SNF 2006.08 - August 2006 Summary!

Description: [OOC] Here is a collection for the SNF posts for August 2006.

SNF Matches: 08/02/06 - Wed Aug 2 2006 - Gonzales

Howard Enterprises' unconventional arena-placing tactics -- of suspicious legality despite assurances from the city that all was in order -- have been greatly successful in drawing the all-important 'casual fan' subset to their televisions in time to catch the Saturday Night Fights. Only so many people can be drawn to the arenas themselves, but those whose interest was captured when stumbling across the white and gold arenas set all over Southtown last weekend are now tuned to their TV sets on Saturday night, awaiting the newest set of matchups. By making fightsports more entertaining without reducing their legitimacy, SNF seems to be onto a good thing.
No longer are the arenas set in the midst of public places, however. Now that the people's attention has been drawn, Howard seems content to appeal directly to the fans again with familiar and exciting locales. Rumor has it that plans are being drawn up for more consistent international tours, but there is no word yet on the success of this. In the meantime, it looks as though Japan is going to see some more action! So go for broke, street fighters!

MATCH 1 -- Foxy VERSUS Alma Towazu
LOCATION: Seiyjun Theater
PREMISE: Seiyjun Rules**

MATCH 2 -- Kain Heinlein VERSUS Saishu Kusanagi
PREMISE: Gedo Rules**

MATCH 3 -- Hinako Shijou VERSUS Yuri Sakazaki
LOCATION: Taiyo Dome
PREMISE: Fight Sporting

MATCH 4 -- Edmund Honda VERSUS Leona Heidern
PREMISE: Warehouse Rumble

MATCH 5 -- Megumi Andou VERSUS Krizalid
PREMISE: Tokyo Tower Throwdown

MAIN EVENT: Kula Diamond and Aislinn Doyle VERSUS Terry Bogard
LOCATION: Howard Arena
PREMISE: Safe Zone Striking**

Again, I'll be sending @mails out, and the ones with stars have special combat conditions. The 'rulesets' are making a comeback, as you can see -- there may be more as the battles continue. Alright! Good luck, everyone!

SNF Results Week 5 - Mon Aug 7 2006 - Gonzales
Well, unfortunately, for a variety of generally legitimate reasons, half of this week's matches did not end up happening. The ones that did happen went off quite well, if I may say so myself, but hopefully we won't have a repeat occurance of this week anytime soon. I know a lot of you had genuine unprecendented difficulties, so I don't really feel I ought to say anything about it; just remember to try and schedule your matches as soon as possible, as I think the window you're being given is pretty decent. And... if you're going to sign up for SNF, try to log on at least once during the weekend, you know? :|
This Monday I introduce my new results special feature -- which I had planned beforehand and has not been ushered in because I suddenly have more room, honestly -- the Snapshot! Supplementing my usual snappy admin comment will occasionally be an iconic image or two from the bout, either to sum up how things went or just to show off a particularly spectacular moment. Enjoy!

MATCH 1 ~ Foxy VERSUS Alma Towazu BY Seiyjun Rules
SNAPSHOT: Adorning this week's SNF Highlights Reel is a beautifully shot phot of an unconscious Alma, angelic features in repose and shallow cuts criss-crossing his bared chest, lying on the floor of the theater with his head resting in the lap of a seated but equally unconscious Foxy, her hand resting in the young man's hair in a position of what looks like motherly affection and approval. Amusingly, another image from just a couple minutes later follows: in the foreground, Alma, seated on the edge of the stage and looking a little worried and overwhelmed as a trio of rather overeager high school girls try to attend to his wounds; in the background, standing by the curtains on the stage, a weary but smiling Foxy apparently explaining something to a couple attentive and more studious-looking girls.
COMMENTS: Though the fight was a draw, admiring Seijyun judges declared that Foxy fought with superior technique and thus deserved the victory by their school's rules, even as they praised both fighters on their grace, skill, and above all, appropriate conduct. "Let these two fighters be an example to all others," proclaimed the head judge, Miss Maya Serizawa, with uncharacteristic emotion. "They fought with honor, and their true spirits were clearly the sources of their superior talents." It is said that the judges considered reprimanding Alma for taking off his shirt, but it was eventually decided that the clothing hindered him after Foxy tore it to shreds, and that he therefore acted strategically.

