SNF 2004.04 - Seishirou versus Guy

Description: There's a whole lotta ninjutsu goin' on in the harbor... (Winner: Guy)

MotM (Seishirou) - Saturday, April 17, 2004, 7:33 AM

                   Seishirou Ryouhara is only faintly tall for his age,
                  a Japanese youth of roughly sixteen years and standing
=================  at around five feet and eight inches of height, with a
                  somewhat thin build, only emphasizing durability and
                   While he's dressed in the manner of a schoolkid, he's
  _.--._          certainly not wearing any recognizable school uniform,
 - `-~            save for a maybe far-displaced Taiyo High variant:
                  Composed of a forest green turtleneck sweater made of
     .--.    .    dense netting, a navy blue denim zip-up shirt jacket,
     |  |   ,'.   and a loose sash whose end hangs to the knee, oddly
     '--'   ; '   swaying with movement. This obstensibly secures a pair
            .'    of beige cargo pants which are secured at the bottom
.-._              with wrapping to toeless sneak boots and tabi. All of
 `.,.             this is topped off by a pair of leather fingerless
     `            gloves, with a steel protector matching the one on the
                  long white headband he wears. Occaisionally he may be
                  wearing a backback over his jacket, along with other
=================   His face matches his age, but beneath straight brow
                  length black bangs his brown eyes are critical.
                  Darkened. As if his very life depended on those eyes.
                  A thin scar running from his chin to his temple on the
                  right side of his face seems to affirm that fact.
                   He seems older than he should.

Standing at an unimpressive 5'8'', Guy doesn't look very special at all,
until you take his obvious fighting garb into account.  And his expression.
Okay, so he looks pretty special, after all.  Brown hair, cut to a medium
length, lies disheveled on his head.  One of his brown eyes is in a
near-perpetual heavy squint, while the other is remarkably unremarkable.
The end result of this, combined with his near-perpetual frown, is that he
looks extremely irate, for who-know what reasons.
Around his well-muscled torso is a simple, close fitting red vest of sorts,
lined with white around where sleeves would start, with a low-cut collar
that's filled in with mesh up to his neck.  Guy's wrists are wrapped in a
shade of yellow that borders on dull gold, with the purpose of helping to
keep similarly colored leather cestuses on the backs of his hands, along
with a thin strap or two to anchor them from the other end.
Moving downward, his pants are somewhat baggy from his thin, cloth belt to
his shins.  There they swiftly taper, finally being held tight against his
ankles by more wrapped bandages.  Immediately below said bandages are Guy's
bright red sneakers.  They're both functional and comfortable.


   The center of Southtown's rich importing and exporting trade--as well as
the Syndicate's far wealthier arms dealing and drug trafficking business--the
harbor consists of a series of piers, docks, and warehouses, all filling the
area to the brim with activity at almost all hours of the night. At any given
time, large cargo ships are coming in and out, and the entire zone is
perpetually busy with men loading and unloading the ships. As of late, a war
between organized crime factions has likewise made the harbor into something
of a warzone, with outbreaks of violence an almost weekly occurence.

Out here in this remote location, with tonight's Saturday Night Fight
actually being occupied by a much more .. 'fan drawing' spectacle, they
didn't even have the luxury of an announcer. Just a camera crew to catch it
all on tape and a small cordoned off zone to keep the public out of harm's
The battle area was one of the most rickety docks Southtown had to offer. In
fact. As the scarred Ryouhara waited calmly, sitting on one of the support
pilings for the place, he had to question whether or not the parent company
for Saturday Night Fight specifically bought a "weathered" pier and had it
put in to look dramatic on camera.
Regardless of the questionable background of the dock, he'll be waiting
until his opponent is ready.
Let's see if he can pull through, this time.

It will be Guy's goal tonight to see that Seishirou does not, in fact, pull
through.  Hopefully he hasn't kept the younger ninja waiting for too long,
as the small group of spectators part to let him quietly pass into the
fighting area.  His first steps onto the dock creak loudly, before he takes
a hint from Seishirou by hopping onto one of the support pilings.  "I am
ready when you are.  Begin when you wish."

