SNF 2004.04 - Dan versus Terry

Description: Hibiki does remarkably well against the Hungry Wolf, considering... (Winner: Terry)

Howard Arena

   Cavernous and huge, Howard Arena is the epicenter of public display
within Southtown. A multi-billion dollar venture by Geese Howard, the arena
paid for itself within the first two years. The enormous arena is able to
seat hundreds of thousands for any variety of spectacle--the most common of
which being sports, concerts, and of course, martials arts competition. The
latter has made Howard Arena famous, as it hosts various tournaments and
exhibitions each year.

   There's only one primary arena, and every effort has been made to make it
impressive. The overall atmosphere of the arena is that of solemn magnitude.
Thousands of seats ring the main central stage, the front row seats dropping
to eyelevel of the flat stage. The stage sits in a large depression, with
enough space between it and the seats to allow for trainers, officials, and
other such people to run back and forth. These and exits in the stands lead
off to countless corridors for spectators and competitors to travel in and
out with ease. Naturally enough, these corridors are filled with vendors,
peddling everything from food to Ralf-style bandanas to authentic Mai
Shiranui thongs.

   The stage itself is a massive rectangular block of stone. Six-inch thick
flat slate tiles cover a much harder core of reinforced granite, giving the
stage the look of a weathered, timeless mountaintop. Stairs on opposite sides
provide a dignified way for the fighters to approach the center, the stairs
appearing to be carved directly into the rock. Here, some truly spectacular
battles are fought under the eyes of an entire city and, indeed, the world.
[Exits   : <Out> Out to Business District ]
[Players : Terry ]

"LLLLLLLLLLLLADIES AND GEEENTLEMEN! Welcome to another exciting edition of
Saturday! Night! Fight!" The announcer stands in the middle of the arena,
spotlights fixed on him as he revs up the crowd. "Tonight, we've got an
especially entertaining matchup for you! A regular here at Saturday Night
Fight, our favorite good-natured punching ba- I mean, local martial arts
master, the Saikyo Psycho...DAAAAN HIBIIIIKIIII!" The crowd applauds, though
mainly it's those weird few who enjoy cheering for the underdog.
"His opponent is gracious enough to entertain us tonight, and we're sure to
see some spectacular fighting going on! The Lone Wolf, the kid off the
streets, the King of Fighters himself is here tonight, ladies and
gentlemen...TERRYYYY BOGAAAARRRRD!" The applause is -considerably- louder
this time, the entire arena shaking with excitement at seeing Terry in the

As Terry's announced to the large crowd in the Arena, he steps out from his
corner into the bright array of spotlights, turning and waving to the crowd.
The Lone Wolf waves to each side, enjoying the applause from his fans,
letting it cleanse him of Freeman's taint so he can relax and enjoy the
battle to come. Then, once he's waved to his fans, he turns to face the
center of the Arena, waiting for Dan to make his own appearance. As he
stands there, he loosens his shoulders up by loosely swinging his arms,
turning his torso at his waist and hopping a little in place, getting the
circulation going. Finally, to indicate that he's ready, Terry pulls on his
fingerless gloves, putting the velcro into place and heading to the center
of the ring.

"OrarararaRARARARARARARA!" The shout booms through the arena as Dan Hibiki
rolls up and onto the arena floor, a pink ball of manliness. He uncurls at
the proper position, hopping to his feet in a surprisingly fluid motion. In
his hand is the reason for the extra-loud quality of his voice tonight; a
wireless microphone.
(In the control room: "Who the hell gave him a mic?!")
Dan turns around to face the entire crowd, basking in the applause as well.
He seems completely oblivious to the fact that it just isn't meant for him,
though there are a few calls of "Dan! Go Dan!" Dan raises the microphone to
his face, holding his free hand up in the air.
"I know you all've missed me from the last few weeks! I was preparing!
Training! For I have attained a new prodigy, a new student to teach in the
art of Saikyo, and his master must be in top form before the teaching can
begin! Tonight is a test, a chance to prove that I have become the man I was
and always will be, the man that can live up to his father's name! It is an
honor to fight you, Mister Bogard, and once this battle is over, I know that
I will be ready for you, Rock Howard! Ready to show you the true path!" By
the end of this little speech, tears are streaming down his face, one fist
pumped in the air.
The crowd is dead silent.

