SNF 2004.12 - Ryu vs Sagat

Description: The last time Ryu fought the Muay Thai Emperor, he had something to prove. This time, it's all about honor. (Winner: Ryu)

As curtain time arrives in Howard Arena, the lights dramatically darken,
spotlights kicking on to illuminate the arena itself from several angles, in a
slowly shifting lightshow, "Ladies and Gentlemen...."  The announcer kicks on
over the PA, voice resounding through the spacious battleground, "We have a
special treat for you tonight.  A rematch five years in the making.  Bitter
rivals reuinited here in Southtown, their reunion on display for your viewing
enjoyment...."  The lighting shifts to one side of the arena, one of the sets of
steps leading up to the raised dais, "On one side, the champion of the World
Warrior tournament, and no stranger to Southtown's fighting circuits.... The
mysterious young man known as Ryu!"

As his name is announced, Ryu strides at a confident, rhythmic pace up to the
massive rectangular fighting stage, his bare feet touching lightly on the hard
stone as he paces a short distance forward, tails of his crimson headband
trailing behind him.  The young champion looks anything but bitter over his
alleged rivalry with Sagat, the picture of calm, controlled and pensive written
all over his rough-hewn features.  He stands impassively under the illuminating
overhead lights, running over the various angles of the coming fight in his
head.  He's learned some disturbing things regarding the Muay Thai master's path
since their last meeting, and he's not entirely sure what to make of that, but
his intent in this fight remains the same... An honorable revisiting of their
previous battle, giving the mountainous Sagat the fight he rightfully deserved
from the beginning.  Perhaps, if he'd had the strength to do that in the first
place, things would have turned out different for the rightful Muay Thai
Emperor.  But the past is what it is, and every man chooses his own path, facets
of the universe that the World Warrior understands all too intimately.  His
thick arms cross loosely over his chest, his dark eyes shifting to the opposite
end of the stage, awaiting the arrival of his more vehement adversary, those
eyes betraying nothing in the way of hostility, none of the mask of rage Sagat
might remember too clearly... Only concentration, focus, clarity of thought.

"And on the other... The former Muay-Thai Emperor, the mighty fighter so
narrowly unseated in the last bout between these warriors.... Howard Arena is
proud to introduce Thailand's fiercest Tiger.... Sagat!"  The lights
appropriately shift to the stairs allowing Sagat ascent to the stage, in
anticipation of the large kickboxer's arrival.

    Royalty walks into the Arena... or atleast fallen royalty.  The once
Emperor of Muay Thai strides confidently into the Arena.  Sagat is an imposing
figure... even when he's not trying to be.  Massively built, incredibly tall...
and his overall appearance can be quite intimidating.  The Muay Thai God strides
to a spot designated to be where he begins the match.  He's clad in a leather
longcoat and is wearing a hat.  Once where he needs to be standing, Sagat
quietly removes the hat from his bald head.  The shadow lifts off his weathered
face as the hat is taken off.  It is tossed to the ground and forgotten.  Sagat
then unties his longcoat.  The straps falling to his sides and the dark coat
opening up.  The Muay Thai master removes his arms from the sleeves and tosses
the coat over where the hat is.  Sagat is no dressed in his typical fighting
atire, leg and forearm wrappings, and a pair of shorts.  Sagat stretches his
neck out a bit and makes sure his forearm wrappings are tight.  The expression
on the man's face is rather... blank.  It's a neutral expression... something
those that know him real well would not expect him to have.

Those who know the mountainous Thai in recent years might be surprised, but to
Ryu, Sagat looks much the same fighter that he faced down five years ago.  The
stoic, honorable, powerful presence that managed to grind the younger Ansatsuken
disciple down with his mighty strength.  It is an almost nostalgic picture,
though Ryu is not intimidated by either the kickboxer's massive size, or the
remeniscent loss.  This is a new fight, on a new night, and the World Warrior is
determined that it be the battle that the first fight should have been.  That,
win or lose, he be redeemed, and perhaps offer Sagat some measure of redemption
as well.  Some restitution in the fair fight for his exploitation of the larger
fighter's magnanimous gesture over his fallen form, once upon a time.  A time
that seems a lifetime ago, for certainly Ryu has done everything in his power to
shape himself into the man he wants to be, since then.  His rich brown orbs scan
over the fearsome Muay Thai master thoughtfully, hands drifting to the front of
his gi, tightening his well-earned black belt and tugging the crimson sparring
gloves down more tightly on his deadly hands.  This time, those gloves will
/stay/ on.  He is not the boyish slave to victory that faced Sagat before.
There are few preparations Ryu needs to make, at this point, and so he stands
his ground, shifting to a ready position as the announcer kicks on once more....

"That's right, it's Saturday Night... And you all know what that means, and what
these powerful warriors are here for.... FIGHT!"  And so comes the starting bell
for this unique bout.

