SNF 2006.07 - July 2006 Summary!

Description: [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for July 2006.

SNF: The Official Notes - Mon Jul 3 2006 - Valkyrie
Yes. Ladies, gentlemen and wild ones of all ages... SNF is officially back on!

Many things will be as many of you remember, but we've decided to make a few changes both to the format and the administration. The following is relevant to all who wish to be involved; even and especially those new to the Saturday Night Fight phenomenon.



Previously, the friendly organiser would pop up on a Saturday night and throw together matches based on whoever was immediately available. This worked reasonably well, given what was expected to occur, the only real disadvantage being that certain people might miss out due to a few minutes' delay on logging into the MU*. Our new method of signups works around this and also increases the timespan both for getting involved and staging the event.

Each Sunday, we'll clear the Signup Machine for use. Players will have until the Tuesday to throw their names into the hat and become part of that week's event. Wednesday we'll have the matches announced and these can be fought as soon as desired - the deadline being, sensibly enough, noon on Sunday. Plenty of time for those under tight constraints.


The announcement of SNF results has varied between handlers. In its most recent (and arguably most successful) incarnation these were posted within a few days, in simple list form. This will be changed drastically. All logs should be submitted by players as has become standard, but in addition to these logs being filed on the website and left for leisurely viewing we will also be formatting them into a long, single document. A coherent 'show'. This file will be assembled by one or more friendly staffers, all shiny and wonderfully edited, then posted during the week for player enjoyment.

To aid the development of SNF in this manner, we will slowly introduce events that may not even directly incorporate fighting. Interviews, arranged meetings, and other juicy tidbits await - we hope to toss out a few interesting surprises here. Expect fleshed-out storylines and long-running feuds to make these unusual segments, and the show itself, all the more intriguing!


When writing up the SNF show each week, staff will be removing all meters and CSYS alerts. This is for several reasons, but primarily to make the narrative flow as desired. We therefore ask that players take special care to ensure their poses make sense without any such aid to understanding. This should be commonplace anyway, but /please/ be very aware.


And that wraps up the official notes on G's wondrous introductory post. The signup machine is now open for this week's combatants, and the first matches will be announced on good ol' Board 18 in a couple of days. Let's get to it!
SNF Matches: 07/08/06 - Thu Jul 6 2006 - Valkyrie
A little belatedly, here are the matches for the Saturday Night Fight relaunch! Where an arena is not explicitly stated, participants are encouraged to use their own initiative and imagination.

3-Way: Chae Lim vs. Sie Kensou vs. Noriko Asakaze

Seijyun Rules: Jiro Kasagi vs. Aislinn Doyle
-- To take place in SEIJYUN THEATER
-- School-defined rulings
-- Details @mailed to participants

Gedo Rules: Sakura Kasugano vs. Shingo Yabuki
-- To take place in GEDO DOJO
-- School-defined rulings
-- Details @mailed to participants

Standard: Megumi Andou vs. Shen Woo
-- To take place in HOWARD ARENA

1 v 2 Simultaneous: Kain Heinlein vs. Ash Crimson & Frei Tsukitomi-Renard

All matches to be completed by 12pm EST on Sunday, the 9th of July. Please @mail results to Valkyrie. Have fun!

SNF Signups - Sun Jul 9 2006 - Valkyrie
Anyone wishing to participate in next week's SNF can go ahead and sign up! Slight delay on the results postings for this week, as a couple of matches have experienced scheduling problems. Should be up by midweek, around the time I announce this week's matches. If you have doubts on signing up before seeing the results/write-up for yesterday, feel free to page me with any concerns! Thanks, peeps.

SNF Week 1 Results - Thu Jul 13 2006 - Gonzales
Sorry for the delay on these, everyone. Unfortunately, it may be a little while before we can get the logs consolidated into a readable mass as was planned -- everyone's schedules are a little hectic -- but in the meantime, SNF will keep moving. A note on that afterward, that I will ask you all to read: but before that, with no further ado, the results!

MATCH 1 ~ Standard 3-Way ~ Chae Lim vs Kensou vs Noriko
Did Not Happen

MATCH 2 ~ Seijyun Rules: Jiro vs Aislinn
Winner-- Jiro Kasagi
Startlingly, the Seijyun judges voted *unanimously* to give the Stray Dog the victory, impressed -- and apparently surprised -- at the lack of foul play on his part. Aislinn, on the other hand, received a rather frosty reception; what points she might have been awarded were lost when she used the scenery and wrecked some stage equipment. The head judge, Miss Maya Serizawa, reported that she was "aghast" at this display, commenting, "I've never seen such a girl before, one apparently lacking in even an intuitive understanding of refinement. Why, it's almost inhuman!" The audience enjoyed themselves, but the judges were unamused.