Terry practically stares at Dan Hibiki, simply shocked into standing
completely still near the center of the stone stage, his arms hanging at his
sides loosely. His mouth twitches at the corners, as if the legendary wolf
is fighting the urge to start chuckling, or even worse, start laughing out
loud as Dan's antics. His eyes dance with the light-hearted amusement, and
he takes a few steps back from the center of the ring, letting Dan Hibiki
enjoy his moment in the spotlight.
Of course, he also notices the absolute lack of applause or cheering in the
crowd, and as Dan stands there, tears streaming down his face, Terry starts
to incite the crowd to start cheering again by lifting his hands a few
times, and then clapping for the pink master himself.
A wide grin on his face, Terry waits until the crowd once again fills the
Arena with noise, then gives a respectful bow to Dan Hibiki before
positioning his feet just right, taking a ready stance, facing Dan. "Any
time you're ready, Hibiki."

COMBATSYS: Dan has started a fight here.
COMBATSYS: Terry has joined the fight here.

Scattered applause breaks out, along with a few whistles from the Danfans.
The announcer shakes himself back into action, clearing his throat. "Uh,
right, right! Ladies and gentlemen, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!"
Dan flings his microphone at the announcer, who fumbles but manages the
catch. Dan settles himself into a horse stance, cracking his neck to the
left, then cracking his neck to the right. "I hate to be impertinent, Mister
Bogard, but I hope you will allow me to open this fight!" Without waiting
for a response, Dan kicks off from the floor, charging towards Terry. He
moves in a zigzag pattern, which would otherwise be useful, but who -can't-
follow the bright pink outfit?
Regardless, Dan's belief in this tactic is firm, and he follows it through
to the end, where he kicks off from Terry's right side and launches into the
air, swinging his leg around for a textbook roundhouse kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Terry            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Dan

COMBATSYS: Terry dodges Dan's Strong Kick.

Terry's eyes easily track Dan zigzagging towards him, the bright pink gi
definitely easy to predict. Naturally, Terry can recognize actual talent,
despite all of the zaniness Dan provides free of charge, and so he takes his
opponent seriously enough. His right foot moves around and behind his left
foot, and as Dan's roundhouse kick comes in at Terry's face, the lone wolf
spins away from it with a rather neat circle, not wasting a single motion as
his movement takes him out of range of the foot that goes whistling through
thin air instead.
Naturally, Terry takes advantage of the missed shot to get one of his own in
instead. And as Dan continues his roundhouse spin, the Lone Wolf darts
forward almost faster than the eye can see. His right fist is nothing more
than a flesh-colored blur as Terry's fist drives at Dan's right side, a
short, fast jab delivered with just enough oomph to make it sting. No sense
in ending this fight too quickly.. Terry needs a good contest and fun to
relax from the week he's had.

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Dan with Jab Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Terry            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0              Dan

The quick jab nearly throws Dan off balance; he lands on on foot, hopping a
foot or two away before he regains his balance. "Interesting how SNF brings
out all the bigshots," Dan remarks. "You, me, Geese Howard, Miss
Asamiya...never before have I been able to test my skills against -real-
opponents." Rather than flowing tears, however, Dan continues the fight,
hopping back into close range of Terry. "I almost feel bad about doing
this!" 'This', if it works, is grabbing both of Terry's shoulder's and
flinging him over Dan's shoulder to the other side of the arena. Quick,
dirty, but useful.

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Dan's Seoi Nage.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Terry            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0              Dan

Terry grins slightly, obviously enjoying himself as Dan closes once more
into close range. Terry's left foot goes back, letting him rock back for
solid support as Dan's hands dart up to his shoulders. He feels Hibiki grab
hold of his shoulders solidly, and immediately twists, bringing his arms up
in a swift blow to the underside of Dan's forearms, knocking the other
fighter's hands off of his shoulders before he can be thrown, though he
feels the impact in his own forearms as they come into contact with Dan's.
Terry grins again, definitely having fun, "No, don't apologize. What's the
point of facing a worthy opponent if you're going to apologize for actually
fighting?" And with that, Terry grabs Dan's shoulders, grabbing a handful of
his Gi. However, instead of trying to throw the pink master, he jumps,
swinging his feet rapidly underneath and bringing them forward. He extends
his feet rapidly at Dan's chest, in effect trying to plant both feet on
Dan's chest to send him flying, releasing his hold on the pink master's
shoulders at the same time.