COMBATSYS: Ryu has started a fight here.
COMBATSYS: Sagat has joined the fight here.
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ryu              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Sagat

    Sagat stands there while the announcer continues bantoring on and on.  The
large Muay Thai Fighter just stares towards the younger World Warrior.  Sagat
has waited so long for a chance to see Ryu in the ring once again.  He wanted a
clean fight... a fight where he would not make any fatal mistakes, as he did
last time.  No, Sagat intends this bout to be generally the same as the last
time these two fought... except without that one mistake that cost him so very
much.  As the word 'Fight' rings out over the arena... Sagat does not move.  He
stands there, fists at his sides.  A few moments go by, and the big man still
has not moved.  There is activity within the massive mountain of a man though.
His fists are glowing... the wrappings... his forearms.  They are all glowing
brightly.  Chi energy is gathering... focusing on that area of the Muay Thai
Master's body.  He then explodes with motion... rushing towards Ryu.  Looks like
Sagat is starting this bout off with a fury... a fury of kicks.

COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Ryu with Medium Kick.
[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ryu              0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0            Sagat

Kyo trudges out of one of the massive concrete corridors that leads from the
outer ring of concession and merchandise stands into the massive, open-air space
of the Howard Arena proper, filled with roaring fans for tonights clash of the
champions. In fact, the only person in the whole audience who doesn't seem to be
excited for this bout is Kyo himself, who looks over to ther person he has to
blame for dragging him here: Benimaru Nikaido. "Great, it's already started," he
complains, "Not only do you drag me out here, but you can't even get us here on
time." Kyo looks out on the writhing crowd, "...Geez, how bothersome, we'll
never find our seats with this..."

In much the same style, Ryu stands where he is, patiently waiting for the
announcer to finish his needless account of the reasons for being here.  It's
not entirely accurate, and outside perspective means little to the World
Warrior.  This fight is what matters, and it's clear that Sagat is taking it
just as seriously.  As could be expected.  The mountain charges, with surprising
speed and to be expected power, his energy and might as centered and potent as
Ryu remembers them, his attempt at a guard smacked aside as one of those
powerful legs crashes through his defending arm, and into his face, snapping the
World Warrior's head back and sliding him back towards the edge of the ring,
where he fires back his answering shot.  Hands drop to his waist, and in the
blink of an eye, Ryu pours torrents of surging blue-white chi into the void
between his cupping palms, rapidly forging a roughly spherical mass of raw
energy, which is subsequently sweapt forward into the closing Thai, launching
forth from the Ansatsuken master's hands in a flaring fireball of scalding
power, "Hadooouken!"  Ryu calls out, announcing his participation in this
long-awaited bout in no uncertain terms, unslowed by the brutal smack to his

COMBATSYS: Ryu successfully hits Sagat with Hadouken.
[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ryu              0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0            Sagat

Hold on to your seats, kiddies, there's a new face in town. Well, then again
it'd really only be new if you lived under a rock. Benimaru rather quickly makes
his way into the arena, seeming quite eager to see who would be fighting this
evening, and hoped it would be someone really attractive. To Kyos grumbling
about their being late, he tsks, waving his hand dismissivly, "Don't complain,
at least I'm looking at my absolute best, aren't I? Besides, I didn't want to
show up here with only half dried fingernails," he then inspecting the works of
art at the end of his fingers, "Anyway you should be thanking me, if I didn't
bring you here, I might have gotten an edge over you with a fighting technique,
but I was gracious enough to let you take in the sights with me.My sources tell
me that tonight there's supposed to be an amazing girl fighting, named Raya. I'm
sure she looks as lovely as her name sounds." A small chuckle passes his lips as
he cups his chin, "Though I truely wonder if she'll be any match against Sagat."

    The Mountain of a man expected this response.  And how does he react?
Sagat stands there, fists up in the air, in a defensive posture.  The blue ball
of chi is released and it careens at breakneck speed towards the Muay Thai
Champ.  Sagat tries to stand there and absorb the impact with a block, however
the power of the chi is too much for even the massive Muay Thai God to endure.
Sagat is knocked backwards, stumbling to keep his footing and keep from falling
on his butt.  A grunt comes from Sagat and a determined glare towards Ryu
indicates he's ready for more.  Sagat lowers his hands to his side and stretches
them out behind him.  It takes only a moment for this attack to occur, but it
seems longer than that.  The glowing chi that is building in Sagat's forearms
suddenly erupts... the man's hands are engulfed in flame momentarily as the
massive fighter swings his arms forward.  Upon his fists colliding, a crescent
wave of firey chi energy is released towards his young opponent.

COMBATSYS: Ryu overcomes Tiger Shot from Sagat with Hadouken.
[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Ryu              0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0            Sagat

Ready for more is a good way to describe it.  Both took a quick, nasty hit in
the opening exchanges, but Ryu is no more ready to throw in the towel than the
Muay Thai master, and the moments it takes the larger warrior to summon up that
fiery crescent of chi is all the time Ryu needs to answer it back, his feet
shifting wide as he quickly summons forth a second sphere of his own fiercely
coruscating bluish energy, dark eyes narrowing as Sagat's arms sweep forward.
There's only an instant with the close proximity, and there's only that instant
to line up his own sphere of chi, but it's time enough, and with perfect timing
and alignment, the second Hadouken is released forward in line with the Tiger
Shot, crescent meeting fireball in a wild conflaguration of opposing energies,
blues and reds flaring together in a resounding, gusting wave.  The Hadouken is
split by the crescent, and blue waves crash and dissipate around the vertical
blast, leaving... nothing as the last traces of chi ebb into the night air, the
World Warrior's arms held in a ready defense as he weaves forward, towards his