MATCH 2 ~ Kain Heinlein VERSUS Saishu Kusanagi BY Gedo Rules
WINNER: Kain Heinlein
SNAPSHOT: An image of the Gedo Dojo undergoing reconstruction by an SNF-funded construction team after the floor, one of the walls, and a great deal of the ceiling was completely destroyed by the attacks Kain and Saishu traded. In the background of the photo, rather shaken Gedo students can be seen quietly conferring, appearing unusually tame.
COMMENTS: The Fightsport Division of Howard Enterprises issued an official reprimand to the two legendary fighters who participated in this high-rated match. Quote: "When you were told to destroy objects during the course of the fight, we were not referring to the buildling." Saishu and Kain are both having their pay docked for this fight in order to pay for the construction, but curiously, they are also wholeheartedly invited to fight again. It is presumed doubtful that Mr. Heinlein cares much about the money he won't be receiving, and Mr. Kusanagi was quoted as saying, "As long as those young rascals learned their lessons, I'm happy." Few Gedo students were available for comment about the fight, though one told reporters before stalking away: "They're crazy, man. They're /crazy/."

MATCH 3 ~ Hinako Shijou VERSUS Yuri Sakazaki IN 'Fight Sporting'
SNAPSHOT: A photo, shot between the ropes that surround the white-gold SNF arena, depicts the two young ladies unconscious, Hinako lying collasped on top of a face-up Yuri. In the background, Taiyo students are cheering wildly; an image normally incongruent with a draw. Maybe they're just cheering the fanservice?
COMMENTS: Well, while the fanservice was a plus, it appears the timing of the match and the fighters who took part in it made an excellent recipe for fun. The two spirited girls fought before a spirited audience who had already gathered to watch the culmination of Taiyo's summer athletics competition, and the result was an experience enjoyed by parent and child alike. Even the ever-elusive 'soccer mom' demographic appear to have enjoyed themselves, although one woman was heard to comment, 'Honestly, doesn't that Shijou girl own any pants?'

Thanks for the great scenes, everybody. XD And special thanks to E.Honda and Blue Mary for doing a follow-up social scene from their fight! That's what I like to see, you guys, way to be. Well, signups are cleared! Prepare for new shocking intrigue and explosive battles in the next... Saturday Night Fights!!

SNF Matches: 08/09/06 - Thu Aug 10 2006 - Gonzales
As I'm currently preoccupied by studying for finals, I won't have time to send the stage specifics over @mail until later on Thursday. Still, since I managed to get all the matches planned out, I thought I might as well share them now, so that you guys can at least have more time to work out scheduling and whatnot. XD Okay, here we go!

MATCH 1 -- Aislinn Doyle and Dr. Tran VERSUS Mimiru Kasagi and Yuri Sakazaki
LOCATION: Downtown
PREMISE: Utter Chaos

MATCH 2 -- Adelheid Bernstein VERSUS Duo Lon
LOCATION: Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral, Macau, China

MATCH 3 -- Jiro Kasagi VERSUS Sean Matsuda
LOCATION: Chinatown
PREMISE: Rush Hour

MATCH 4 -- Karin Kanzuki VERSUS Hinako Shijou
LOCATION: Business District
PREMISE: Action Shot

MATCH 5 -- Saishu Kusanagi VERSUS Takuma Sakazaki
LOCATION: Holy Mary Bullring, Bogota, Colombia

MAIN EVENT -- Blue Mary and Alma Towazu VERSUS Kain Heinlein
PREMISE: Shut Up And Fight

