on my whim and what I consider to be potentially entertaining, so no one should worry if they happen to have been excluded this time around.

SNF is undergoing a bit of a revision. Everybody's pleased that activity has been kicked up a notch -- bam! -- after the after lull, but with the growing swell of signups in SNF and a lack of comparative growth in other aspects of RPing, for my sake and for the sake of RP in general I've been advised to reduce the amount of people I allow to participate each

This is not in response to a genuine problem. It's to remind us all of our alternatives.

If you guys are interested in some unusual matchups that might otherwise be ICly inconceivable and thereby make some interesting stuff happen, sign up for SNF and Gonzo will hook you up. But if you're just looking for some 1v1 action or don't manage to get into SNF one week and still wanna fight it out-- well, remember the Neo League, guys? Cuz that's still around. XD Some of the complications that have been arising from SNF -- people not getting what they want, fights being delayed -- could be solved, I think, by designating a more obvious partition between the work of the League and the SNF. If some of you guys want to continue regularly signing up for SNF and just use the League as a fallback if you're free on the weekend, I'm down. But those of you who have found yourselves less comfortable with the randomness of my take on SNF may enjoy the greater control that the equally-official League affords you.

Noooow, I know that the League has been pretty quiet recently. Okay, so it's been really freaking quiet. XD But it's very easy to do something about that, and I've been making secret plans with some players to take advantage of the looser 1v1 setting the League allows for and spice things up a bit. On that note: if any of /you/ guys are /also/ excited by the potential and suddenly find yourself with some interesting ideas involving the League -- a new fighter issuing a League-wide challenge in order to make a name and fight to the top, a subplot that involves a series of League fights with the League as a tool to make fighters appear in public and deal with the protagonist -- send me a @mail. I'm stoked about whatever you guys have to say. I enjoy giving you guys the "little push" that is me setting up matches, but I more enjoy it when you take that and run with it, and I want to see you guys run with this. :D

In closing, I hope this new deliniation between the natures of SNF and the League makes sense to you guys, and I plan to add an IC element to this "competition" between the two tournaments too, starting with a Recent Headlines post later on (probably when I send those @mails). Beyond that, just enjoy yourselves! And, as Alma would say-- please, do your best!

SNF Results Week 11 - Mon Sep 18 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Kensou vs Carlos with Megumi and Bison in 'Calculated Confusion'
WINNER: Did Not Happen
COMMENTS: Shucks. u_u

MATCH 2 ~ Frei and Shinobu versus Cammy at Tarfala Valley, Sweden
WINNER: Frei Tsukitomi-Renard and Shinobu Ootsuka
SNAPSHOTS: A number of images of Cammy repeatedly evading the combined assaults of Frei and Shinobu, followed by a rather nice action shot of Frei bouncing Cammy off the ground with a powerful leaf-strewn throw, right into the waiting arms of his furiously punching teammate.
COMMENTS: Please don't slap the medics. They're only trying to help.

MATCH 3 ~ Sean and Karin vs Daigo with Gedo Rules
WINNER: Daigo Kazama
COMMENTS: When questioned about the fairness of distributing a great many points per KO when one fighter faces off against two, the Gedo student judges replied with some confused mumbling before punching the questioner into the ground. Still, any points Sean earned for his punning were lost when he called the surrounding students 'rogues'... and anyone who throws TVs in the faces of rich girls deserves some serious Gedo respect in any case.

MATCH 4 ~ Hinako and Nanako vs Kim at Seonunsa Temple, Korea
WINNERS: Hinako Shijou and Nanako Yanagimura
COMMENTS: Oof... poor Kim. Here, have a consolation Dog Burger. Seriously though, it looks as though the newly emerging Nanako is going to share in the fanbase Hinako has been developing; that is, a fan base composed primarily of those young girls who like streetfighting and a lot of creepy older men. ...Sorry, ladies.

MAIN EVENT ~ Haggar vs Rolento in 'Mystery Opponents'
WINNER: Mike Haggar
SNAPSHOTS: Repeated images of Rolento exploding Haggar with grenades; the crowd cheering as Haggar Giant Swings Rolento into oblivion; Haggar simply refusing to die even as he's garroted from the helicopter above; Rolento's dramatic helicopter escape. What, they took a lot of pictures. Who wouldn't?
    COMBATSYS: Haggar has reached second wind!
    [OOC] Haggar says, "WELCOME TO PARTY TIME"
    COMBATSYS: Haggar successfully hits Rolento with Giant Swing.
    [OOC] Haggar says, "PARTY TIME IS OVER"
What a man.

Great fights this week, you guys. XD I'm clearing signups now, and I encourage everybody to sign up: the more material I have to craft the sweetest fights I can, the better. I'd also like to thank everybody who has started using the League again; I have to admit, I was a little worried the shift would discourage people, and I'm glad to see you guys are taking
initiative. Way to go, folks.

A couple of things, though...