    As soon as Sagat released the Tiger Shot, he started to move.. slowly at
first.  He began to side step slightly, trying to circle around to Ryu's flank
while he dealt with the Tiger Shot with his Hadouken.  When the two projections
of chi canceled one another out... that's when the Muay Thai God rushed towards
Ryu.  He wants to close the gap... forget all this Chi throwing stuff.  Sagat
wanted to get his hands on Ryu... not have a fireball throwing contest.  Sagat
rushes towards the young World Warrior, and he leaps into the air, "TIGER
CRUSH!"  He announces this manuever deeply and loudly.

Kyo twitches a little at Benimaru's explanation as to why they're late, but
keeps his cool (for now), and walks up to a piece of railing separating one of
the blocks of seating from the pathway and cranes his head to observe the fight.
"Beautiful girl huh..." he says, looking from Sagat to "Raya" and back again. A
small smirk creeps up on Kyo's lips, "I think you're mistaken, Benimaru, but I'm
sure the guy would be flattered if you're still planning to ask him out after
the fight..." He motions his former Team Japan comrade to look at the two
participants in the battle.

COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Ryu with Tiger Crush.
[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Ryu              0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0            Sagat

That flying knee is a maneuver Ryu is familiar with, but that doesn't make it
any less fast and formidable.  The World Warrior quickly moves to sidestep, but
Sagat's close proximity and blurring flight make it only partially successful,
that potent leg crashing into Ryu's shoulder painfully, forcing him into a quick
twist to try to absorb some of the impact, as he slides into a crouch to the
arena floor, teeth gritting.  Sagat's lost none of his overpowering might, but
that's not going to intimidate the Ansatsuken master, not this time.  He's a
fair bit better off than he was last time, that much he's already certain of,
and what matters is giving his all to this fight.  Something he's more than
determined to do.  His sudden crouch serves as the perfect launchpad for his
following assault, a quick spring carrying him into the air and towards Sagat,
his upper body twisting clockwise in a rapid, almost uncanny motion that carries
his lower half around with helicopter-rotor force, his right leg extended
horizontally, parallel with the stage, while his left remains straight down,
balancing the maneuver as his gravity-defying flight careens in a straight line
for the mountainous Sagat, bringing that fearsome roundhousing right around
again and again in quick succession, the sheer force and speed of the spinning
throwing up a fiercely gusting wind, appropriate to the technique's namesake,
and spiritual essence, "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!!!"  Ryu shouts with determined
force as he launches the rapid, repeating kicks.

COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

Benimaru looks rather confident as usual, though he does smirk in a bit of
amusement to Kyos twitch. Yeah, he saw that. Now he's the one following along,
as he replies, "Of course, my sources are never incorrect after a-- Nani." baby
blue eyes narrowing slightly as Kyo corrects him and he quickly moves to the
railing as well, looking down, and slaps a hand over his mouth, looking as if
he's going to be sick. This.. This just couldn't be! There must be some sort of
error, surely!

The long haired blonde grit his teeth, growing rather upset by this turn of
events, and now it's his turn to twitch, "D- Damn you, Ryu.. You think I'll let
you get away with making a fool of me like this?" and quickly points to Kyo
afterward, "I'm -not- going to ask him out, dammit; Wipe that stupid smirk off
your face!"

    The Muay Thai God lands after his knee collides with the young World
Warrior's shoulder.  When the former Muay Thai Champion lands, he crouches and
raises his arms up to cover his upper torso and face.  As Ryu launches into his
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, Sagat braces for impact.  The feet collide with Sagat's
defenses... and fails to breach them!  When Sagat is clear of any danger from
Ryu's assault his legs flex.  The mighty muscles within those thick, powerful
legs spring the Muay Thai Master up into the air.  As he springs upwards, his
fist rises up above him.  This attack is like lightning.. lightning that's
spearheaded with a fist!  Sagat shouts, "TIGER UPPERCUT!"

COMBATSYS: Ryu blocks Sagat's Tiger Uppercut.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ryu              1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0            Sagat

Kyo almost busts up laughing at Benimaru's plight, but instead manages to
restrain himself to just a small snicker, "Hey, if you say so!" He says, holding
up his hands in the 'hey, I didn't do anything!' pose. "Speaking of foolish
people though, I wonder where that damn weasel girl is... bad enough she made me
buy her a ticket for her little hero's match; she won't even get her in time to
see the end!" He leans against the railing, trying to muster up some interest
for the fight.