Brown eyes look up towards Guy in a dark look that recognizes the form of a
fellow fighter. He's not upset, no. Ryouhara always looked a shade of upset.
Instead, this is something different from the usual. He's.. amiable,
possessing the understanding of two men about to give themselves to combat,
only to end when one wins. So he is certainly not upset with Guy, nor is he
questioning Guy's ability to provide a good fight.
No. This is the look of someone..
..About to find how far natural talent will take him.
His response is a short and sweet 'heh.'
Shoes bracing on the piling vertically, Seishirou simply bursts off of them
in an an instanteous assault--straight in, as fast as his body will take
him. This is, of course, significantly fast; the following round-house
towards Guy's head will be almost too quick for our viewing public to track
reliably. Guy shouldn't have any problems.
Straight in. A risky maneuver.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou successfully hits Guy with Medium Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Guy              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0        Seishirou

It's clear that Guy is confidant; maybe too confidant, as he only bothers to
try and raise one arm to try and block the kick; it doesn't really work.
Either the kick is too strong or too fast, but regardless it gets by Guy's
arm and into the side of his head.  Guy goes down, falling swiftly over the
side of the dock.  A camera quickly moves to the side to check where he is,
but Guy...doesn't seem to be there.  But creaking is heard anyway, as
moments later Guy's fist erupts through the none-too-sturdy wood, seeking to
Grab Seishirou's ankle and yank him downward.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou dodges Guy's Medium Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Guy              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0        Seishirou

Calm, Ryouhara hits the rotted wood lightly and without a sound, the attack
flooding through Guy's block and causing him to fall off the dock. Rolling
to a stop, Seishirou braces a hand on the wood, looking back with the back
tails of his headband swaying behind him. He fell off? ....
There wasn't any splash.
Eyes widening, Seishirou -immediately- leaps back and away from where he
previously was crouched, only an instant before Guy's hand erupts through
the dock, before even the camera, or anyone else other than the two
understands quite what's going on.  Landing a bit away from Guy, further
down the boast end of the dock, Seishirou settles into a low fighting
stance. "Not bad," he offers to the open air, sincerely. He probably
couldn't see Guy yet, but the suprise is now gone, for him.
His opponent is a quick thinker, it would seem. So he'll have to think even
more quickly. Seishirou settles down, working to track the other ninja's
movement. While doing so.. he idly reaches behind himself... and unzips his
backpack by an inch or two.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou focuses on his next action.

After a moment or two of groping around, Guy's hand swiftly dissapears back
down in the hole it made.  More vague, general creaking can be heard, and
it's clear that Guy is moving again.  This time when his fist rams up
through the dock, a yard or so in front of Seishirou, it doesn't reach out
for anything.  Rather, it grabs onto a slat of wood that runs toward
Ryouhara, ripping it downward with enough force to clear a gap.  Almost
simultaneous, Guy comes rocketing through it, nearly horizantally, kicking
strongly despite the lack of leverage present from beneath the dock.

COMBATSYS: Guy successfully hits Seishirou with Kamaitachi.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Guy              0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0        Seishirou

Trying to track the other one's movement beneath the dock, Ryouhara has a
difficult time tracking Guy by noise alone. While the rickety dock creaked,
it was not easy for Seishirou to locate Guy precisely. This made him edgy.
But when finally he manages to pin a general area, there's a problem.
His opponent's already bust through the dock. This makes dodging a sticky
dilemma, before Seishirou realizes...
The blue ninja takes the blow full to the chest, snapping back and his feet
leaving the ground, spat blood flitting briefly through the air. Shortly
after gaining his senses is when Seishirou slams his right hand into the
dock, catching himself on a climbing claw, jammed into the wood? At this
point, the ninja uses the momentum Guy gave when striking as a sort of
slingshot effect against his arm, to launch a faster-than-normal kick of his
own right across the man's jaw.

