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Zafina is the current generation of a long line of spiritual warriors. For centuries, her tribe has been tasked with the protection of an imperial tomb. Trained in the assassination arts from childhood, she is a capable defender on her own, proving her worth time and again as would-be defilers come to her charge seeking ancient riches. She has also been gifted with precognition, focusing on astrology. Her predictions are generally correct, but she has recently been worried about the overwhelming number of evil omens written in the stars. It was a difficult decision to leave her tribe behind to guard the tomb, but the dire fate that she believes that the future holds is just too terrible to ignore. After all, if the world goes, then there would be no place left to protect.

Style:Ancient Assassination Arts
Signature Move:Mantis Sickle -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

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