Formidable indeed.  Ryu's face, if it were possible, solidifies into a sterner
mask, redoubling his concentration and recentering his focus.  This is going to
take everything he's got, which is hardly a surprise.  But it is certainly a
challenge.  His descent is perfect, however, his arms crossing in front of his
chest and face to deflect Sagat's own rising uppercut in front, absorbing the
bruising impact on his sturdy guard, rather than taking it to the chin.  It
still hurts, but he's far from out of fight, a fact he demonstrates as he darts
in point-blank for the mountainous Thai's descending form, his right fist
sweeping up and under in a stunning, and stunningly fast underhand slam for the
larger fellow's ribcage.  That bone-rattling blow is only the first comment,
however... The real attack comes afterwards, that right quickly flexing back at
Ryu's side as he drops into a crouch, a wisping aura of bluish energy flaring
off his body, trailing his course as he launches up and in in the big brother of
his Rising Dragon Punch, powerful legs rocketing him upwards as his right fist
leads the ascent, its truck-stopping power aimed for the big fighter's chest and
face, much like five years past.  The difference, of course, is that this
uppercut lacks the mauling, flesh-rending power imbued in the last Sagat felt.
That's likely to be small comfort, however, as Ryu pours his strength behind
this strike.


COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Ryu's Shin Shoryuken.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ryu              0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1            Sagat

"Rats, I almost missed the whole darn fight..."  You'd figure someone who was as
obsessed with Ryu as Sakura was would have been on the edge of her seat for the
entirety of the match.  And you'd be right -- but Sakura had a little 'incident'
this afternoon that caused her to be late.  Official police business and all.
.. But the long and short of it is that she, dressed in a baggy t-shirt and
long jogging pants, with a light red windbreaker, is scrambling to find a seat.
And she spots Benimaru's wild blonde hair in the crowd -- and more importantly,
an empty seat beside him.  The fact that Kyo's there is beside the point.  She
hustles to her seat and slides in, already leaning on the railing like Kyo.  She
dispenses with any greeting beside "Sorry I'm late...".  As curious as she is to
know what she'd missed, she's more interesting in turning her full attention to
the fight itself!

    There's a problem with Sagat's Tiger Uppercut... and that's when he misses
or it's somehow blocked.  Sagat must find away to defend himself even when he's
rather defenseless while floating back to the ground.  Arms cross over his chest
in an attempt to cover his body on his way down.  When he hits the ground, thank
god his legs are long and he hits ground soon, he has a split second to react to
Ryu's next move.  This move... something Sagat is quite familiar with and has
very horrible memories of, is blocked.  His flexed arms take the brunt of the
strikes that are usually dealt out with this manuever.  Sagat manages to back up
to, to avoid any further strikes from the young Ansatsuken Master.  Sagat
prepares now for his strike... closing the gap that he made with Ryu quite
quickly... Sagat hopes to land a crushing blow to Ryu once he descends.

COMBATSYS: Ryu dodges Sagat's Strong Kick.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ryu              0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1            Sagat

Still leaning on the railing, Kyo looks over his shoulder to find that Sakura
finally made it here, "Oh, it's you." The scion of the flames says, sounding
dissapointed. He turns his head back to the fight for a moment, then continues,
"You owe me for this, Kasugano!" Like Sakura, however, his attention is being
drawn more and more towards the fight, which is a real feat for the
usually-apathetic fighter, "I suppose I expected a more one-sided fight, what do
you think, Benimaru?"

As soon as Ryu's fearsome fist meets nothing but Sagat's resilient forearms, the
Ansatsuken master knows that a dangerous retaliatory strike is sure to follow.
And so, his instincts and analytical mind are already working overtime as he
touches down, and Sagat's potent kick snaps in for him... The World Warrior
weaves in a perfectly timed, quick darting motion sideways, just out of the
strike's path, without sacrificing too much distance with his opponent.  He gets
a slight, tickling breeze from the sheer power of that kick, and that, if not
Sagat's stoic demeanor, certainly tells of the ire which is imbued in this
fight, for the mountainous kickboxer.  As soon as the attack whiffs clear,
however, Ryu is upon the rightful Muay Thai Emperor, his right hand darting out
to look for purchase on the larger fighter's chest, the fact that Sagat's
without a shirt doing little to stay the young champion's ironclad grip, which
digs for muscle as he rolls backwards, intending to bring Sagat's substantial
mass along for the ride.  As Ryu rolls to his back, a perfectly timed foot kicks
out for the massive Thai's ribs, adding that force and leverage to the intended
result - Flinging Sagat clear away, back towards the center of the stage, at an
angle designed to amplify the resulting impact with the hard stone.

COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Ryu's Tomoe Nage.
[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Ryu              0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1            Sagat

Benimaru growls still, hand clenching into a fist and tightening slightly, as if
someone had just insulted him in the worst possible way. Really, it was a
complete outrage for poor Benimaru, and Kyos looking amused instead of being
supportive just gets him that more ticked off. An eyebrow cocks then to Kyos
mentioning of a weasel girl, the nickname not exactly ringing a bell as he asks,
"Who, Yuki?"

Ouch. Now all that pent up anger? That just abruptly vanishes once Sakura
arrives, both eyebrows raising a bit in interest now. She seemed a little....
Tomboyish at first glance, and wonders if he really should get her interest.
With his new object of interest, he completely ignores Kyos following question,
and even tries to nudge him aside to wave to the street fighting girl, "Well now
who do we have here?"

