Full Name:Zappa
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Why is that man sleeping upside-down? Oh, it's just my head that's like that...wait...what!?"

A very polite man who was--and is--somewhat ironically on a search for love and companionship, Zappa is characterized often as a lost and love-sick traveller, whose wandering ways leave him more often in trouble than not. While having found the woman who he searched for long ago on an ill-fated trip to Europe, Zappa only has the vaguest notion of doing so, given that through a series of unfortunate and inexplicable events, he is now possessed by an entire band of unruly spirits. 'Milquetoast' would be the best word to describe the unabashed romantic, who has no actual fighting skill of his own, but the vengeful ghosts inhabiting him fill the air around him with incomprehensible chaos, most of all the bitter woman scorned, S-ko. A horrific fate faces anyone who offends the sensibilities of the myriad personalities all fighting for dominance of the body and mind of one unfortunate man..

Style:Spirit Possession and Suffering
Signature Move:Raou -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

NOL Bounty Data

Class: BBounty: $89,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Wanted in connection to reports of hauntings, violent assaults, demonic summoning, and psychic violation. The information coming back from civilian encounters with this individual are often confusing and contain conflicting details, but they all have enough in common to be tied back to this individual.

Recent Logs

Heavenly Potemkin Ghostbuster - When something strange is in the neighborhood - don't call Potemkin if it's Zappa as the clash of the supernatural against the premier agent of Zepp results in what could be seen as a mini-natural-disaster. - Log created on 20:51:19 02/15/2018 by Potemkin, and last modified on 22:25:02 02/16/2018. Cast: Zappa and Potemkin.

[SNF 2016.07] SNF: Zappa vs Azumi and Aaron in Camp Crystal Lake - SH-Sh-sh-AH-Ah-ah. That is the sound of the local birdlife right here at Camp Crystal Lake, the number one summer camp! It got archery! And running! And swimming! Itís been abandoned for a while, but thatís no reason that you shouldnít have fun in the sun! Zappa doesnít even know why heís here! All he knows is that he found a funny shrine, with a funny hockey mask on it. Iím sure that Aaron and Azumi wonít run into any trouble while they are showcasing the full outdoor enjoyment at the camp! <Winner: Campers> - Log created on 18:31:24 07/19/2016 by Zappa, and last modified on 21:59:00 07/23/2016. Cast: Azumi, Aaron, and Zappa.

[KOF 2016] B7 Qualifiers: Psycho Soldiers vs No-Brand Heroes - No-Brand Heroes and Psycho Soldiers face off in the qualifying round of King of Fighters. The personalities and fighting styles keep the match fun for the fight fans, but when did this turn into a horror movie!? <Winner: Psycho Soldiers> - Log created on 17:26:01 06/04/2016 by Momoko, and last modified on 14:00:00 06/10/2016. Cast: Himeko, Momoko, Kain, Athena, Skullomania, Haru, Zappa, and Kensou.

[KOF 2016] NBH Issue 2: Enter the Zappa - Himeko Kashiwagi was just a normal girl showing off her amazing teaching technique to the newbie students of Hibiki's Dojo when suddenly a mysterious stranger enters the scene. The pacifist(??) Zappa has an offer that Himeko simply cannot refuse. Or can she? Find out in this thrilling issue of No-Brand Heroes #2! And in this issue, PROFESSOR X DIES. - Log created on 20:05:57 05/26/2016 by Himeko, and last modified on 17:19:01 05/27/2016. Cast: Himeko and Zappa.

[SNF 2016.05] SNF: Mystery of the Shadow Council - Mr. Burr is a classy and upstanding member of certain societies, and certain groups. But as running a criminal empires falls right into place, one can get... bored. To shake things up, the man has invited himself to the opportunity of a team. Is it a front for the Shadow Council? Or is it simply an idle man entertaining himself? In any case, the accursed Zappa will find himself in the path of the crime boss in the depths of Greece, and swiftly on the path towards a potential team... or a potential rivalry. Mr. Burr could certainly tell Zappa off, but can he do the same for the fair S-ko? <Winner: Zappa> - Log created on 20:32:35 05/08/2016 by Zappa, and last modified on 17:37:13 05/09/2016. Cast: Mr.Burr and Zappa.

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