COMBATSYS: Dan interrupts Medium Kick from Terry with Gadouken.
- Power hit! -

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Terry            0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0              Dan

Dan lets out a yelp as Terry returns the favor, latching onto his gi. He
barely has enough time to see Terry hop up, only a second to figure out what
he's doing...and as Terry's feet come swinging in to strike him on the
chest, Dan's arms pull back, shooting forward at the last instant to meet
the Wolf's legs. Rather than fist meeting foot, however, a flash of bright
blue chi erupts from around Dan's arms, exploding forward to meet Terry
head-on. "GADOUKEN!"
The Gadouken doesn't stop Terry, but it -does- slow his kick, and that's all
Dan really needs right now. The kick impacts on his chest, and he goes
flying back..but only a few feet or ten, not the twenty or more it would
have done to him. His feet skid along the floor, dragging him to a stop. He
looks up, vaguely surprised...but Dan, ever the showman, turns his left side
to face Terry, his arm up. With a silent, self-confident smile, he beckons
Terry forward.

Terry flies backwards as the Chi energy erupts against his legs, sending him
flying over the stone stage. He leans back into the blast and flips
backwards and around, landing on his feet, a good ten to fifteen feet away
from the point of contact himself, landing in an easy crouch, his right arm
forward, touching the ground as he looks up at Dan. Impressed at Dan's
speed, Terry grins and picks himself up to his feet almost casually,
standing once more to full height before taking his opening position. he
stands there for a moment, matching Dan pose for pose, but it doesn't last

The Lone Wolf suddenly oncoils like a tightened spring, moving in a blur or
red, blue and white, his ponytail streaming out behind him as he charges
Dan. the pink master sees the blue motes of Chi gather and swirl around
Terry's right fist, and as the Lone Wolf delivers a powerful swing, his fist
and forearm erupts into waves of blue chi as Terry lets out a resounding

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Dan with Burn Knuckle.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1              Dan

Dan shifts from that pose to a more useful one, hopping on the balls of his
feet. He watches Terry approach, confident in being able to fend off
whatever the Wolf's got. ...And then he sees the chi form around Terry's
hand, and the speed at which it's flying right for him. "...Oh, hell-" He
throws his arms up in a crossguard to protect his face, but he misjudges the
actual point of contact. Terry's fist slams into his chest, and he gets
blown back clear across the arena. He lands on his back, but his momentum
isn't going to let him rest just yet--he bounces once, twice, tumbling
backwards until he comes to a rest at the edge, his gi smoking slightly from
the impact.
Dan doesn't take long to get back to his feet, although he grimaces for a
moment as he pats his chest. "There's a wake-up call for you, he mutters,
but shakes his head soon after. He assumes the horse stance again, drawing
his elbows in close to his sides, putting on a look of intense
concentration. "UAAAAAA....! Let's get this party started!" From the look of
it, Dan's only just revving up to fight.

COMBATSYS: Dan gathers his will.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1              Dan

Terry comes to a halt, watching Dan bounce away from him, across the stone
floor of the Arena, the crowd erupting into a deafening cheer as the more
flashy moves are starting to be brought out. Terry rocks back and forth from
foot to foot, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet, holding his hands
in a ready position as he gives his opponent enough time to get back onto
his feet once more. Of course, Terry immediately notices the look of
concentration on Dan's face moments before sensing the build up of Chi as
it's drawn into Dan from around the Arena. More cheering invigorates Terry
into action, the Lone Wolf once more springing forward, charging the mighty
Dan Hibiki. Terry races across the stone floor, and at about fifteen feet
away, he suddenly leaves the floor. His powerful legs bunching, Terry Bogard
launches himself up into the air, moving in a fast arc, his whole body
spinning around. His ponytail goes whipping around, and as Terry's right
foot comes whipping around from behind, it ignites into orange flames as
Terry spins his foot around at Dan's unprotected chest, yelling out, "FIRE

COMBATSYS: Dan blocks Terry's Fire Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Dan