    The manuever appears to be painful.  Ryu getting a grip on Sagat's
muscles... and using that to help propel the Muay Thai God into a throw...
that's impressive.  What's more impressive is that Sagat flips and uses some of
the momentum to land on his feet... and only takes a minimal amount of damage
from the whole ordeal.  The Muay Thai God did not appreciate actually missing
the young World Warrior.  He doesn't like his opponents actually dodging his
blows.  Sagat takes a mere moment to give Ryu a bow of his head to indicate that
he's truely impressed with the boy.  He has improved over the years.  Of course
that improvement is what's going to make this win for Sagat all the more
invigorating.  Sagat rushes forward now, after having some time to orient
himself after the flip.  The big Mountain of a Man starts shouting,
"TIIIGGGEEERRR..."  The man closes in on Ryu, offering a flurry of kicks in
response to the throw that Sagat just endured.  The last kick, chi energy erupts
along the shin and foot of Sagat's striking leg.  As he swings Sagat shouts,

Kyo says, "Hey! Are you listening to- oh..." He sees that Benimaru has spotted
Sakura. He almost feels sorry for the poor girl as he goes back to watching the


COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Ryu with Tiger Raid.
[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Ryu              0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0            Sagat

Sakura's really much too interested in the fight to spare too many cycles
thinking about either Kyo or Benimaru -- whatever payment Kyo might be expecting
can wait, right?   The Kasugano girl leans over the railing, gripping it with
white knuckles as the thunderous impact of Ryu's Shin Shoryuken is blocked.  And
not only -that-, but she clenches even more tightly as the Emperor of Muay Thai
delivers a counterstrike, only for it to be sidestepped...  her heart's pounding
as if she were actually the one in the fight.  ... She's been in enough fights
this weekend, though, honestly.  In fact, she doesn't even hear Kyo; it's not
until Benimaru speaks that she even knows she's being talked to.  "Eh?" she
asks, without looking over at him.  "... Oh.  S-Sakura Kasugano, it's a pleasure
to meet you..." she replies absently, white headband swishing back and forth as
she studies the fight taking place in the ring.  Not even a look -over- to the
two fighters at her side.

Ryu may have improved, but Sagat has the driving force of pride and humiliation
to add to his fighting spirit.  A spirit which was remarkable to begin with.
Eyes remain fixed on Sagat as he charges, the World Warrior bobbing lightly in
place, preparing a carefully timed avoidance of that fearsome flurry... But to
no avail.  He dodges aside of the first strike, but its momentum catches him
anyway, setting him just off-balance enough for the rest to land cleanly,
crashing into his sturdy frame with an impact that leaves no doubt of Sagat's
astounding strength, kick after kick crushing the Ansatsuken wanderer backwards,
smacking his head and torso with intensive pain and bone-jarring force, the
final kick launching him clear and smacking him into a sliding collision with
the stoney ground.  A slide that carries him in a somewhat bloody trail for
several feet before he rolls back to his face, ignoring the trailing crimson
that seeps from his mouth and an open cut on his temple and assuming a wide
stance, hands slipping to his side, fingers splayed in opposing directions.
There is no bluish surge of chi this time, however, the resulting energy is
brightest red, multifaceted, fiery hues pouring forth in an absolute tidal wave,
swirling together in a searing sphere of violently flaming chi, the
bright-burning conflaguration sweapt forward at Sagat, launching from his palms
as the heels of his hands come together in front of him, "Hadoooouken!!!"  He
incants, sending the blurring blast of agonizing, napalmish chi towards his
powerful rival.  He's not out of this one yet.  But that one sure hurt.  It
behooves him to repay the favor.

COMBATSYS: Ryu successfully hits Sagat with Shakunetsu Hadouken.
[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Ryu              0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0            Sagat

    The mighty Muay Thai God wasn't expecting a quick response form Ryu... but
he wasn't unprepared for one.  He doesn't allow Ryu anything... not after his
humiliating defeat.  Sagat is only mildly surprised at the recovery time from
the World Warrior.  When the Hadouken is released the Muay Thai God means to
step aside and block the projectile.  But its speed and power were higher than
anticipated.  The majority of the chi fireball collides with the Muay Thai
Champ.  It collides with one side of his body, forcing the mighty warrior to
spin around slightly under the impact.  Sagat grunts and raises a hand to rub
and hold his shoulder.  Sagat smirks at the Ansatsuken Wanderer as he runs
forward towards him again.  Sagat is unrelenting... he wants to remain on the
offensive as much as he can.. he wants to overwhelm this young whelp with his
size, speed and strength.  Vega's Lieutenant runs... closes the gap between Ryu
and himself.  The big man attempts to grapple with the younger warrior, and upon
successfully grappling him, will attempt to continuously drive his knees into
the young man's midsection!

COMBATSYS: Ryu dodges Sagat's Tiger Rage.
[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Ryu              0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0            Sagat

Benimaru, clearly isn't listening to Kyo at this point, and when Sakura looks
his way, he gives his patented, 'lovely smile' in her direction.. Though it
faulters a bit as the schoolgirl just seems completely, not partially, but
completely uneffected. Blue eyes avert a moment to look toward the fight
himself, he had already lost interest thanks to Ryu's false advertising, and
finally his attention goes to Kyo again, nudging him lightly with his shoulder,
"Ne, is there anything stuck in my teeth?" he whispers.

