Age:Early 30s
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Somewhere outside of Metro
Eye Color:
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Relaxing, listening to music, Paranormal Investigations.
Personal Treasures:Old necklace and ring
Likes:Telling jokes, staying fabulous.
Dislikes:Selfish people, Cruelty.
Best Sport:Soccer
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:

Velvet Blue

"I will walk in. I will dance. They will party."

Velvet was once an aspiring theater student, as a mortal he was plucked from college life and abducted by agents of a Makai Noble. The White Queen, a matriarch of a sprawling estate deemed him suitable material for a production of a different sort. It was there he was transformed into a Darkstalker, part human and part demon. With great strain, he was able to recall a promise he'd made to a terminally-ill friend and break his bonds to escape. Back in the world of humans and reality, he was struck by the news his good friend had unfortunately already passed. His old life in ruins, he left his hometown and took on the stage name of Velvet Blue. Armed with magical weapons, superhuman speed and healing abilities, he vows to use his skills for the good of others, to inspire hope and realize their dreams untainted by the hands of evil.

Style:Acrobatic Wrestling & Magic
Signature Move:Pearl Edge -- PHYSICAL ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:COUNTER -- REVERSAL

Recent Logs

Settling the Hash - Hashim is confronted by some street toughs in Southtown, but meets with the timely invervention of Velvet Blue. - Log created on 20:21:10 02/22/2024 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 19:17:46 02/24/2024. Cast: Velvet Blue and Hashim.

Weirdness 101: Class Is In Session - Velvet Blue and Jace Timmons meet to discuss what had happened during the events of The Droste Box, Jace curious about the supernatural happenings he found himself involved in. - Log created on 18:19:00 12/20/2023 by Jace, and last modified on 23:41:41 12/20/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Jace.

The Droste Box - Jace stumbles into a haunted house with a sinister secret and runs into... Velvet Blue? Can the two manage to outmanuever the house and eachother? - Log created on 22:09:21 12/15/2023 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 13:26:17 12/16/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Jace.

The Pet Shop (of Horrors) - Alice Nonomura tracks Velvet to a particular pet shop in Chinatown which holds a dark secret. - Log created on 17:36:18 05/08/2023 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 15:09:55 05/11/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Alice Nonomura.

Brew of the Immortal - The world-weary Ariastra shows up at none other than Velvet Blue's darkstalker club. The latter demands to know who she is while they reside in their area of Southtown. - Log created on 13:29:13 05/02/2023 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 19:36:26 05/02/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Ariastra.

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