MATCH 3 ~ Gedo Rules: Sakura vs Shingo
Winner-- Sakura Kasugano
The Gedo judges were locked in debate for some time about this, having been informed that a draw would not be acceptable under the ruleset they were working under, but the final point tally came up to 16 against 15, with Sakura just barely achieving victory. Though Shingo gained small amounts of points consistently throughout the match, Sakura evened it up by being awarded larger point totals for her actions, if more infrequently. The audience themselves were riotously split on who should have won, but in the end... maybe it just came down to the skirt.

MATCH 4 ~ Standard Rules: Megumi vs Shen Woo
Winner-- Shenwoo

MATCH 5 (MAIN EVENT) ~ Standard 1v2: Kain vs Ash & Frei
Did Not Happen

Everybody's pretty busy these days; all of us, and it's understandible. We all have a lot going on. I mean, that's why this is late, and why this week's assignments are a little late too. But time delays are one thing. We can afford to wait, and heck, if you /really/ need extra time, like an extra day or something to schedule your match, that's fine, as long as you let us know, and as long as you /have/ a definite schedule.

But we, the admin, are trying something completely new with this SNF -- trying to chain together logs into a coherent story, interspersing them and so forth -- and to do that, we need your cooperation. Thus this firm request: if you sign up for SNF, /make sure you're able to be around for it/. We had /two/ missed matches this week. That means the material we have isn't enough for what we planned on doing, and while this isn't an insurmountable problem, I want to stress the point all the same. You guys aren't just doing individual fights anymore. You're going to be contributing to the work of people who you aren't even actively scening with. This new version of SNF is, even moreso than standard online RP, a team effort. So please be a team player, and commit yourselves to your RPing when you volunteer for SNF.

Thank you. XD

Soon to come: next week's SNF matches! Prepare yourselves!

SNF Matches: 07/13/06 - Thu Jul 13 2006 - Gonzales

With the local preliminary matches of SNF's opening rounds finished -- and apparently satisfied with the intensity of the crowd's reactions -- Geese Howard has continued the opening rounds of his ambitious new tournament by scattering the matches all over the world, garnering yet more international attention. Though the school rulesets were received well, the CEO of Howard Enterprises is holding back from any special demands in this round of fighting. Commented Howard: "In the International Battles, it will be a fighter's ability to make use of his or her environment that will be tested to its utmost."

MATCH 1 ~ 1v2 ~ Mountainous Terrain
Fighters: Kain Heinlein VERSUS Megumi Andou and Sie Kensou
Location: Mount Tai, Shandong Province, China

MATCH 2 ~ 1v2 ~ Icy Terrain
Fighters: Takuma Sakazaki VERSUS Kula Diamond and Mimiru Kasagi
Location: Ice Cave, Siberia, Russia XD

MATCH 3 ~ 3-Way Free For All ~ Canal City
Fighters: Sakura Kasugano VERSUS Karin Kanzuki VERSUS Jiro Kasagi
Location: Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

MATCH 4 ~ 1v1 ~ Sandy Terrain
Fighters: Hinako Shijou VERSUS Sean Matsuda
Location: Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil (welcome back Sean)

That should do it! And now you all know what happens when I get put in charge of things. You... get pretty pictures. Well, I'll @mail each of you individually with notes on the terrain, but mainly, just get creative!

Oh yeah. And because of my lateness, I'm extending the duration a day. You guys have until noon of Monday the 17th to get your fights organized and going. Let me know as soon as possible if there are any difficulties, and I'll try to get it organized. :D Now go for broke!

SNF Week 2 Results - Tue Jul 18 2006 - Gonzales

Alright! Big props to everyone who signed up this time, because not only did all our matches go through, everybody finished a day ahead of schedule! Sheesh! Guess it's time for me to print up my closing notes, crumple them into a little ball and eat 'em, eh? XD Well done, everyone!