Kyo notices Sakura's trance-like state, clutching the rail beside him, and as
Benimaru nudges him he just circles one finger around his ear while motioning
his head towards Sakura in the classic "she's nuts" gesture.

Sakura somehow manages to kick Kyo, even though Benimaru's between the two.  ...
Okay, not really.  She's too busy pumping her fist in the air at Ryu's amazing
successes.  This is such a close fight, it could go either way, so she can't
afford to look over to Benimaru, who she's never met, or even Kyo, who ...
apparently doesn't want anything to do with the schoolgirl (aside from buying
her fight tickets).  Can't... look away!

Ryu's breathing comes heavy, sweat veritably pouring off his features, mixing
with the tracings of blood that run down his features, and tracing a bright
sheen across his skin in the bright arena lights, which really don't help a
warrior stay cool.  He's hurt, he's quickly exhausting, but he's also
determined.  He may not be in this to prove the /same/ things as Sagat, but this
fight is no less vital to him.  His drive, granted, is to give his best... not
to beat his opponent into the ground... But this is the fight he has to fight
with his best, has to strive for.  His failure, after all, can never be made up
for... At least not to Gouken.  And so the redemption must come only for
himself, and the hurdle he sets is likely higher than any that could be set for
him.  Nonetheless, Ryu's full spirit is involved in this battle, and once again
his intent eyes study the mountainous kickboxer's charge, his body shifting ever
so subtly as Sagat closes, and at the last second, he weaves to the side,
suddenly out of the way of Sagat's reaching arms, shifting rapidly left a step
and a half, and darting in low, coming to a crouch.  He attempts to use Sagat's
momentum, and broadside of a barn size against him as he comes in hard, seeking
to finish this before the powerhouse can overwhelm him again.  The World
Warrior's right arm tenses, flexing at his side with a tightly clenched fist,
that fearsome right driving up, leading his ascent as his legs launch him
skyward, though hopefully not without colliding with the massive warrior's face
and chest, and reversing that charge, first, "Shoryuuuken!!!"  Ryu calls, his
deep voice ringing out in the arena, projected powerfully, helping to focus past
the pain, past the fatigue, to empower that mighty attack.

COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Ryu's Shoryuken.
[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ryu              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1            Sagat

Benimaru can't help but smirk to Kyos answer to his question, and brings a hand
to his head, shaking it lightly, "You're such a charmer," he murmurs, but then
goes back to observing the newest entrant, trying to figure out exactly what it
was that was so... Interesting about the fight below. He was more handsome than
the both of them put togeather, had nicely groomed hair, and had both eyes in
his head, "... Hmn.." trying to put the puzzle pieces togeather.

Kyo Kusanagi's eyes suddenly narrow, "This is it. The fight will be decided on
the strength of their next attacks..."

    That... dreadful word.  Shoryuken.  That... dreadful... angering... hateful
word.  Sagat hears it... Sagat's eye twitches ever so slightly as the sound of
it rings throughout the arena... atleast to him it does.  The large mountain of
a man raises his arms up... in an attempt to block the attack that created the
horrible scar across his chest.  The single eye narrows a bit as Sagat forces
himself from closing it as he braces for the impact.  Ryu has broken his
defenses before... and now.. he's determined that this will not break them this
time.  As he feels the fist collide with his arms, he realises he has
successfully avoided the brunt of the attack.  He uses the impact against him to
help him hop backwards away from Ryu.

..Is shouted by Sagat even before Ryu lands from the shoryuken.  The big man
rushes forward, timing it so that he'll get within Ryu's vacinity at about the
same time he lands.  This worked before... so why won't it work again?  Sagat
shouts, "RAID!"  As he launches into a familiar combo of attacks.  Sagat has
switched it up slightly, however.  He leads with his other leg, and offers a few
more kicks before his opposite leg seems to literally burst into flames with chi
energy and swing towards Ryu.

COMBATSYS: Ryu parries Sagat's Tiger Raid!
[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Ryu              1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0            Sagat

Sakura nods quietly in concert with Kyo -- that much, she heard and agrees with.
Biting her lip, she's positively -trembling- with how close this fight is
turning out.  Maybe Benimaru would notice the long white headband that she's
wearing -- not that it matches the color of Ryu's, really, but it's a symbolic
thing.  Especially since Ryu -gave- it to her, not so long ago.  "C'mon...
you've got to win this..." she murmurs under her breath, eyes glistening with
the scene unfolding before her.

Benimaru is rather focused, though he does manage for a moment to miss the
rather obvious. Looking at the headband, taking note that she's cheering one of
them on, it clicks in soon enough that Sakura is quite the interested in the
hadouken flingin' fighter. His lips twist slightly in confusion, and then gives
a concedeing sigh as he crosses his arms on the railing and decided to finally
watch what he'd missed about 85% of, seeming rather unimpressed, "... Right.

