Blood Type:A
Eye Color:
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:September 10
Likes:Spicy things, steamed meat dumplings, kung-fu movies
Dislikes:People who speak ill of others
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Xiayu and her twin sister Jianyu were the crown jewels of a martial arts school in rural China, prodigies whose skills dovetailed with one another in the pursuit of excellence. Xiayu's dynamic techniques in nunchaku and bare-handed brawling won a great number of awards, particularly when involved in unrehearsed sparring competitions against her talented twin. The sisters' international stardom was brief, however; their debut caught the eye of Vega, who proceeded to annihilate the school murder the sisters' parents, and indoctrinate the pair into Shadaloo's Doll Program. Xiayu is a passionate fighter, kind to her allies and merciless to her foes. She wears the garb of classical Chinese opera to strike terror into her enemies. In contrast to her strategic sister, Xiayu takes a "shock and awe" approach to warfare, not shying away from trickery or deceitful tactics to gain the jump on her opponents.

Style:Shadaloo Elite Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Cyclone Strikes -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[SNF 2016.08] (Xiayu) vs. MURDERHOUSE: "OFFROAD MURDER!" - It just so happens not all vehicles are equipped with tons upon tons of armor. As a matter of fact, not all vehicles even have guns! These disgusting pieces of garbage are only fit for one thing: TOTAL ANNIHILATION! We've helped ourselves to Lee Chaolan's favorite useless piece of garbage; a bone white 2016 Honda S-2000 Custom! Nice car? Is it better than a Lambo? Who cares!! We're going to put a soldier and a wrestler on the hood and drive it by wire through the PFW BATTLEZONE! If it's not scrap by the time we're through, we haven't done our job!! - Log created on 09:38:35 08/23/2016 by MURDERHOUSE, and last modified on 15:46:15 08/31/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Xiayu.

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