Important SNF Reminder! - Mon Sep 18 2006 - Gonzales

It really helps me to keep track of what's going on if you all @mail me the results of your fight and who has the log, even if the fight didn't happen. Actually, /especially/ if the fight didn't happen. Otherwise I have to interview you guys or search through your log lists for logs that may or may not exist so I can publish them and read them.


Do not just publish them, and do not just let them sit there. If it's not submitted, it's not official, and if it's not official, it's not SNF!


Otherwise Kobun will take quotes from my comments, and my comments are completely ridiculous, so you don't want that happening.

But all that aside... well done, everybody! As always, thanks for participating. Until next time, look forward to another exciting week of Saturday Night Fights! :D

SNF Matches: 09/21/06 - Thu Sep 21 2006 - Gonzales
This week's SNF lesson: it's not the size of your signup list... it's how you use it!

MATCH 1 ~ Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Nanako Yanagimura AND Mimiru Kasagi
LOCATION: Playpen, Dream Amusement Park
PREMISE: Short and Sweet

MATCH 2 ~ Mike Haggar AND Daigo Kazama
LOCATION: Television Studio, Business District
DEBATE TOPIC: Self-Defense on the Playground

MAIN EVENT ~ Two Set Simultaneous Mini-Tourney
SET ONE: Rolento Schugerg VERSUS Blue Mary Ryan
SET TWO: Sie Kensou VERSUS Megumi Andou
SPECIAL: First fighter to win their set gets a free use of compose, and begins the round against the winner of the next set

Hey, guys. XD What, did my post scare you away? I was just trying to encourage you do more league fighting and not expect 1-vs-1s from SNF anymore. Don't be shy, now!

No, in all seriousness, I'm very pleased with this match setup. I'll send out the @mails soon enough, but in the meantime, schedule away. :D


SNF Results Week 12 - (editorial note) - Kobun
There was originally no results post, but I'm adding this just for the record...

MATCH 1 ~ Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Nanako Yanagimura AND Mimiru Kasagi
WINNERS: Nanako and Mimiru

MATCH 2 ~ Mike Haggar AND Daigo Kazama ~ Did Not Happen

MAIN EVENT ~ Two Set Simultaneous Mini-Tourney
SET ONE: Draw between Rolento and Mary!
SET TWO: Draw between Kensou and Megumi!
COMMENTS: Confusing! :D

SNF Matches: 09/28/06 - Wed Sep 27 2006 - Gonzales
Aheheh. Hey folks, I'm sorry I wasn't able to do a results post, but currently the logs are in log limbo, and I'm probably going to destroy the world if I meddle around trying to grab them anymore. Big metal singing robots have no place jabbing their microphones into the fabric of the universe.

However, to reassure you all of my general competence, I have what I think is a pretty sweet and solid set of matchups for you all this week! I was able to make use of almost everybody, too. Hopefully each and every one of these will be inspiring and entertaining -- I'll have the @mails out as soon as possible. Enjoy!

MATCH 1 ~ Elle Belmonte AND Safiullah VERSUS Mimiru Kasagi AND Gabriel Kai
LOCATION: Village Mall
PREMISE: Damn Kids and Their Loud Fangirls

MATCH 2 ~ Alma Towazu VERSUS Rylee Ogden and Aislinn Doyle
LOCATION: Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Greece

MATCH 3 ~ Mike Bison VERSUS Shenwoo VERSUS K'
LOCATION: Business District
PREMISE: One on Whom?

MATCH 4 ~ Sean Matsuda AND Hinako Shijou VERSUS Ryuji Yamazaki
LOCATION: Park ~ PREMISE: A Hero's Pain
SPECIAL RULE: Yamazaki acts first and, initially, twice; a focus and an attack

MAIN EVENT ~ Cammy White AND Sakura Kasugano VERSUS Kain Heinlein AND Sie Kensou

Wooo, I'm looking forward to these. >:D

Oh, hey, and remember, dudes. When you @mail me, let me know who has the log so I can glance over it quickly just to get an idea of what happened. And if you /don't/ manage to do the fight, please @mail me anyway, so I know that's what happened -- and, preferably, why that happened.

Have fun, you guys! Good luck! :D

SNF Results Week 13 - (editorial note) - Kobun
Again, no results post was made here, so, catching up...

MATCH 1 ~ Elle Belmonte AND Safiullah VERSUS Mimiru Kasagi AND Gabriel Kai ~ Did Not Happen

MATCH 2 ~ Alma Towazu VERSUS Rylee Ogden and Aislinn Doyle ~ Did Not Happen

MATCH 3 ~ Mike Bison VERSUS Shenwoo VERSUS K'
WINNER: Shenwoo

MATCH 4 ~ Sean Matsuda AND Hinako Shijou VERSUS Ryuji Yamazaki
WINNER: Yamazaki

MAIN EVENT ~ Cammy White AND Sakura Kasugano VERSUS Kain Heinlein AND Sie Kensou
WINNERS: Kain and Kensou

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