The issue with the horse's a -little- difficult to get out of
when someone's rushing you. ...And so Dan doesn't even try. He sits there
and watches Terry launch himself at him, giving a low whistle in
appreciation. It's not Saikyo, but it's still damn cool. As the Fire Kick
completes its arc, Dan throws his arm up--this time not to try and block
Terry's kick, but instead to catch it with one hand.
And catch it he does, although he immediately lets go of the leg, shaking
his arm out to get rid of the chi flames. "Ow, MAN that smarts!" The force
of the kick is probably going to leave his hand stinging for a week, too.
But the kick is stopped, and for a brief second Terry is right where Dan
wants him. Dan's grin turns sly, and he ducks down and forward, gathering
his legs up under him. The hand that he didn't use to catch the kick
tightens into a fist, and a flare of pink chi bursts around the master of
"KOURYUU!" At his own signal, Dan shoots himself up into the air, the fist
whipping straight up into an uppercut aimed right for Terry's chin. The
momentum of the attack carries him spinning into the air (and Terry as well
if he's lucky), though he falls back to the ground shortly thereafter.
"REKKA!" It seems he's not quite done. Regardless of if Terry is being taken
for a ride or not, Dan follows through on his most powerful move's second
half. It's a much shorter hop, but the second punch adds some icing to the
cake of the first. Whether or not it hits, -man- that felt good. Dan hasn't
had an opportunity to execute the Kouryuu Rekka in a long time.

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Dan's Kouryuu Rekka.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Terry            0/-------/--=====|-------\-------\0              Dan

Terry pulls himself to the left as his momentum is halted by Dan's block to
his right leg. He tenses his muscles as the pink master suddenly erupts up
from the ground in his massively powerful finishing move. The Lone Wolf
takes the first blow to his right side, the chi searing up the length of his
thigh, up his side, and over his arm, sending Terry spinning counter to
Dan's spin. However, he manages to land on both feet, and as Dan comes
winding around for the second uppercut, he has his forearms up to block the
majority of the blow. Yet, the force behind it send Terry sliding back
twenty feet, his sneakers heating up against the massive stone slab as
friction finally pulls him to a halt. And, as he lowers his crossed
forearms, the arena erupts into deafening roars, as the Lone Wolf just took
Dan's most powerful move, remaining on his feet.
The Lone Wolf lowers his arms, still red and sore from blocking Dan's chi,
and he grins at the pink master, his body glowing in a slight blue aura, as
Dan can feel terry start to draw in Chi himself from all around the arena.

COMBATSYS: Terry gathers his will.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Terry            1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

Dan felt it connect! Terry didn't get away! Elation! Saikyo is the
strongest! He straightens up after finishing the move, cracking his
knuckles. "You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll
only be second best, see?" He rolls his arm once, the pain of striking
Terry's manly forearm (but not as manly as Dan's!) fading quickly. "That was
just a warmup!" he announces. "Get ready for my real finishing move!" And
with that, he kicks off into a run...not directly at Terry, but off to his
Dan continues to run in a circle around Terry, using this time of rest to
get himself some good speed going. His circle spirals inward, closing on
Terry slowly but surely...and at the right moment, about ten feet away, Dan
turns toward Terry and leaps straight into the air. It's a pretty good jump,
really, taking him high above Terry's head. At the peak of his jump, he
angles his body downward, a streak of pink freefalling toward the blond in
red. He cocks one fist back, and midway through the fall he yells, "ULTIMATE
reaches Terry's location (or where Terry will hopefully still be by the time
this move ends), he launches his fist forward, packing as much raw power
behind it as he can.

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Dan's Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Terry            1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

Terry brings his hands up, throwing them up to meet Dan's descending fist
with a forceful impact, flesh smacking into flesh. Surprisingly, there is no
chi behind this current blow, and so Terry doesn't even get blown back a
foot. It simply leaves his hands stinging from the force of the blow.
However, it leaves Dan open, right in front of Terry. The yell starts quiet
and low, growing in volume and force, and Terry pulls backl his right fist,
glowing with blue chi, and slams it down into the ground, "POWER!
Immediately, the stone at Dan's feet erupts with a massive blue wave of Chi,
the roaring drowning out even the sound of the crowd as the chi blast races
right for the pink master, seeking to end the fight in a flashy move!

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Dan with Power Geyser.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Terry            0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1              Dan

Dan does an impressive little backflip as he feels his fist smack against
solid flesh. He lands on the ground, and the audience has a second to see
him wincing and shaking his hand. There's no chance to nurse it, however, as
the floor beneath him erupts in a blast of pure power. Dan is lifted up into
the air, battered and shaken like mad, his body straining just to hold
together from the torrent of chi lashing at him. He barely pulls himself
together, though, gathering enough strength to actually push himself off the
wave of chi, arcing himself back toward Terry. "Dan Dan...Boot To The Head!"
he manages to call out, stabbing his feet downward at his opponent. It's not
a flashy way to go out, but at this point, it's easier to let gravity take
over once again.

