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Leader of the Robin Hood-inspired Manji clan of ninjas, Yoshimitsu and his underlings work to protect the innocent and punish evil. He wields the cursed blade Yoshimitsu, which has superceded his real name once he took up the mantle of leader. Clan lore tells that in giving the blade--itself an icon of leadership--to someone else, the previous wielder commits suicide with it, thus infusing it with their power. Once having his life saved by Doctor Boskonovitch, he owes the man a great debt and will not hesitate to come to his aid.

Style:Advanced Manji Ninjutsu Arts
Signature Move:Seppuku -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

TBT Act 1 - Weak Upon The Strong - Following the dark psionic presence lingering around M. Bison, Yoshimitsu and his clan of thieving ninjas has targeted the boxer's associates for great justice. Descending upon a cartel in Mexico, the clan of ninja has just liberated some ill-gotten goods from one of the cartels. Armed with the wealth, Yoshimitsu himself arrives in a beleaguered village near Oaxaca to deliver much needed relief. What he could have never expected, however, is that the goods he made away with were property of Shadaloo...and FANG believes such interlopers must be punished! PUNISHED! - Log created on 12:37:57 06/29/2018 by Yoshimitsu, and last modified on 11:06:12 07/03/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and FANG.

NL#0114: Yoshimitsu vs Leo Whitefang - With Illyria now owned by the Sacred Order, King Leo Whitefang wishes to gain recognition for the nation-state through the medium of Neo League. The first to answer his call? Yoshimitsu, the current leader of the NL. <Winner: Draw> - Log created on 14:53:40 06/13/2018 by Yoshimitsu, and last modified on 20:15:06 06/13/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and Leo Whitefang.

NL#0113: Yoshimitsu vs M. Bison - Coming down to the Diamond Dragon Casino, Mike Bison has women, booze, and money money money. And all he needs to do is do a quick Neo League fight, before going back to the party. The problem? His opponent, Yoshimitsu, has marked him as a villain, and has decided to carry out righteous justice against him <Winner: Yoshimitsu> - Log created on 13:03:22 06/12/2018 by Yoshimitsu, and last modified on 17:08:32 06/12/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and M. Bison.

NL#0111: Yoshimitsu vs Master Raven - A high-flying battle of ninjutsu at the Taj Mahal as the infamous bandit ninja Yoshimitsu faces off against a woman calling herself Raven Master. Everything builds to an incredible battle as the two take to the air in a climactic finale. <Winner: Master Raven> - Log created on 14:56:28 06/07/2018 by Master Raven, and last modified on 23:41:33 06/07/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and Master Raven.

NL#0104: Riptor vs Yoshimitsu - Congratulations! You"ve bought yourself a Riptor Unit! Your adventure has just begun! Ultratech doesn"t always look to the future to find the solutions to military development. Sometimes, we look to the past. So it was with the Riptor project. My mentor, the brilliant genetic engineer Dr. Erin Gupte, believed in a beautiful dream: a ruthless adaptable predator that could rely on its own rivals for sustainment, and could maneuver and infiltrate areas where the Fulgore line would never be able to function! Not certain about your new Riptor Unit? Come see her tech demo against ninja Yoshimitsu in an authorized Neo League match! - Log created on 15:50:30 05/29/2018 by Yoshimitsu, and last modified on 18:24:59 05/29/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and Riptor.

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