COMBATSYS: Guy dodges Seishirou's Improvised Tactics.

Guy completes his backflip out of the wood, using the foothold he gained
from kicking Seishirou in the chest to get him upright with ease.  But
almost before he can react, Sei's kick is coming at him.  It's faster than
normal, maybe.  Fast enough?  Obviously not.  Guy ducks down and toward the
kick coming at him, spinning around as he does so.  Using the momentum from
that, he half-lunges forward, seeking to nail his wily opponent with a solid
backhand.  A solid backhand to the whatever's in reach.

COMBATSYS: Guy successfully hits Seishirou with Houzantou.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Guy              0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0        Seishirou

Too slow! Seishirou lands, with his back facing Guy. It doesn't take much of
a ninja to understand that having your back facing someone who hits that
hard is probably dangerous for one's health. But when Guy lunges, Seishirou
doesn't bother to turn, instead, his left hand darts to a point just
underneath the fore of his sash.
When Guy literally backhands him, it's only then that Seishirou whirls,
attempting to catch Guy's arm. Unfortunately, even though he likely makes
physical contact, interceding is a problem, and Seishirou catches the attack
full force, across the face. With a brief *ungh!* Seishirou appears to be
almost knocked off-balance by this attack, skipping away from Guy on one
Unfortunately, Guy will almost immediately realize Seishirou's true form of
attack; as he blocked, he had something in his hand. A sticky pad, something
like a band-aid. If this was allowed to stick to Guy, he'll realize that
something inside the pad is hissing. Fairly ominously.
He'll have all of about a second or two to remove the device and get away
from it before it detonates.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou successfully hits Guy with Sadist Tactics.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Guy              0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0        Seishirou

Guy is, without a doubt, caught off guard.  Maybe half a second is wasted in
surprise, but by then it's too late.  He grabs for the pad, even managing to
throw it all of an inch from his hand before it explodes.  And when it
does...ow.  He's slammed downward into the dock by the force of the
explosion, limply bouncing once or twice before capable of recovery.  And
when he does recover, well, he still needs a moment to collect himself.  He
just stays there, trying to guess what Seishirou will be coming at him with

COMBATSYS: Guy focuses on his next action.

The explosion was affirmation of Seishirou's attack working. While it won't
ever be quite clear where he failed the block on purpose to get a reasonable
distance from Guy, the ninja only appears to regain whatever it was he lost
from that backhand after Guy is well and away from Seishirou. Hands
somewhere behind him, he'd look quizzical, if he wasn't totally serious.
When Seishirou stops, he crouches, slamming right hand down into the wood
beneath him.
As he peers at Guy, Seishirou watches him carefully. "... You're pretty
quick too," he comments, of the last attack. He isn't going to charge
blindly into Guy's guard, it looks like. ... Overly cautious?

COMBATSYS: Seishirou focuses on his next action.

Guy begins to rock forward and backward, obviously about to try something.
But what could it be?  At the very least, befores he goes to do it, he
responds.  "Thanks." Well, it's better than nothing, right?  No sooner are
the words-er, is the word out of his mouth than he leaps forward, shooting
at the area right above Seishirou, flipping all the while.  Or at least,
flipping until he gets close enough to bring an elbow down at Seishirou.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou counters Bushin Izuna Otoshi from Guy with Improvised Trap.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Guy              0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0        Seishirou