COMBATSYS: Dan has reached second wind!
COMBATSYS: Dan successfully hits Terry with Dankuu Kyaku.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Terry            0/-------/----===|=======\=====--\1              Dan

Terry stands up as the chi flows from him, now spent, having used his Power
Geyser. However, it's to some surprise that he sees the pink form hurtling
again at him one last time in a sort of last ditch effort to do what damage
he can. Terry is, for once, caught by surprise.. yet, his reaction times are
still faster than most even if they knew an attack was coming.
unfortunately for Terry, it's not fast enough; and as he ducks, weaving to
get out of the way of the kick, Dan's heel connects solidly with Terry's
jaw, sending the lone wolf down to the hard stone arena floor. As Terry
shakes his head to clear it from ringing bells, he looks over, his eyes
widening in slight surprise to see Dan back on his feet again. Quickly, he
picks himself up off the ground with a kippup and wipes the blood from the
corner of his mouth.
Before the blood even hits the Arena floor, the Lone Wolf is a blur of
action, his sneakers racing him across the arena floor towards the pink gi.
concentrating on his next move, Terry goes low and comes up, his right arm
going wide as he pushes himself off the floor a foot in front of Dan. If the
move hits, his arm will hook under Dan's left armpit, and Hibiki will find
himself lifted into the air, only to be spun around and hurled back down at
the stone arena floor.

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Dan with Grasping Upper.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Terry            0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Dan

Dan's strike lands solidly, despite his rapidly fading strength. He gets
knocked to the floor, and for a moment he doesn't get up. That Power Geyser
tore him up, as evidenced by his tattered gi.
. o O (D...dammit...I'm DAN. I'm MIGHTY. And this fight was too short! I
can't lose, not until the people have had more Dan!)
With a powerful grunt, Dan pushes himself up, eliciting a surprising cheer
from the crowd. (Hey, give him a break. He survived!) He gets to his knees,
turning around to face Terry again as he wipes some blood from his lip.
"Terry! I will defeat y-*GURK*" His strength hasn't fully come back yet, and
it's child's play for Terry to pick Dan up and knock him around once more.
Dan hits the floor hard, coughing up a spatter of blood.
Lightning never strikes twice. But Dan is mightier than any mere lightning.
Almost immediately after he smacks into the ground, Dan's force of will
launches him back into the air. ..Okay, his legs do, but that doesn't sound
as cool. Regardless, he yells the familiar "KOURYUU REKKA!" as he executes
his double spinning uppercut. At the end of the second punch, however, he'll
just kinda let himself fall once again.

COMBATSYS: Dan has reached third wind!
COMBATSYS: Dan successfully hits Terry with Kouryuu Rekka.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Terry            0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

Terry spins around midair, his ponytail whipping around as he hears the
words coming from Dan's mouth, in almost complete disbelief at the man's
fighting spirit this night. His body shifts, his arms comes up in a blocking
position, only to feel the full force of Dan's uppercut rip right through
his block and catch him clear on the chin, snapping his head backwards.
Terry's hat flies off as the second uppercut rips through Terry's
nonexistent defenses, and the lone wolf is sent hurtling through the air to
land hard on the stone arena floor, all the way at the other end.
More slowly than before, Terry picks himself up off the ground, both of his
fists glowing with blue chi as he draws it in from his surroundings,
standing up on both of his feet. He stares at Dan across the Arena, then
flashes Hibiki a wide grin.. of all things, Terry's enjoying such a
challenge as he tonight. The first strike is with his left fist, the chi
exploding from his hand, racing towards Dan through the stone arena floor,
leaving Terry crouched. But.. a second later, moving faster than the eye can
see, terry stands up, swings himself around in a circle and smals his right
fist down onto the floor again, "ROUND WAVE!!!
The second wave erupts, larger than the first, moving more quickly, and as
it overtakes the first chi eruption, it only magnifies itself, both waves
combining together to create a massive wave of chi.

