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Uncle Lee

The uncle to Yang Lee and Yun Lee, Lee prefers to be... Lee. After Yang and Yun's mother mysterious disappeared, Lee quickly found himself in the care of the two boys. Rather than take care of his nephews, though, he preferred to drink and get rich quick. Tossing the boys off with Gen who owed him a few favors anyways, now Lee spends his day getting wasted and running his real estate venture. But don't let his slacker and wild take on life fool you: he is a dangerous martial artist, and is well connected in the Chinese underworld. And while his actions are deplorable, he still does love his nephews. He just finds them easier to love from afar, mkay?

Style:Bajiquan and Drunken Fist
Signature Move:Raigeki-Shu -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

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