In any case, signups will continue until Wednesday, at which point we'll have some new matchups for you. Howard Enterprises is going for one more set of International Matches to garner some more attention -- by which I mean I'm getting a really big kick out of seeing how you guys utilize the environment -- but I'm planning on bringing it home again after that; we'll see how it goes. I'm afraid the compilation stuff will have to wait for a bit, but in the meantime, enjoy your results:

MATCH 1 ~ Kain vs Megumi and Kensou on Mountainous Terrain
Winner: Kain Heinlein
Running a foreign privately-owned television show in China is never easy; running one where world-class fighters duke it out on Mount Tai has to be especially precarious. But it looks like Howard Enterprises and the Chinese government have some sort of deal cooked up, for representives of H.E. announced today that a series of matches will be taking place all over the large Asian nation; so don't throw away those Chinese-styled costumes yet, everybody. ...Well, except maybe yours, Kensou.

MATCH 2 ~ Takuma vs Kula and Mimiru on Icy Terrain
Winners: The Little Ladies
Truly an intense, highly-charged match; commendations have been issued to the venerable warrior and his teenaged opponents on their use of their unique icy environment. As a sidenote, it appears Mimiru Kasagi has begun to develop into a fan favorite amongst the younger population for her... unorthodox tactics. Geese Howard, for his part, seems to be neither ruling for or against fanny-slapping as an opening attack, so... you may use your discretion.

MATCH 3 ~ Sakura vs Karin vs Jiro in a Canal City
Winner: Karin Kanzuki
Fortunately for the Stray Dog, the man he kicked into the river never did find out who hit him.

MATCH 4 ~ Hinako vs Sean on Sandy Terrain
Winner: Hinako Shijou
It's said that though the composed Geese Howard rarely laughs in front of his less trusted subordinates, he laughed openly at the conclusion of this match. Hinako was, of course, awarded the win with his compliments, but rumor has it Sean was sent a private note encouraging him to perservere. If this is true, the message is clear: when Hinako Shijou's swimsuit gets ripped, everyone's a winner.

SNF Matches: 7/18/06 - Tue Jul 18 2006 - Gonzales

Out of personal preference and the desire to make unusual matchups happen in this version of SNF, I am trying to shy away from simple 1v1s and go for some, er, more intense stuff. XD As a consequence, I realize that some of you may have difficulty scheduling. If you find there's simply no way you all can make it on at the same time, please @mail me as soon as possible, preferably with some kind of alternate proposal if one avails itself, and I'll change it to suit your needs. Here's hoping that's not necessary, and that you all can go for broke!

And now, with no further ado, your matchups! Brave or grave!

MATCH 1 ~ 2v2 Active Tag Tactics (A.T.T.) ~ Valley Terrain
Fighters: Aislinn Doyle and Alma Towazu VERSUS Frei Tsukitomi-Renard and Jiro Kasagi
Location: Silent Valley, Northern Ireland, U.K.

MATCH 2 ~ Royal Rumble (Four-Way Free For All) ~ Urban Terrain
Fighters: Blue Mary VERSUS Duck King VERSUS Megumi Andou VERSUS Sean Matsuda
Location: Khan al-Khalili Market, Cairo, Egypt

MATCH 3 ~ 2v2 Simultaneous ~ Island Terrain
Fighters: Shen Woo and Kula Diamond VERSUS Kain Heinlein and Sakura Kasugano
Location: Goat Island at Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada

MATCH 4 ~ 1v2 Simultaneous ~ Sacred Terrain
Fighters: "Guardian Angel" VERSUS Sie Kensou and Shingo Yabuki
Location: Top Floor of the Temple of The Six Banyan Trees, Canton, China

That's right, folks! Not only do we have some pretty nuts terrain types for you this week (the @mails will be out shortly), we've got a secret fighter /and/ a new battle type, courtesy of yours truly (which means that all blame falls on me)! A.T.T. will be explained in my following post. For the rest of you -- good luck!

Active Tag Tactics - Tue Jul 18 2006 - Gonzales
Alright, here's what I've been thinking. Back in the days when we just had Rest, tag matches had to be limited to prevent people from hopping in and out of battle indiscriminately, and there wasn't so much strategic reason for doing so as it was generally assumed you just spent your action and chilled out while your ally fought. Now, my plan may simply not work well -- which is why, as you have probably seen, I'm putting one of my characters in the first A.T.T. fight -- but I'm thinking that I can take advantage of our new Compose system to make an interesting new strategic for battling it out. This isn't meant to replace the old ways of doing tag matches; in fact, fighting this way would seem improbable if, say, the fighters were in a ring with their allies on the ropes outside. But given an open space and a focused battle, I'm thinking this may be a cool way to work it out.

First off: there is NO LIMIT on how many times you may tag in and out. Heck, you can do it every time it's your turn, if you like; just keep on switching. There are two major aspects of this battle system that make this interesting.