COMBATSYS: Dan dodges Terry's Round Wave.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Terry            0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

Huh? Whazzat racket?
...Oh yeah, the fight!
Dan blinks once, lifting his head up and peering around him blearily. He was
having a really good dream. It was something about Athena in a pink dress
learning how to do a Kouryuken...
...Of course, the MASSIVE WALL OF CHI DEATH that's rushing at him does much
to wipe away the image from the mind's eye, something that Dan will later
regret. But for now, his survival instincts (What? Whaaat? Don't laugh!)
take over, and he pushes himself to the side with surprising speed, rolling
-just- out of the way of the Round Wave. He lies there panting for a moment,
then pushes himself to his feet. He manages to stand almost steadily, though
he looks a wreck. His gi is torn up, the top hanging down over his belt,
leaving just the tight black shirt underneath. The single lock of hair that
normally springs lightly over his forehead droops now, and he takes a moment
to puff that out of the way.
And he grins back at Terry. This wasn't a real surprise to him. This is how
things ought to be. Saikyo is destined to be the number one martial art in
the world. It was only a matter of time before it would be realized.
"This is the BEST fight I've had in years!" Dan bursts out, hopping up and
down on the balls of his feet. Just like a little kid! But the joy lasts
only a moment, as he quickly settles back into his Determined Stance #37.
"Ready to finish this, Terry?"
Without waiting for an answer, Dan bursts into a run at a speed one would
never think possible of someone in his state. He charges directly at Terry,
forgoing Guile in favor of conserving energy. Several feet out, he launches
himself into the air, driving at Terry in a forward drill attack. His arm
shoots forward again, and at the appropriate moment, he blasts a bright blue
ball of blazing energy in front of himself, aiming to knock Terry backward.

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Dan's Gadouken.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Terry            0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

Terry lashes out his fist in a quick blur of motion, and the bright blue
ball of energy explodes before it even has a chance to hit Terry's chest and
send him flying. However, instead of falling back and regrouping, Terry
blazes through the dissipating chi, his fists flying as he begins and
all-out assault on Dan. Terry's grin widens slightly as he bears in close to
Hibiki, and his arms blue faster and faster with each step, moving from
straight-arm blows to rolling gut punches, the fists flying at Dan from all
angles as Terry seeks to end the fight.. will Dan stay down this time..?
Hopefully so.

COMBATSYS: Dan blocks Terry's Medium Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Terry            1/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0              Dan

Maybe someday Dan will realize just how little his Gadoukens actually do
against someone who can create something like a Round Wave. As for today,
he's pulled into a series of whupass too fast to actually compherend it. He
manages to knock aside a few shots, but the rest blow through. When Terry is
done, Dan's still on his feet!...but staggering. He looks a little punch
drunk, but has enough consciousness to pull out a couple of things from his
..It's a 3x5 glossy of him and a black pen. He staggers in close to Terry,
pressing the photo against his jacket. He pops the pen open and leans in to
sign it. "Here ya go, kiddo," he slurs. "Now you can tell all your friends
how you got to fight the Saikyo Master." And after handing the photo to
Terry, he tilts over backward. *thud*

COMBATSYS: Dan can no longer fight.
COMBATSYS: Dan has left the fight here.
COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Dan's Premium Sign.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Terry            1/-------/=======|

Terry blinks, a little confused for a moment, but as Dan pushes the
autographed picture at him, Terry brings up his hand, the polaroid slapping
against his palm firmly, sticking to it as Dan falls over, finally unable to
fight any longer. Terry's fingers close around the top of the picture, and
he turns it around to look at it, grinning with a smirk, then turns to face
the audience, holding his arm high, picture in hand.
The Arena erupts into a tumult of sound as the announcer says over the
off, practically blinding Terry as he turns and thrusts his fist up in the
air, facing each side of the Arena before walking back to collect his hat.
He scoops it up by the brim, flipping it back onto his head, then walks over
to Dan, crouching low, "Nice fight, Hibiki. You had me going for a while
there. I haven't had a fight that good in some time." He claps a hand down
on Dan's shoulder, then stands up, waving to the fans once more.

Dan can't really respond to Terry. After all, he is out cold. But, he's back
in that dream where he's teaching Saikyo to Athena again, so maybe it's not
all that bad. Though, when Terry claps him on the shoulder, his subconscious
pulls into the driver's seat for a moment.
Yes, folks, this fight really did leave him that sore.

COMBATSYS: Terry has ended the fight here.

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