As Guy rocks, Seishirou doesn't move. Not an inch, not a centimeter, not a
millimeter. The ninja instead waits. When Guy responds in a rough sort of a
way, Seishirou doesn't seem suprised, nor does he seem offended. Instead,
Seishirou simply smirks, in appreciation. If such a thing could be believed.
This guy was pretty serious about his fighting too. He'd have to move
carefully, else he'd lose quickly.
When Guy comes, in a highly-disorienting tactic to strike at his head,
Seishirou looks up, as the elbow comes dropping in on him. FAST! It was
almost too fast for even his eyes to see it coming. Unfortunately, there is
a 1% he can see. And oftentimes, that 1% is all he needs. .. Especially when
he has a plan. He removes his right hand from the climbing claw he just
planted into the wood, having previously attached the bomb from his left.
And then he vanishes in an instant, leaving only empty air for Guy to
assault. Unfortunately, he leaves something in his wake. Faint glints in the
air. 'Invisible' wires, tied to the climbing claw. They glitter just before
Guy, coiling about, with an unnerving amount of slack in them. This is
because they're quickly seeking to coil around Guy's neck and ensnare him.
THey're not strong, so they'll snap seconds after pressure is put on them.
But an instant is all Seishirou needs, as he is now above Guy's attack from
above, attempting to pull the wires taut enough to drop himself solidly on
Guy's shoulders feet-first in a attack that'll leave him flipping away from
the other ninja.

Well, crap.  Guy's swift assault proves to have been an unwise one, as
before he even has time to react, he's developed a rather severe case of
'wire on the neck.' As it pulls painfully tight, he reacts in the normal
human way: by choking and clutching at it.  Then, adding insult to injury,
Seishirou uses him as a stepping stone, sending Guy stumbling forward.  The
wire breaks around then, but at this point he's in control of himself once
more, and that means the wire's status is no longer primary in his mind.
Guy swiftly turns about, and his mind is racing.  Clearly, head-on assaults
against a foe like this is folly; therefore, it's time to get subtle, adopt
a new tactic.  Guy takes a few steps back, propping a foot up on a support
piling behind him, and essentially rests up.  Shocking.

COMBATSYS: Guy takes a breather.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Guy              0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0        Seishirou

Landing on his feet, Ryouhara moves away from Guy quickly, his sandals
gliding over the wood of the dock noiselessly, hands moving through the air
quickly. Settling, the ninja waits. His attack worked. Guy's attack was
fairly unexpected, but Seishirou has become used to such conditions. He
can't place his style, but the speed of the attacks are familiar to him.
Ryouhara could not get a decent bead on him, yet. He was quick, but he also
hurt. He was direct and yet, indirect at once. There was clearly something
operating at two levels here. And when Guy settles down to rest, Seishirou
raises an eyebrow. ... Could he be letting his guard down?
.. This guy was too serious, for that.
In this situation, Ryouhara will not attack if an opponent understands his
trump card and that he's coming. In such a situation, Seishirou resolves to
do the only thing he can. Bursting into motion, Seishirou runs not at, but
stopping just before the hole Guy made the first time, and as he skids,
suddenly his right hand flicks out, firing off several grey streaks through
the air towards Guy.
He would recognize them as weighted daggers explicitly made for throwing:
Kunai, and the flight is aimed at his neck, head, torso and each of his

COMBATSYS: Guy fails to slow Kunai Flight from Seishirou with Thrown Object.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Guy              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1        Seishirou

Guy had a plan, yes.  It didn't work too well, clearly.  Sure, the rest was
a ruse, made to make Seishirou attack and fall into Guy's trap...except it
didn't work like that.  Once the young Ryouhara went into action, Guy did,
too, swiftly reaching down and ripping a sizable chunk of dock off,
immediatly chucking it back, hopefully catching the throwing knives along
the way.  Except the knives were spread out, and a chunk of wood is a chunk
of wood.  Guy is generally slashed up, although he does manage to
last-minute dodge enough to make sure nothing vital is hit.

It's unclear if Seishirou actually understood that Guy had a plan.
But all of that's unimportant now. When Guy's struck with the Kunai,
Seishirou makes his move. As the chunk of wood goes flying at him, the ninja
watches it closely.. and when it comes towards him, he catches it in both
hands, skidding back with the force of the missed wood. And, spinning once,
he sends back at Guy with a physics that'll send it barreling in from the
left-- something of a very faint curveball. But then as he does so... the
ninja abruptly appears to 'vanish' on camera.
What Guy will see is that Seishirou used the hole in front of him to launch
himself off of, to land to Guy's right. While somewhat slower than his first
attack, the intent of it is apparent; Seishirou's attack form is next in a
clear haymaker punch to Guy's body, using his momentum arrested with one
shoe against the support to fuel it. He's trying to force Guy to go one way
while he strikes from that way.
A pincer? The only weakness is in those close quarters.