Yes, Sagat's defenses are sturdy... Even against Ryu's greatly improved
strength.  In fact, the massive kickboxer is just about the toughest opponent
Ryu's faced in recent memory.  It's been a struggle for every bit of ground,
with no flaws in form or function to find or exploit.  A matter of sheer
tenacity, force of will, of forging onward against a similarly masterful
warrior.  Something that is more than alright with the young champion... It's
what he wanted.  For Sagat to have fallen easily, or for him to have screwed
this up, would have been an inexcusable result, and this battle has been
anything but.  Despite the exhaustion, Ryu feels exhilerated, even knowing that
something /bad/ is bound to be heading his way, as he feels his Shoryuken fall
short once again.  And Sagat doesn't disappoint, coming forward in that rampant
combination of kicks that was so brutalizing before... But there's a very good
reason /not/ to try it again against Ryu, and that is one of the World Warrior's
more notable strengths... His ability to read and adapt to his opponent's style,
learn even as a single fight progresses, and shore up any weak points as they
appear, or exploit them if they show up in his opponent.  As such, this time,
he's ready for the charge, a series of weaving dodges executed in perfect synch,
almost too fast to follow, for your average eye at least.  He darts back, ducks
low, dances aside, and deflects a couple of those blows with his palms, ruining
the trajectory of the strikes he can't quite intuit a course away from.  It's an
invigorating dance for the Ansatsuken master, and he's already gathering
substantial chi, centering it throughout his form, as he leaps in a graceful,
arcing backflip away from the final, brutal chi-imbued strike, Sagat's leg
rising just behind his ascending form as he makes good on his escape from the
overpowering kickboxer, landing with his hands at his sides, his fiercely
gleaming eyes locked on Sagat, as an epic force begins to gather between his
cradling palms.  Swirling waves of cerulean and multifaceted lighter blues rush
together in a vortex of wildly flaring energy, the rampant growth of this sphere
matched only by the sheer power, its sudden form dragging air from around the
arena, gusts of fierce wind rushing inward, drawn inexorably towards the paragon
of the legendary nomad's energy techniques, "Shinkuuuuuuu...."  Ryu incants,
pouring more and more energy into the attack, drawing power seemingly
effortlessly from within, and from his very surroundings, until the massive
tidal wave is prepared, the dramatic process taking mere moments before, with a
flash of chi, the tidal wave is driven forward at Sagat in a swirling rush,
Ryu's headband fluttering violently in an attempt to chase the blast,

COMBATSYS: Ryu successfully hits Sagat with Shinkuu Hadouken EX.
- Power hit! -

    Wait.  Hold up.  This was not how it was meant to be.  Rewind!  REWIND!
When we last saw our hero, Sagat, he was on the verge of victory.  His crushing
kicks colliding and breaking through Ryu's defenses.  It looked as if Sagat was
about to make up for these past five years of anger and rage built up inside of
him because of this young World Warrior he as fighting.  Remember those crushing
strikes frlom moments ago?  That was when Sagat was at the top of his game.
Then Sagat rushed at Ryu and went into his Tiger Raid combo.. and instead of
striking the battered Ryu... it was... blocked and parried by the younger
warrior.  Sagat's blows did not crush bone, did not cause his opponent to lose
conciousness... instead... his foe seems to have gained some steam.  Before
Sagat knew it, he was being engulfed in a powerful ball of chi.  The energy
burned into his upper torso, which took the brunt of the blast.  The area around
Sagat is very bright as the ball of energy explodes against his frame.  An
outline of the Muay Thai God's body can be seen in the explosion of energy.
Then it all disappears... in an instand.  Sagat having been pushed back several
feet... but he's still standing.  What will it take to take the mighty Muay Thai
Champ down?  He looks as if he needs to hit the floor... he looks terrible.  His
face is sagging... his stern glare seems to have faded... as if Sagat lacked the
energy to even sneer at the opponent.  The big man seems wobbly too.. especially
as he strides forward towards the World Warrior.  How is it possible?  Sheer
force of will.. Sagat doesn't want to go down... but his body is telling him
he's done.  The mighty Muay Thai God's head lifts up and he shouts, "NO!"  Sagat
seems to have summoned up every last bit of energy inside of him for what
appears his final attempt at avenging his loss five years ago.  He launches
several sluggish kicks towards Ryu... before his reserves run out... and his
body just gives in.

COMBATSYS: Sagat can no longer fight.
COMBATSYS: Sagat has left the fight here.
COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Ryu with Light Kick.
[                          \\\\  <
Ryu              0/-------/-----==|