That's all for now. :D

SNF Results Week 6 - Wed Aug 16 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Aislinn/Tran vs Mimiru/Yuri in 'Utter Chaos'
WINNER: Gonzales
SNAPSHOT: One picture says a thousand words for this matchup: a simple image of the entire arena collapsed in on itself, reduced to splinters and rubble.
COMMENTS: So, it was actually a draw, but this match was so exciting that I decided to award myself the win for setting it up. Read the log, and I think you'll agree. Needless to say, it devolved into a free-for-all that ended in so many AoE supers that the arena itself couldn't take it. Sports entertainment at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

MATCH 2 ~ Adelheid vs Duolon at St. Paul's Cathedral, Macau
WINNER: Adelheid

MATCH 3 ~ Jiro vs Sean in 'Rush Hour'
SNAPSHOT: Jiro, leaping off a speeding car, clotheslining Sean in the throat.
COMMENTS: Poor Sean.

MATCH 4 ~ Karin vs Hinako in 'Action Shot'
SNAPSHOTS: Numerous.
COMMENTS: Needless to say, the apprentice director left in charge of this assignment will not be allowed behind another camera any time soon. Georgio Bizarri, head of Studio Georgio, issued a formal apology, firmly denying that he had any knowledge that said director was a proresu fan. Despite all this, however, the pictures that were taken are actually pretty good... if you like to see attractive blondes punching each other in the face. Hey, who am I to judge.

MATCH 5 ~ Saishu vs Takuma at the Holy Mary Bullring, Bogota
WINNER: Saishu

MAIN EVENT ~ BlueMary and Alma vs Kain in 'Shut Up And Fight!'
SNAPSHOTS: First, an already unconscious Alma being entirely flung out of the arena by an overwhelming and indescriminate bombartment of chi. Second, an already unconscious Kain being ferociously speared to the ground by a raging Blue Mary. Third... everybody unconscious.
COMMENTS: Alma did not, in fact, shut up. It took him a while to fall down, too.

Sorry these are rushed and sorry they were so long in coming, you guys -- it's just been a pretty crazy week, and I'm tryin' to make sure I get this week's fights up in time. XD Seriously though, thanks for everybody participating. It was definitely a solid week, and it looks like we've got another very solid week up ahead of us!

SNF Matches: 08/16/06 - Thu Aug 17 2006 - Gonzales

Saturday Night Fights is in full swing now, boys and girls. The teams and rivalries that have been sprouting up due to SNF's influence have caused a surge in popularity for individual fighters previously overlooked by audiences at large. While Howard Enterprises' Fightsports Division still makes sure to utilize the extensive database at their disposal that allows them to match fighters to others of their general power level, aiming for generally fair fights, the emphasis on performance seems to be bringing new stars to light. It is hoped that these relationships and intrigues will continue to grow and develop as these up-and-coming warriors are taken all over the world and paired up in unusual and exciting circumstances. Get ready, fighters! It's time for a new week of madness and mayhem with SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

MATCH 1 -- Sean Matsuda VERSUS Dr. Richard Tran
PREMISE: Fighters On A Plane

MATCH 2 -- Alma Towazu VERSUS Jiro Kasagi
LOCATION: Shanghai Sports Bar
PREMISE: Bar Brawl

MATCH 3 -- Foxy Arreaza and Mimiru Kasagi VERSUS Mike Bison
LOCATION: Namdaemun Gate, Seoul, South Korea

MATCH 4 -- Hinako Shijou and Yuri Sakazaki VERSUS Krizalid
LOCATION: Goksu Park, Ankara, Turkey

MAIN EVENT 1 -- Aislinn Doyle and Kula Diamond VERSUS Terry Bogard
SPECIAL RULES: Safe Zone Striking (we're trying it again folks)

MAIN EVENT 2 -- Sakura Kasugano and Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Kain Heinlein
PREMISE: Field Experience

I'll send out the @mails soon enough... I'll try to hit them up Thursday evening. :D Until then: remember, the main events take place in Howard Arena, and SNF is trying to cultivate interesting relationships between fighters. Do your best to make a, er, lasting impression upon your allies and opponents. XD Good luck, fighters! Have fun!