COMBATSYS: Guy interrupts Fierce Punch from Seishirou with Bushin Hassou Ken.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Guy              0/-------/------=|=======\=====--\1        Seishirou

Wow.  That was an awesome plan.  Really.  Tragically, the weakness Seishirou
himself foresaw seems to have been taken advantage of.  Ignoring the plank
completely, even as it strikes him solidly on the body, Guy keeps his eyes
on his opponent.  He gathers himself, his energy...almost everything he can
muster right now.  When Seishirou comes in to punch him, he gets much, much
more than he counted on, as Guy leaps at him with incredible swiftness;
indeed, if you looked closely, you would see faint afterimages trailing
behind him.  Of course, if that's all it was, the attack would suck.  No,
Guy also erupted in a flurry of punch.  A continual flurry of punch right
into Seishirou's face/chest/general upperbody region.

In that one instant that Seishirou knew he was vulnerable, Guy managed to
prove him right. Roughly, if Seishirou could trust his eyes, his body, and
his ability to do simple counting while getting beaten, Guy proved Seishirou
right about 14 times. He may have lost count.
And occaisionally, Seishirou finds that he doesn't like being proven right.
Struck down with such a quick number of punches, Seishirou had little choice
but to accept them, being beaten hard, up, and away from Guy, causing
Seishirou to slam into the dock roughly 9 feet away. It's only a moment
later he rises on shaky feet, breathing hard now. He's beginnnig to show
definite signs of blunt trauma, and the blows Guy just inflicted are likely
to develop into huge bruises soon.
"... Iih," Seishirou starts, calm despite injury, ".... you saw the opening.
... I think I'll have to try harder.." That's all he says, before his eyes
begin to track Guy closely. Cataloguing his every movement, parsing and
storing it away.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou focuses on his next action.

Guy lands more roughly than he should have, boards creaking heavily under
his step.  He stumbles slightly, before quickly recovering and taking a step
back to asses Seishirou anew.  This battle's been weighing heavily on him,
and it shows.  It even crosses his mind that maybe he's the one who needs to
be trying harder, at this point.  He slowly shakes his head, then brings it
around, stretching.  He slowly moves toward Seishirou, not seeming to be
doing anything subtle.  Or is he?  Or is he being subtle by not being subtle
at all?  It turns out to be that last one, as instead of doing anything
shocking, he just lashes out with a quick kick toward the shin.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou counters Light Kick from Guy with Calculated Trap.

[                          \\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Guy              0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0        Seishirou

Quietly, Seishirou is unphased as Guy approaches. To tell the truth, it's
ominous. Seishirou now knew the kind of punishment his fists were capable of
levying, and Seishirou was not intending on letting him hit. As he gets
close, Seishirou leans back, edging slightly. When Guy attacks, his foot
finds only air, because Seishirou is no longer there. And this time, it
literally does seem to be like Seishirou disappeared off of the face of the
The little ninja moves quick, when he wants to.
Only an instant later comes the counterattack.
A rain of kunai from the air, thrown at high speeds into the ground around
Guy, none of the kunai hitting him, but instead surrounding him. The point
of this? Each set of kunai thrown have wires tethered to them, formning
weapons similar to bola, only they anchor. In only a second, one sweep of
Seishirou's hands will, unless Guy moves, cover him in an impromptu wire
cage. And only when he is absolutely sure there is no other escape for Guy
does Seishirou attack, sailing down from the sky in a double-fisted
hammerblow, much like the one employed on Billy, only with the entirety of
his falling weight behind it, to possibly even smash Guy celar through the
rickety wood forming his floor, if Guy hits the ground hard enough.
Regardless, Seishirou will still put some distance from Guy after this.

