Full Name:Vincent Romero
Age:110 (Looks late 40s)
Blood Type:AB+
Nationality:Italian American
Hometown:Metro City, Chicago, Vegas
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:January 16th
Hobbies:The mass murder used to keep him up at night, but he found whiskey to be the best bedtime story.
Personal Treasures:Dog tags from WWII, a time where the killing made sense.
Favorite Food:Her lips tasted like strawberries. He eats them sometimes to remind him of her.
Likes:His vices are a scumbag's cliche: he drowns himself in tobacco, women, booze and self-pity
Dislikes:The only thing he hates more than the Child is himself.
Best Sport:His love for baseball waned a long time ago, replaced by a morbid appreciation of fighting despite himself.
Love Interests:She's long gone now, having long ago picked a better man than he could ever be.
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Troy Baker
Theme Song:"Hurt" by Johnny Cash


"I'm Prometheus, and she's my rock and harpies."

For almost a century tales have been told about an immortal vigilante who preys on organized crime, but those tales don't do the real Vinnie Romero justice. Once a gangster himself, after his partner murdered a child, Vinnie killed him and then tragically attempted to take his own life. A primal spirit of a creature resurrected Vinnie, promising to allow him to die once her crusade against those who prey on the weak is over. Despite the many grisly slayings, the Vengeful Child hasn't allowed Vinnie to die, and he wanders the Earth, his existence a miserable and tortured one.

Style:Bar-Room Brawling + Primeval Poltergeist
Signature Move:Eternal Suffering -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE


It's important to note that the Vengeful Child is not exactly benevolent, to Vinnie or anyone else. When Vinnie doesn't kill for her pleasure, she starts hurting innocent people, especially those who are trying to befriend him, until he gives in. Her crusade against tyranny is hypocritical at best, and she doesn't discriminate against anyone involved in the factions she sends Vinnie after, including victims of circumstance or groups who are trying to do the right thing. If they can be considered criminals, whether the system is broken or not, they're targets.

Recent Logs

Tale of Two Kings: To The Pain - With Heihachi returning from his vacation, Fujimura moves to settle some debts and earn goodwill for her boss. The Owl instructs one of the Hawks under her command, Takawashi, to investigate mysterious disappearances at one of the Mishima Zaibatsu's weapon facilities. When he arrives, he soon discovers the cursed Vinnie Romero has descended upon the shadows of the facility, snatching the mercenaries to feed the Innocent. And with Vinnie being nearly immortal, he is forced to commit unspeakable acts to protect his soul... and appease the Vengeful Child before she takes the Tekken Force squad as an offering. - Log created on 11:28:40 09/23/2022 by Rugal, and last modified on 16:46:57 09/26/2022. Cast: Rugal and Vinnie.

Haunted - Velvet discovers Vinnie after the latter dispatches a darkstalker in Southtown. - Log created on 06:40:05 07/03/2020 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 18:33:08 11/06/2020. Cast: Vinnie and Velvet Blue.

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