1) TAG BURN -- Every time you tag out, you MUST use Compose, right off the bat. However, after you do so, your ally gets to act immediately! Oh snap! Once you are out, all you get to do is Pass when your next turn comes up (assuming you aren't leaping right back in), and then nothing. The idea is that composing yourself any further is unfeasible when you're waiting for your next opportunity to leap right back in.

This has some obvious consequences. First, you can't tag out if you don't have any super. Second, you're going to keep recovering every time you /do/ tag out. And, well, you can probably drag the fight out for a while that way, and play for time... if you never want to be able to get a super off, while your opponents hammer at you and your pal.

2) INTERCEPTION -- Now here's where the 'fast pace' I'm trying to emulate really kicks into gear. Specifically, consistent use of the Transfer command between you and your ally is going to be allowed. In this way, you can make use of the varying strengths of you and your ally by trying to minimize the damage you take. Furthermore, Transfers followed by interrupts, Counters, and Reflects are totally feasible too. For now, though, let people know OOCly when you're going to do so, and pay close attention to how that attack is posed. Basically, only do what would ICly make sense; if you really stick to that, I think there's a lot of potential for sweet moments.


a) Transfer attack to Ally
b) Use Compose immediately
c) Ally attempts reaction
d) Coordinate poses for maximum dramatic effect
e) Ally's turn if reaction wasn't interrupt, else Opp.'s Turn

I think that conceivably one can even Dodge as an interception, if say the interceptor tackled his teammate out of the way of the attack or some such, but sensible opportunities for that are probably going to be rare. As always, use discretion.

Most importantly, no one is allowed to tag out after using Charging. Not only does that not really make sense at all, it would be hella cheap. XD You're also not allowed to Compose unless you're tagging out. This is to prevent Composing followed by a second Compose during a tag-out, as well as keeping the battles, well, Active. And there's no Resting at all, because I mean, come on.

Anyway, that's it. These rules are totally flexible at the moment; I just really wanted to try this out to see if it's as intense and awesome as I envision it could be. If anyone sees any serious problems, feel free to page or @mail me. If anyone can think of a sweet way to involve the Assist command in this system, please tell me, because I couldn't think of one. Okay!!

SNF Week 3 Results - Mon Jul 24 2006 - Gonzales

Hey folks: today was more intense for me than I foresaw, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to keep it short this time, and save the other post I was planning on making for tomorrow. In any case, signups for the next SNF are now clear, so go for broke. :D

MATCH 1 ~ Aislinn/Alma vs Frei/Jiro
Winners: Aislinn and Alma
A.T.T. went pretty well, all things considered. I may have a note or two I'd want to make, but I'll save that for the post I plan on making next time.

MATCH 2 ~ BlueMary vs Megumi
Winner: Megumi
...I'm sorry it ended up like this, you guys. I was really hoping for the four-way, myself. Please, everybody-- if you sign up for SNF, send a @mail to your compatriots as soon as possible to make /sure/ you're all able to conceivably be on at the same time, because if you're not, I'll totally switch things around. It's no good when people suddenly find that they won't be able to participate, and of course, it totally restructures the match in unintended ways.

MATCH 3 ~ Shenwoo/Kula vs Kain/Sakura
Winners: Kain and Sakura
Wooooh, way to go, you guys. XD I've gotta say, this is definitely the kind of fight I'm looking for when it comes to 'compilation material': intense, highly detailed, and environment-focused. A congratulations to all of you involved.

MATCH ~ Did Not Happen
The "Guardian Angel" remains in Heaven... /for now/.

Like I said, I'm afraid this week's special announcements will have to wait until tomorrow or somethin', but you're all free to sign up now that the board is cleared. We'll be transitioning out of the International Battles -- though they'll pop up on occasion, naturally -- so get ready for some true new-school SNF action! You can't give it up! :D

I just want to say thank you to everybody to make the effort to partake in these ambitiously large matches. I was very pleased with how the two large matches turned out, though I take responsibility for the breakdown of the second match... quite an amalgam of very different fighters, so I probably pushed too hard there. >:D Next week will be on a smaller scale to start out; but in the future, remember, I'll be checking my @mail fairly frequently. Thus, please contact your fellow fighters /as soon as possible/, because if there's a problem, I'll totally work it out for you. I'm busy, but not so busy that I can't take care of something like that. Now...

