Full Name:Yuri Sakazaki
Faction:Taiyo High
Height:5' 5" (168cm)
Weight:119 lbs (54kg)
Blood Type:Type A
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
OOC Data
Game:Art of Fighting
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Kaori Horie (JP)/Amy Walls (ENG)
Theme Song:


"My legend begins with this match!"

Yuri Sakazaki is a teenager with boundless energy and enthusiasm, and a fraction of the talent to back it up. Easily bored, she's always eager to latch onto the latest trends -- the more ephemeral and juvenile, the better. Friendly, outgoing, and convinced that she's utterly adorable, Yuri often acts as a sidekick to her brother Ryo and his friend Robert Garcia, offering unwanted advice and pretending not to notice the way Robert looks at her. Trained by her overprotective father Takuma, Yuri is the only female to have received any schooling in the art of Kyokugen karate. Yuri takes this as a point of pride in asserting her independence, but mostly it was just because she kept getting kidnapped and the family got sick of rescuing her.

Style:Kyokugen Karate
Signature Move:Yuri Chou Upper -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2023.02] Rabid Dog Without Warning - The only woman to ever be taught Kyoguken Karate is gonna need it when she runs into the hound known as Xolo--who seems to be have fed a tip that a worthy opponent happened to be in the area. Wanting more than anything for their big break on the pro scene, Xolo has been sicced on Yuri, who probably has no idea who Xolo even IS--though she's about to find out, up close and personal. In the streets of Osaka. Tonight. Welcome to prime time! - Log created on 19:21:17 02/15/2023 by Yuri, and last modified on 06:31:44 02/26/2023. Cast: Xolo and Yuri.

A Succubit on the Subway! - Yuri misses the last train going anywhere--and runs into a succubus! Well, tiny one? Succubit? It's Lilith! - Log created on 19:06:31 12/05/2022 by Lilith, and last modified on 21:43:53 12/05/2022. Cast: Lilith and Yuri.

[SNF 2022.10] TMC: "THE GATE" - An elaborate giant summoning circle has been drawn on the stone in the center of the estate's courtyard. Within it, eldritch sigils activate when an intruder draws near and summons forth a creature from the stygian depths to do battle. Or well, in this case, Lackey, demon of sloth! While not quite as fearsome as some of her brethren, she is compelled to do the circle's bidding by the inscription and repel any who trespass. Can Yuri best this demoness from otherside, or fall into a deep slumber from which there is no return? - Log created on 19:30:15 10/31/2022 by Yuri, and last modified on 08:34:25 11/03/2022. Cast: Lackey and Yuri.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R1 - Yuri vs Echo - In this matchup, Yuri Sakazaki, eternal sidekick to her brother Ryo will face the eldritch master of the ancient craft of Necromancy, Echo. At the Clown Motel in rural Nevada. Why the clown motel? Because something has to be scarier than the necromancer. - Log created on 11:46:34 05/08/2022 by Echo, and last modified on 15:19:50 05/08/2022. Cast: Echo and Yuri.

[Rising Star 2021] Rising Star Round 2: Blazing Panther Vs Yuri - The second rounds of the Rising Star tournament sees Yuri Sakazaki bringing the awesomeness of Kyokugen Karate up against the mysterious(?) masked fighter Blazing Panther and his bursts of blazing energy. - Log created on 20:55:58 04/09/2021 by Daisuke, and last modified on 22:29:34 04/10/2021. Cast: Daisuke and Yuri.

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