There's a massive splintering of wood as Guy does, indeed, go through the
dock.  Shards of it go flying everywhere.  The onlookers and the cameras, of
course, are eating this up.  Unlike the last time Guy dissapeared from view,
this time there's a definate splash.  Some traces of water even manage to
find their way up the newly formed Guy-sized hole.  All in all?  Very
impressive looking.
Some few moments pass, and Guy doesn't reappear.  There's some hushed
mumbling about this, but everyone keeps watching.  They're soon rewarded by
seeing one of the dock's piling shudder, then splinter, as something beneath
the water hits it very hard.  Not once, not twice, but three times.  Air
bubbles rise from next to it, though despite the assault, the piling is
still more than intact, however, although it's causing the entire dock to
shake a good deal.  Then more silence.  Guy's soaked head gently pops up a
decent distance away from the piling, and then he moves into action.
Shooting upward out of the water toward Seishirou, he grabs at the other's
arm in midair, and tries to send the blue-clad ninja plummeting straight
downward, through the dock, and into the drink.

COMBATSYS: Guy successfully hits Seishirou with Izuna Otoshi.

[                          \\\\  < >  //                            ]
Guy              0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1        Seishirou

As the dock shakes, Seishirou blinks once, taking him only seconds to
understand what Guy may be trying to do and then he takes off running _away_
from that piling. Unfortunately, this appears to be the other ninja's plan,
and when Seishirou is caught, he's treated to the exact same thing Guy
was--an introduction to the ground, so hard he creates another hole and
splashes down underwater with Guy. Eyes _wide_, Seishirou understands the
strategy perfectly.
And, unfortunately for Seishirou, underwater fighting was not something he's
even begun to train for. At that point, with limited air, Seishirou does the
only thing he can: Try and grasp Guy, get a shoe planted in his face, and
use the red-orange ninja as a springboard to splash himself out of the
water. If he succeeds, he'll cling to the bottom of the dock for a moment
with a kunai, perhaps attempting to work out how he'd get back to solid
ground without compromising himself.
A fascinating maneuver...

COMBATSYS: Guy blocks Seishirou's Improvised Tactics.

[                            \\  < >  //                            ]
Guy              0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1        Seishirou

Well, he may very well get a shoe planted, although it won't be in Guy's
face, since said ninja manages to get an arm up in the way.  It still hurts,
though, as it manages quite succesfully to ram Guy's own arm into his face.
Take what you can get, ninja boy.  Because if Guy has his way, then
Seishirou isn't going anywhere.  Nevermind that Guy's still pretty low on
air, having only had moments to get a breath before he was back underwater.
As one arm protects him, the other snakes out, reaching for Seishirou's leg.
If that works, then Guy will turn it into more than that, making a collossal
effort to flip the younger ninja downward again, using his shoulder as a
fulcrum against the other's leg.  Of course, that's assuming them being in
water doesn't screw it up.  Or that he can snag Seishirou in the first

COMBATSYS: Seishirou counters Quick Throw from Guy with Kawarimi.

[                            \\  < >  //                            ]
Guy              0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1        Seishirou

He was going to lose this fight if he stayed underwater any longer. Ryouhara
wasn't anywhere near as prepared for this kind of battle as Guy
was--tactically, the other ninja had the advantage, because Seishirou did
not have the edge in physical prowess; Guy was over all larger, heavier, and
could very well keep him down here until he inhaled water into his lungs and
drowned. This was not going to do. So, lungs burning, Seishirou decides
that, if he's going to stop Guy, efforts had to be taken. Even as he
escaped, he could hear Guy's attack, speed almost uninhibited by the water.
And smoke bombs don't work under here. Which is why Seishirou curls into a
tight ball when Guy attacks.
And then purses his lips, to exhale violently.
The ninja's relatively small frame is suddenly obscured in a burst of fizz
and bubbles as carbon dioxide is blasted towards Guy in a large
vision-restricting haze.
When Guy catches Seishirou and flips, he'll find that what he flipped, in
reality, was a piece of wood that came down during the fallout, drifting
into the murky depths. It's wearing Seishirou's distinctively-marked jacket.
The real Seishirou is now appearing at the side of one of the pilings, to
get up and out of the water. He looks rather like a drowned rat now, gasping
for air. Rrgh.. He could be coming any moment now.

