Full Name:Zabel Zarock
Weight:86 lbs
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Either white, or glowing red lights
Hair Color:Purple
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I'm dead, and loving it!!"

The heavy metal rocker Zabel Zarock is legendary, a charismatic hedonist from Australia who became obsessed with the souls coursing through the Earth's underworld. He was unknown before his first album, 'Oral Dead,' after which he used ancient techniques to interweave curses and mind control into his live performances, building a massive cult-like following of fans slavishly devoted to his worship, several of whom passed out or were injured from the sheer ferocity of his music. In life, he was very closely monitored by the police. During his final performance, he rocked out so hard that he literally died, killing a hundred people who stood too close in ecstasy. The fearsome show of death metal's power is still hotly talked about in Australia to this day. His act was so profane and blasphemous that it gained the attention of the loathsome soul-eating dark noble Ozomu, whom drug his soul back from the leylines and re-attached it to his body. Now Zarock can use powerful sonic and electric attacks to harm or kill, and has full control of his body, able to force his bones outside of his body to stab, cut or injure others. Though Ozomu tried to manipulate him into killing other creatures of the night, no one can truly control the metal.

Style:Death, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
Signature Move:Death Phrase -- ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R3 - Bad Company - A mysterious Szamet, a sinister Zabel Zarock. The agent of the Podiebrad Manor makes a false flag offering to the rock star, to begin attacking the city of Southtown. But the Bastard gets more than he bargained for, when he annoys the zombie metalhead... - Log created on 10:48:05 05/11/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 14:14:10 05/12/2020. Cast: Zabel and Bela.

Old Line and Same Old Song and Dance - Zabel was on the prowl looking for a bit of fun and trouble. Both come in the form of the Southtown Syndicate's Okuno. Leave it to a girl to be the cause of a fight that gave Okuno an eye opening experience on what sort of fighters walk the Earth - Log created on 22:21:03 02/05/2019 by Zabel, and last modified on 17:32:23 02/06/2019. Cast: Zabel and Okuno.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Devil's Hornpipe - Our ace detective has descended into the pits of hell itself, escaping the wicked clutches of the devouring femme fatale Morrigan Aensland. But no sooner as he plumbed the depths of the abyss, did he stumble upon the music of Old Nick himself: Heavy Metal. Trapped in the 'Satanpalooza' rock show in 'Underworld Woodstock', he must battle against the hippies and outcasts as he flees the wretched music of the damned. Can Daniel Jack escape Mephistopheles wretched grip upon his soul, or will he be damned into playing... The Devil's Hornpipe? (The cover shows Daniel Jack reaching out from the midst of a hellish mosh pit. The hordes of undead in quincy punk garb are clawing at him, ripping away his shirt as he writhes. The other half of the cover is the stage, where the hellish musicians are playing. Lord Raptor is playing bass; a stumpy short grey gargoyle is on the drums; a witchy woman in a red hat and a strapless red gown is on the keyboards; and Asmodeus himself playing lead guiter. The lead singer's mic is open, and waiting for Daniel to take point.) (45 cents) - Log created on 12:22:59 01/02/2019 by Daniel, and last modified on 11:00:42 01/04/2019. Cast: Daniel and Zabel.

[KOF 2017] B7 Qualifier Match: Team USA vs Bloodletters - It's Team Bloodletters vs Team USA in a competition to get past the prelims of the King of Fighters tournament. Lotus and Zabel live up to their team name, attempting to literally paint the town red with the unwilling assistance of Senna and Ken, but Team USA isn't about to let a few horrible monsters ruin their day. (Winner: Team USA) - Log created on 22:37:53 08/12/2017 by Zabel, and last modified on 19:50:20 08/15/2017. Cast: Ken Masters, Senna, Zabel, and Lotus.

A Zombie, An Assassin, and A Mad Scientist - Jedah's a busy guy -- plotting out the course of the post-humanity era is a never-ending job. But that's not to say he can't spare a few minutes to talk with Zabel and Lotus about an upcoming mission. - Log created on 16:14:40 07/27/2017 by Jedah, and last modified on 12:00:30 07/28/2017. Cast: Zabel, Jedah, and Lotus.

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