Full Name:Yang Lee
Height:173 cm
Weight:62 kg.
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Hong Kong
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I wonder if my brother would have hurt you even more than I did..."

One half of the ever-popular duo of the Twin Dragons, Yang represents the calmer, quieter side to the team. Sons of Lee, who participated in the World Warrior Tournament, Yun and Yang's formidable abilities are the result of excellent training. Not only are they the pupils of their father, Lee, but they've also been partially trained by Gen, a close friend of the family. After Lee died, the two were placed in Gen's care, and assist him in running his resturaunt, Genhanten. The Twin Dragons, as they are called, hail from a village in Shanghai, and fight to keep money flowing to it, as they inherited the task of being the guardians of the village from their father. Though roughly the equal of his brother, Yang typically envies Yun, who is a far better showman compared to the often soft-spoken Yang. Likewise, the brothers are involved in a bizarre love square with the twins Hoimei and Shaomei, causing further tension. The two bicker constantly, despite having an extremely close relationship.

Signature Move:Senkyuutai -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

The Twin Dragons - After Chun-li's prolonged rest, thanks to Gen, the woman decides to test out Gen's new protege to see what they're worth... And give then a little bit of hard training. - Log created on 12:07:50 05/30/2015 by Chun-Li, and last modified on 07:44:16 06/18/2015. Cast: Chun-Li, Yun, and Yang.

Meal Ticket - Genhanten has a sweet deal: fight one of the Twin Dragons, get a free meal! There's more details than that, but maybe you should read the log! - Log created on 20:17:45 05/28/2015 by Natsu, and last modified on 20:26:40 05/31/2015. Cast: Natsu and Yang.

Chinatown Shenanigans - Felicia gets chased by a dog, luckily Yang and Yun save the day. - Log created on 20:25:58 05/23/2015 by Felicia, and last modified on 21:57:43 05/23/2015. Cast: Yun, Yang, and Felicia.

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