Guy quickly realizes his mistake after he totally kicks that wood's ass.
Whirling about in the water, he quickly scans about from his underwater
vantage point...something which soon proves futile, both due to the inherant
difficulty of seeing things when submerged, and the cloud of bubbles that
have floated up toward the surface.  But Guy's lungs are burning, too, and
that leaves one course of action: time to go up, for better or worse.
Swimming toward another of the pilings (by cooincidence not the one
Seishirou's on), he latches on and begins to clamber his way up, ignoring
the omnipresent ache in his body.  Once he gets to the top, though, he
just...flops.  And gasps like a fish.

COMBATSYS: Guy takes a breather.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Guy              0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1        Seishirou

Pant, pant. When Guy climbs up the next piling over, in the brief lull
Seishirou manages to catch his own breath, but only marginally more so.
Climbing up onto his feet, Seishirou's form is literally drizzling water,
and now, you can see his soaked turtleneck tank completely. But now he
realizes just how close to drowning he came.
He'll kick Guy in the face soon. Right now, he's tired, and needs to think
of a plan.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou focuses on his next action.

Guy tiredly gets to his feet, and wearily stares at Seishirou.  "I think
this has gone on more than long enough." With another great effort, he runs
forward at Seishirou, stumbling once or twice on the way, just missing one
of the holes on his way.  And when he arrives at Seishirou's face, he does
the simple thing, and sort of tries to step on it.  What?  They can't all be

COMBATSYS: Guy successfully hits Seishirou with Light Kick.

[                         \\\\\  < >                                ]
Guy              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1        Seishirou

Taken down by a kick to the face? ... Yes. In his tired state, Seishirou's
mind seems to be too filled with numbers and physics to avoid Guy's kick to
the face. And unfortunately, as Seishirou tips back, he finds that Guy has
indeed kicked -him- in the face. .... Upsetting. At this point, Seishirou's
widen as he hits the ground.. not... while he has just a little bit left!
All he could think of was ... simply that, running on fumes, he would not
fall so easily.
The modification came simply, easily. When Seishirou falls down, it's into a
full scale backwards crouch, and an instant response. The attack, a reverse
vertical twisted knife-kick to the chin, will smack Guy straight into the
air. High.

COMBATSYS: Seishirou can no longer fight.
COMBATSYS: Seishirou has left the fight here.
COMBATSYS: Guy blocks Seishirou's Strong Kick.
[                             \  <
Guy              1/-------/=======|

Guy wasn't entirely caught off guard by this last-minute attack, although
there's still not much he can do about, short of bringing his arms in tight,
both to take part of the blow, and to redirect the rest into his midsection.
And yes, that does, in fact, still hurt quite a bit.  Guy is barely sent up
into the air anyway, landing roughly on his back a yard or two away.  It's
clear he's not down, though, as he rolls about a bit clutching at his gut.

Slam. Seishirou, at this point, braces to attack after Guy, to land the rest
of the combination... when he realizes he has absolutely nothing left but a
pittance of reserve in his muscles. He couldn't move any faster right now if
he tried. He'd likely rip his muscles in two trying to complete it... "....
I ... can't.." His vision dims. And the last thing he sees, is a blurry
image of Guy, still standing.
"...I .. can still move.." Seishirou manages to choke out, before the
effects of that last kick catch up with him and he collapses, right there on
the dock.

Slowly, the sneaker ninja gets to his feet, one hand still clenching at his
gut.  And man.  Everything hurts.  Well, could he expect anything less from
another ninja?  Course not.  Still standing as tall as he can manage without
/too much/ pain, he manages to croak out, "Nice...job." Then he turns and
walks away, pushing away anyone who might have wanted to talk to him.

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