SNF Results Week 7 - Mon Aug 21 2006 - Gonzales
MATCH 1 ~ Sean vs Tran in 'Fighters on a Plane'
WINNER: "Shane Mitsubishi"
SNAPSHOT: A photograph of Samuel L. Jackson in his house, watching the fight on the television, and laughing.
COMMENTS: No animals were harmed in the filming of this fight -- unless you count Tran. While this was probably the most profitable flight delay in the history of airlines, those businesspeople who missed their meetings were only partially mollified by the on-board entertainment. Still, no one can /prove/ Howard Enterprises arranged this.

MATCH 2 ~ Alma vs Jiro in 'Bar Brawl'
WINNER: Jiro Kasagi
SNAPSHOT: A frozen image of Jiro and Alma meeting in midair, a wild clash of arms and legs and trailing plumes of energy. Around them, the partially dismantled Shanghai Sports Bar and a great many unconscious patrons.
COMMENTS: Better run to the ice cream store fast, boys -- Chen isn't going to be too happy when he hears about this. Still, props to the Stray Dog for his stunning comeback. Thanks to the intensity of their clashes up to this point, SNF fans are beginning to clamor for the story behind the two boys' strange rivalry/friendship.

MATCH 3 ~ Foxy and Mimiru vs M.Bison at Namdaemun Gate
Did Not Happen

MATCH 4 ~ Hinako and Yuri vs Krizalid at Goksu Park
WINNER: Krizalid
COMMENTS: At the behest of complaints heard from the victorious fighter of this match, Howard Enterprise's Fightsports Division made some firm requests of the Turkish Park Service, but the Turkish spokesperson denies that it is, in fact, possible for them to air-condition the entire park.

MAIN EVENT 1 ~ Aislinn and Kula vs Terry with Safe Zone Striking
Did Not Happen

MAIN EVENT 2 ~ Sakura and Frei vs Kain in 'Field Experience'
WINNER: Kain Heinlein
SNAPSHOT: First: a photo of Sakura striding onto the arena looking quite adorable and lacking in color coordination in a yellow fireman's jacket and, er, her usual blue skirt. Second: "CHAOTIC HADOU!"
[ kobun adds: She didn't wear her skirt! Read the log! ]
COMMENTS: The most colorful endurance match in SNF history, with Kain spending more the half the fight clinging to consciousness. As a related sidenote: it's rumored that SNF officials are considering approaching Frei for sponsorship of a series of colorful candies based on his special attacks. The code name for the project is 'Fucandy Reikai'.

Well, I'm taking this week off to chill out a little bit, folks, but Valkyrie is back, so look forward to a fresh brand of creativity. XD As for me... whew. School starts next week, and I'm still in an after-school slump! Gotta finish making my apartment home sweet home, too. Wish me luck, everybody!

SNF Matches: 08/26/06 - Thu Aug 24 2006 Valkyrie
No special rules this week, all fights based in various locations around Southtown.

MATCH 1 : Sean Matsuda vs. Aislinn Doyle vs. Yuri Sakazaki
LOCATION : Bear Pit, Southtown Zoo
SPECIAL : Guest appearance by Rocky Kalishnakov the Bear (in trademark singlet and mohican)

MATCH 2 : Sie Kensou vs. Duolon
LOCATION : The chaotic rooftops of Chinatown

MATCH 3 : Kula Diamond vs. Adelheid Bernstein
LOCATION : Hall of Mirrors, Dream Amusement Park

MATCH 4 : Krizalid vs. Shenwoo
LOCATION : Howard Arena

MAIN EVT : Chizuru Kagura & Mimiru Kasagi vs. Takuma Sakazaki & Kai Gabriel
LOCATION : The Shrine by Moonlight

Apologies for the slight delay - have fun!