How it was meant to be?  While there may be a force such as fate, in battle a
fighter writes his own destiny, in every moment, in every instinctual decision.
In this case, Ryu managed to grab the upper hand away from his masterful
adversary, however narrowly.  Every synapse in Ryu's mind concludes that this
final attack will be the one that finally drops the rightful Muay Thai Emperor.
Every instinct tells him that the mountain of a man is just about done, worn
thin by the exertion and impact of the continuing fight.  Which is just as well,
because the World Warrior is not doing much better.  His stance looks slightly
haggard as he releases the massive Hadouken, his breath rate increased once
more, along with the quantity of sweat that now moistens his pure white gi.
Nonetheless, Ryu doesn't take his eyes off his dangerous opponent, though he
/is/ surprised to see Sagat muster the energy for a charge.  All of Ryu's
remaining speed and power were thrown into that last exchange, it seems, for as
lethargic as Sagat's kicks are, the World Warrior's attempts to avoid them are
moreso, taking a sturdy hit to his midsection with an 'Ooomph' of released
breath as he backpedals from the big man, whose barreling force carries him
down, nearly atop Ryu, pinning his leg beneath the fallen Muay Thai master's
hefty weight.  Will Ryu fall as well under the impact of that last strike?  It
seems not.  Despite the fact that a hand goes to his ribcage, resting there
lightly, the legendary nomad seems quite in control of his faculties, and
conscious, taking a moment to dislodge his leg from underneath Sagat, and rising
to his feet with a slow, methodical motion.  More determination than desire to
actually /be/ standing up.

"The winner, the World Warrior champion..... RYU!!!!"  Announces the announcer,
as is his job.  Ryu seems unconcerned with the announcer, or the audience, once
more crossing his arms over his chest.  Facing his fallen opponent, the young
champion's eyes close a moment, as his head inclines towards Sagat.  A patient
reverence exhibited in his stance, as he waits for Sagat to stir.

    The words ring out over the arena... this time to everyone.  The echo seems
to continue forever... returning to Sagat's ears again and again.  The Winner...
Ryu.  Sagat's eye closes for a moment before he does stir.  His arms slowly
slide under his body.  The big man slowly hefts his body up.  His head slowly
tilts upwards so that his now open eye can look at the young man that defeated
him fairly and squarely this time.  Sagat's mouth is a firm thin line, and his
brow is furrowed a bit.  Sagat isn't happy about his defeat... however the
circumstances of his defeat at more favorable than last time.  Sagat clears his
throat and intones in his deep forceful voice, "Wonderful bout.  You've
improved.  You are obviously proud of your improvement."  Sagat slides his legs
up under him and the man slowly pushes himself up into an erect and standing
position.  The man is out of energy... the man can barely keep himself on his
feet.  However he is determined to walk off the arena floor under his own power.

Sakura throws up her fist in triumph!  Not that, she, like, did anything to sway
the outcome one way or another, aside from possibly keeping Ryu on his toes in
training with her odd synthesis of disparate fighting styles.  But it's still a
victory for the Ansatsuken team, just the same!  "Yeaaaaah-heah!  You -go-,
Ryu!"  A perfect ending to a hectic and stressful day!  Finally, she slumps back
into her seat, a look of blissful, utter contentment written across the Taiyo
student's face. Sighing peacefully, she finally glances over to Benimaru... and
blinks.  "Oh... hey!  You're Benimaru Nikaido, aren't you?  My name's Sakura
Kasugano, it's so nice to finally meet you!"  She stands back up again, just
long enough to bow, before returning to her seat.  "Whew!  What a -fight!-  Hey,
Kyo, did you see the way Ryu got out of the way of that combo?"  Pausing, she
adopts a wry smirk.  "Man, if only you were -half- that good, you'd be have
kicked Terry's butt in the tournament!"

Now that the fight's been decided, Kyo Kusanagi turns away from the area,
leaning up against the railing with his arms folded and his eyes closed, "Yeah.
Terrific. Next time don't beg me to get you tickets if you're going to be such a
loudmouth...." he mutters.

Ryu's eyes open as Sagat begins to stir, watching the kickboxer rise.  He'd
gladly offer a hand, amusingly enough, but it's obvious that Sagat wants to rise
on his own, and that's far from unexpected.  Pride is a large facet of the
formerly noble warrior, that much Ryu is well aware of.  And so he simply stands
there, his eyes held steadily in-line with the tall Thai's gaze, nodding slow
acceptance to the other man's words, "I have trained hard to become a better
warrior, a better man, than I was when last we met, Sagat."  Ryu offers simply,
calmly, speaking low more to baffle microphones than out of lack of desire to be
heard, his deep voice still projected clearly enough for at least Sagat's ears,
"And you are as powerful and overwhelming as I recall.  The shame in our last
meeting was mine, not yours."  Ryu offers sincerely, stepping slightly closer to
further mute the last bits he has to say, "I know of the company you've kept
since our last meeting."  The Ansatsuken master offers, rather obscurely, but
Sagat will know exactly what he means, "For any part I had in forcing you to
those lengths, I apologize."  Ryu bows, a slow, deeply respectful gesture
towards the larger fighter, "You were honourable then, and I see the spirit burn
within you still."  For what that is worth.  Ryu leaves his words at that,
turning for the other end of the arena, where he first entered.

    So Sagat's secret is known to his young rival?  He knows the company that
Sagat keeps?  That's certainly lovely.  The big man doesn't really react to
Ryu's words... he just stares down at the younger warrior.  When Ryu has said
what's on his mind, Sagat turns and walks off in the direction his clothes are.
They had been gathered up by someone and stashed near the exit.  The big Muay
Thai fighter takes his belongings and just strides off... not commenting on
anything anyone states as he walks off.  Sagat has a lot on his mind now... and
a lot of questions to answer.

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