*** A.T.T. NOTES ***
I expected to have to write more for this, but actually, the match went rather smoothly, and I think the constant tagging helped to keep everyone engaged. It seems as though people won't be too inclined to drag out matches by tagging all the time, but the focus on intercepting kept the ball moving in a way that I really liked. Because of this, I'm going to say that people who tag out aren't allowed to do *anything* after they Compose -- not even Pass -- if for no other reason than that pose order gets complicated and it slows the fight down. Plus, you don't get your block penalty totally taken away, which kinda makes sense given you aren't allowed to Compose yourself anymore while on the sidelines. Oh, and just as a sidenote: remember, if you Charge, your next attack can't be intercepted (because that's super cheap), but as long as you perform some kind of reaction, you can tag out next round. That's pretty much it! So...

That's right, folks! So here's the plan. We're getting out of the 'preliminary rounds' which were staged just to, er, revive you guys -- and keep you interested with my pretty wikipedia pictures, no I really don't know why I decided to start doing that -- and moving into more consistent Arena battling. Generally, I was impressed with the detail that was inspired by your characters' interactions, and I want that to continue as the nature of the battles change. Specifically... we're getting even more into sports entertainment territory here.

First, let me get a couple things straight. Your fighters are still fighting, and you're fighting to win -- assuming your fighters fight to win under normal circumstances. That hasn't changed. What has changed is they aren't getting /paid/ to win. They get paid to /perform/, now, and that changes the circumstances. That doesn't mean the winner will be decided based on who performs the most; what it /does/ decide is how much your characters ICly get paid, how much of a fanbase they develop, and thus what kind of eventual plotlines we the admin will help cook up. You guys, as players, don't necessarily have to change your characters' strategy or attitude; it's assumed your fighters aren't, like, selling out or anything. And obviously, ICly, some fighters will enjoy it more than others. What makes this interesting is, well... Geese wants to see that too. Sakura dresses up? Great! Kain offended by the very idea of performing for Geese? Awesome! As long as the audience gets to see it, they'll be interested, and Howard Enterprises will be making bank.

The point is basically this: your characters all know what's they're getting paid for and why, and they're going to react in very different ways. /That's/ what should be portrayed in these fights, now, and when fighters interact with each other, and in the logs -- and that's what's really going to turn SNF into entertainment. In a way, the /real/ entertainment won't be the stuff that the fighters are doing on purpose... if you see what I mean. I want you all, as players, to be aware of that general goal, and I'm really hoping it results in some really interesting -- and extremely varied -- RP.

It is thus that we finally get to the subtitle of this section of the notes. As developing these relationships and getting the audience interested in the affairs of the fighters is part of this grand 'performance' Geese wants to create, we encourage you to engage in SNF-related social scenes that we can compile with the logs -- recorded openly or secretly, depending on what kind of scene it is -- and develop subplots with. To start the ball rolling on this, both Mr.Big and Naerose have voiced interest in kicking off such social scenes; Mr.Big will probably invite characters in on his 'official capacity' and encourage teams and rivalries, while Naerose will no doubt mostly start as an unorthodox interviewer. I'll be letting them know about my fight setups and what I personally think would be cool, but mainly, it's up to you guys. Contact them for one-on-ones or group socials, let me know what happened, and submit the logs.

This is something we've never done before, I believe, but I think it really has a lot of potential to make the fights themselves a lot more interesting. Creating background and context for the combats will make the roleplaying all the more vibrant, so I encourage all of you to talk amongst yourselfs in OOC capacities and work out potential social scenes. It is hoped that these SNF-centered scenes will also have non-SNF repercussions, and thus aid in creating fulfilling RP on the whole.

So good luck, everyone!

SNF Matches: 07/26/06 - Thu Jul 27 2006 - Gonzales

With the worldwide success of the attention-grabbing SNF preliminaries, Howard Enterprises' Fightsport Division is proud to kick off the main event and "redefine sports entertainment as we know it" by setting all the matches in separate sections of Southtown. Roped-off daises raised a couple feet off the ground with the SNF logo emblazoned on all sides have been conspicuously placed in various parts of the city, drawing crowds from people just on their normal commute. While some battles are still, of course, reserved only for Howard Arena, these apparently randomly placed 'traveling arenas', in all their obviousness and, frankly, disruptiveness of normal daily activity, are, to quote an HE spokesperson, "part of our effort to re-insert SNF into the weekly lives of the citizens of Southtown". It's unclear how HE managed to get the permits to allow these white-and-gold artificial battlegrounds to be placed all over town, but city hall has released a statement claiming that all zoning regulations have been followed.

