(last updated: 12/28/17)

Heal represents a talent for curing injuries (and to a lesser extent, fatigue) in a very sudden manner. Where cracked ribs might take a few days to normally mend, someone with a Heal technique could restore it nearly instantly. A variety of these techniques exist; Athena's energy fields can heal people, Elena can focus her chi to cause a similar effect, and Kyoko's skill with massages and chiropractor techniques is such that she can also get this result.

Only characters that have the Heal Ability may have techniques that have the Heal Effect. If you have even just one technique with Heal attached to it, you must take the Heal ability. Heals are unusual within our combat system; they restore Health, rather than dealing damage to reduce someone's Health. That is, a Heal attack will never harm the target, only benefit them.

You can target yourself with a Heal; that is perhaps their main use and purpose. You will still have to React to this 'attack' (indeed, Heals are initiated and handled in the exact same manner any other Attack would be), so simply Accept it at the start of your next turn. You may not Accept it immediately upon targeting yourself with it.

You may target others with a Heal in combat as well, which could come in handy for 2 vs. 2 battles and such where you're all fighting simultaneously. Your target should just Accept the Heal at the start of their next turn. If they don't want it, they can cancel the Heal. Heals may not be reacted to in any way other than Accept or Cancel.

The ability to simply Accept a Heal is offset by their potential unreliability. When you use a Heal, there is the possbility that it will do less than its full potential. This is based off the attack's speed; faster Heals are more reliable.

The Heal effect can only be combined with the following effects: Sig, EM1, EM2, PRESS, Super and MAX.

Please note that having Heal is rare; not everyone can have it. This is more of a themeatic point than anything; it's simply not a common talent, even amongst fighters. Applying for a character with Heal will require a very good app, otherwise we may ask you to pick something else.

As a final point, it bears mentioning that Energy (Chi or Psi) Heals are more common than Physical or Throw ones. It's easier to explain the results of healing through energy than it is Physical or Throw based techniques, but Physical and Throw based heals do exist and can be applied for as long as they make sense.

Heals used by characters in TOP will be less likely to fail.