Height:6'0" (182 cm)
Weight:211 lbs (96 kg)
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:White
Hair Color:Black
Likes:World Domination, Psycho Power
Dislikes:Weak people, inefficient subordinates, interlopers
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Kneel before me or die beneath my heel. The choice is yours to make freely!"

Leader of the secret army known as 'Shadaloo', Vega has only one goal in mind: world domination. Obsessed with becoming the greatest conquerer in history, Vega has spent his entire life building up his own military forces through his own terrifying strength. A highly talented martial artist in his own right, his true strength lies in his mastery in utilizing Psycho Power. In his quest to become even more powerful, he diverted what little good remained in his soul into an entirely different person: Rose. The perfect example of megalomania, Vega is pure evil, seeking only to take control of the entire planet. Vega's power is always increasing; soon, he may surpass the limits of his own body. It was this realization that sparked the genesis of the Doll Project: thirteen 'Dolls', young girls abducted from around the world, imbued with increasing amounts of Vega's Psycho Power, and genetically enhanced to serve as the ultimate killers.

Style:Psycho Power
Signature Move:Psycho Crusher -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

NOL Bounty Data

Class: SSBounty: $75,000,000.00
The list of crimes accredited to Vega scroll for several pages.

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] It's An NFG Holiday Party, Charlie Brown! - An amazing festive celebration of the end of NFG, involving the biggest and the most bombastic of holiday cheer! Who could possibly show up?! What guests will the spirit of the season bring?! - Log created on 16:10:39 12/24/2023 by Kongou, and last modified on 17:38:17 01/06/2024. Cast: Vega, Mint, Abigail, Kongou, Daisuke, Kenzo, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, and Buck.

[NFG Season One] Hot Metal Style - Team Metal's Djamila is minding her own business in Metro City's hottest boutique, Drippin' Style, when some of Team Blaze show up to bring their own brand of chaos to the city. - Log created on 17:17:38 09/05/2023 by Hawksley, and last modified on 19:54:59 09/06/2023. Cast: Vega, Kongou, Hawksley, and Djamila.

[NFG Season One] The RUMBLE - Sixteen NFG fighters. One ring. Who will be the last one standing? This one kicks off with a devastating surprise! - Log created on 10:18:44 07/30/2023 by Pringer X, and last modified on 10:28:27 08/24/2023. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Honoka, Ken Masters, Vega, Mint, Kongou, Kenzo, Genie, Ichika, Ayala, Brian Storm, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Nixie, Buford, Sarah, Iris, and Buck.

[The Descent] Test Your Might - Forgotten Kings - "Izanami Hades: You have explored the nature of Death and its strange contradictions throughout these proceedings, battling men untouched by its cold hand and a woman who thrives in spite of its possibility-- and like yourself, all have had the benefit of immortality to crystallize their ways of life. Thus, before your Descent continues, I challenge you to test your might against a man who still seeks to transcend the bounds of his mortality, once and for all-- a demon in flesh grinning from the dark, liminal reaches of humanity. Meet VEGA, the King of Heaven on the field of your choosing, and perhaps on the other side, you will find your will to Descend sharpened in the wake of chaotic ambition." - Log created on 16:47:32 09/04/2022 by Izanami, and last modified on 02:20:11 09/19/2022. Cast: Vega and Izanami.

The Dictator's Dahlia - The Mighty Lord of Shadaloo decides that it is time to reveal some very secret truths to the Scarlet Dahlia. - Log created on 09:29:14 02/19/2021 by Vega, and last modified on 18:03:59 02/27/2021. Cast: Honoka and Vega.

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