As such, it's presumed each one of these matches is going to draw crowds off bemused people, and it's up to the fighters to get them involved. Before, the name of the game was 'use your environment'; now, it's 'crowd appeal', or so the fighters have been told. Obviously, how possible that will be for the individual fighters depends greatly on who they are, where they are, who they're paired with, and what kind of people show up...

As the fights are spread all over town, there's a focus on 1v1s this time. Each fight comes with both a location and a 'premise'. Much like the 'terrain' of before, I'll @mail you individually with the specifics, focusing mainly on the kind of audience and general, er, issues. XD Now let's get to it!

MATCH 1 -- Jiro Kasagi VERSUS Hinako Shijou
LOCATION: Gedo Street
PREMISE: Gedo Pride

MATCH 2 -- Aislinn Doyle VERSUS Mimiru Kasagi
LOCATION: Village Mall
PREMISE: Super Mimiru Bout

MATCH 3 -- Blue Mary VERSUS E. Honda
LOCATION: Downtown
PREMISE: Well, This Is Awkward

MATCH 4 -- Megumi Andou VERSUS Kula Diamond
LOCATION: Boardwalk
PREMISE: Snowcones While You Wait

MATCH 5 -- Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Yuri Sakazaki
PREMISE: For The Children

MAIN EVENT -- Kain and Shenwoo VERSUS Takuma and Krizalid
PREMISE: Close-Quarters Brawl**

MAIN EVENT 2 -- "Guardian Angel" VERSUS Sie Kensou and Sean Matsuda
PREMISE: Here Comes A New Challenger

Both the Main Events take place, of course, in Howard Arena. The first Main Event gets little stars next to it because it's the only match that has genuine combat restrictions that go along with the wackiness, so pay attention in the @mail. XD Alright! Have fun, folks! Triumph or die!

SNF Results Week 4 - Tue Aug 1 2006 - Gonzales
Cut me off, will you, bbpost!? I'll show you! Take two!

I'll keep it short this time. XD Good work, everyone, seriously. You guys did way more than I ever anticipated with the premises and came up with some seriously entertaining and creative RP. This whole log compilation thing -- which I'm going to start working on as soon as my summer school finishes on the 10th -- is looking like it could really work. Also, I really appreciate all the @mails you guys have been sending me, and I encourage them. Remember, though, I may not be able to set up some of the more elaborate fights, so if you want to continue something that started in an SNF fight, remember: I'm always looking for little SNF socials to stick in places. Submit them and make a singing robot proud.

Onto the results!

MATCH 1 ~ Jiro VERSUS Hinako IN 'Gedo Pride'
WINNER: Hinako Shijou
Though the wide televising of this event hasn't done anything good for Gedo High's image, these two young fighters are already becoming quite popular among the younger SNF-watching crowd. It seems the both of them have personas well-suited to sports entertainment; in a setting where crowd appeal and not raw strength is the focus, Stray Dog and Sumo Girl may be finding their niches.

MATCH 2 ~ Aislinn VERSUS Mimiru IN 'Super Mimiru Bout'
WINNER: ??? (Angry Man in Trenchcoat)
Who was that angry trenchcoat-wearing man... and why did he hit Aislinn over the head with a steel chair?

MATCH 3 ~ Blue Mary VERSUS E. Honda IN 'Well, This is Awkward'
WINNER: Blue Mary
Aww, that wasn't awkward... that was kind of sweet, really... (Hey, BM, I might not be able to arrange what you suggested in your @mail, but a short social might be a nice continuation... consider it.)

MATCH 4 ~ Megumi VERSUS Kula IN 'Snowcones While You Wait'
WINNER: Kula Diamond
The Fightsport division of Howard Enterprises is beginning to attract the baleful eye of ethics watch groups for, quote, 'possible sexual exploitation of underaged women'. Replied an anonymous spokesperson for HE, "Hey, nobody /told/them to wear bikinis." No formal complaints have been filed, especially not by the audience.

MATCH 5 ~ Frei VERSUS Yuri IN 'For the Children'
WINNER: Frei 'Bunny of Rodent Vengeance' Tsukitomi-Renard
Both fighters received cash bonuses for their outstanding performance in the face of... difficulty. They also received invitations to entertain at nearby elementary schools, but HE had nothing to do with that. (Well done, you guys. XD)

MAIN EVENT ~ Kain/Shenwoo VERSUS Takuma/Krizalid IN 'Close-Quarters Brawl'
WINNERS: Takuma Sakazaki and Krizalid

Main Event 2, unfortunately, did not happen, but props all around to you guys who were able to participate. Rock on, guys. :D

...this post better frigging fit!


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