SNF Results Week 8 - Mon Sep 4 2006 - Valkyrie
Delays again, like you're not used to it by now. XD
Here we go...

MATCH 1 : Sean vs. Aislinn vs. Yuri
WINNER : Aislinn Doyle
SNAPSHOT : Yuri leap-frog-launching Sean toward Rocky Kalashnikov's dark, forbidding cave.
COMMENTS : Bonus marks to Sean for once more being way too entertaining... for his own good! Howard Enterprises officially (though not publically) issue an apology to the zoo and Mr. Matsuda's family in a bid to avoid forthcoming lawsuits. Rocky himself has since made his feelings known to a group of visitors, recorded as saying, "Grrr, grrrr. GRRARRR!" (Trans: Boy weak, but brave. Should train under great Zangief to become strong!)

MATCH 2 : Sie Kensou vs. Duolon
WINNER : Duolon
SNAPSHOT : A blurred image of Duo triangle-jumping from wall to wall, ninja-style.
COMMENTS : Extreme stuff. Good job, guys! With relatively little property damage and plenty of high impact action, it can be assumed bookers will consider this location for future sanctioned matches.

MATCH 3 : Kula vs. Adelheid
WINNER : Kula Diamond
SNAPSHOT : A dramatic, enhanced colour shot of the Bernstein heir calmly turning a wave of oncoming chi against his opponent. Frost laces the air, and cracks the already distorted mirrors.
COMMENTS : Kula may have won by a fair margin, but this fight had its fair share of uber moments. Special mention goes to the ending, which was both endearingly sweet and socially interesting - folks should take this as an example! Any social RP logged following or preceding the match will generally be included on the show. This is sports entertainment, not heartless tournament battle. Also, true gentlemen always spring for ice cream.

MATCH 4 : Krizalid vs. Shenwoo
WINNER : Krizalid
SNAPSHOT : Two shots laid next to one another; the first showing Shenwoo carried high by Krizalid's Rising Darkmoon uppercut, the other a similarly brutal return with the 'God of Battle' hammering Kriz with his popular Zetsu! Gekiken.
COMMENTS : A straightforward, but nonetheless awesome fight. Both fighters are attracting quite the following among SNF viewers for their skill and brutality in the ring - ego boosts could potentially come in the form of merchandising deals, if they so desired. (Looking at you, Shen. n.-)

MAIN EVT : Chizuru & Mimiru vs. Takuma & Gabriel
WINNER : Takuma Sakazaki & Kai Gabriel
SNAPSHOT : Mimiru boldly braining Takuma with her ceremonial priestess rod.
COMMENTS : Choosing a snapshot for this one was /hard/ y'all, but we've gone for another lighthearted one to bring balance to the Force - there's only so many speed lines one results post can take! Nice fight. Seems our history of large matches absolutely failing to happen has been on the up recently, so thanks to all involved. And... do I smell a rivalry brewing between the littlest Kasagi and grizzled ol' man Sakazaki? Vicious!
COMMENTS2: On a less merry note, we received an empty log submission for this one, and though I managed to track the correct file down manually it remains unsubmitted. Please remember to submit these in good time. It not only helps us and provides great reading material for the website, but any match not properly submitted will not count toward your tally in +bio! If anyone is still unaware, all OOC spam is automatically removed these days so editing should be a breeze, if even necessary at all.

Belated thanks for a good week. All the matches /actually took place/ - see what happens when I don't sign any of my characters up? And most of you even remembered to @mail me with the results, which I forgot to explicitly state. Anyway. I recommend anyone who hasn't yet done so take a peek at the recent SNF logs, we're pushing out quality stuff here. Those still hesitating on involving their characters in these matches? Quit procrastinating (like I can talk) and do it!

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