Full Name:Venus De Milo
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"The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it doesn't laugh"

Venus has been having problems in her life, ever since she can remember. Having to deal with a mental illness, which she felt no one could understand, made her an outcast with others. Her parents didn't help her any, with always saying she's fine. The doctors she saw said the same thing. She felt no one could help her. She discovered fighting, by accident and it helped her feel better. Deep inside, it's her hope she can win the fight against her own mind, with something to focus on. She also enjoys travelling a lot, something she can do easily since her parents are loaded. She also has a high intelligence. She learned moves by fighting and with books. She goes into a fight with the idea of dodging as much as possible. If she's not hit, it can't hurt. That train of thoughts makes her use speed rather than strength. She is determined to let nothing stop her in her new path.

Style:Self-Taught With Heavy Emphasis On Dodging And Speed
Signature Move:One, Tow, Take a knee or two! -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

[Springtide Rosalia 2021] Rosalia #11) Hell is Alone - In the blazing depths of an abandoned hellscape, three combatants face off for the rite to continue on. For as the message says: "It was written 'We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.' Here, you will put that to the test. Each of you carries within you a heavy guilt. Only one of you will be set free of this hellish prison. And only by force will you earn your parole. Your trial begins now." - Log created on 11:30:41 06/03/2021 by Bishamon, and last modified on 10:16:57 06/05/2021. Cast: Bishamon, Tsinghua, and Venus.

Lucky Winner - Venus is the lucky winner of a contest to fight Lucky Chloe, but is the prize really all it's cracked up to be? - Log created on 18:18:20 05/21/2021 by Lucky Chloe, and last modified on 16:28:08 05/22/2021. Cast: Lucky Chloe and Venus.

The beauty and the beast. - Rafferty is the beauty, Venus is the beast. Talk of panties dropping, except both Rafferty and Venus keeps theirs. A tale of a model and a woman with problems, becoming friends. - Log created on 09:42:24 05/08/2021 by Venus, and last modified on 18:43:52 05/08/2021. Cast: Rafferty and Venus.

Stranger Danger - A troubled woman tries to find peace in a Rural, beautiful part of mainland China- However, gets intercepted by a misguided boy. But as it turned out, both of them had something to gain from a fight. - Log created on 09:33:07 04/02/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 19:07:04 04/02/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Venus.

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