Full Name:Zenaida the Siberian Sasquatch
Blood Type:??
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:White
Likes:Vodka, Russian Cooking, Working Out, Motorcycles
Dislikes:Cowards, Thieves, American Beer, Hunters
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Move. Or be broken."

Stoic would be the word most associated with this giant, bear-like yeti. Direct, taciturn and nonchalant would be a few other words people might use. Starting her professional life as a knee breaker for the Russian Mafia, she used her pent up aggression for the destruction of her home to brutalize any opponent she was sent after. Very early on, she was taught how to fire a gun, hide the evidence and most importantly, how to hurt people. Eventually she became known as the Siberian Sasquatch, a name that ensured that all would follow the will of the Mafia. Despite her love of the job, she did yearn for freedom, something she had never had the chance to experience. After 30 years of service, she was given a deal: Do this last job and you can be free. Eager for a chance at freedom, she agreed quickly. The last job in question was an assassination of a major politician. She was successful, but the Mafia intentionally gave away her place of living and were waiting for her to return. Betrayed and now losing her second home, she ran for her life and managed by a very slim margin, to slip out of the country. She now resides in Southtown, using her savings from doing the mob's dirty work for so long to life comfortably. Now that she has freedom...what does she do with it exactly?

Style:Disciplined Street Fighting
Signature Move:The Iron Curtain -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2016.08] SNF: DEMILITARIZED - Who are we to forget that wars are not just fought by the guys sweating their butts off in the assault vehicles? Sometimes it's about the guys fighting the war, sweating their butts off in the jungle! With Special Forces elite and minor Fightagram celebrity CASSIE CAGE, there's literally no one better to stick in the Winterfresh-barren sweltering jungle of the PFW BATTLEZONE! But watch out, there's monsters in them thar hills, and you might run across veteran kneebreaker ZENAIDA while trying to find your way out. Not hot enough for you? You'll be glad to know that TANKS are shooting 120mm smoothbore shells over your heads the whole time! With the daft punks we got to drive these lethal pieces of leveling lacerations, who knows where the next bomb will drop? Get ready to have a blast!! - Log created on 12:46:55 08/29/2016 by Cassie, and last modified on 15:47:29 08/31/2016. Cast: Cassie and Zenaida.

[SNF 2016.08] SNF: The Kung Fu Tourists - ALOYSIUS: "And here we are, catering to the lowest common denominator; people who appreciate film and fighting in cartoon animal form. Still, I admit that the Kung Fu series did explore some themes and exploits that were not entirely maledict to the collected works. I suppose we can at least foist off knowledge to our young viewership and portray some of the real world locales that served as the inspiration for the sites in the film. We'll bill this as a tour of Kung Fu China. Our first trip will be out to, hmm, the Huangshan mountain region. A little culture won't kill. Oh, and look, there's a yeti on the match registrations. Get in touch with our wholesaler for the straw hats." - Log created on 17:36:18 08/16/2016 by Erika, and last modified on 22:50:15 08/16/2016. Cast: Erika and Zenaida.

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