Full Name:Tsubaki Yayoi
Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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A kind, beautiful young woman, Tsubaki comes from a respected noble house with high marks in all NOL assessments in the Academy. Tsubaki seemed guaranteed to gain the job as Jin Kisaragi's right hand as a First Lieutenant -- all the better as she has had a crush on Jin since she first saw him. Instead, her friend Noel Vermillion got selected for promotion despite being underqualified beyond attunement with magical weapons. Assigned to an insignificant part of the 0th Division as a First Lieutenant looked down upon as the 'Garbage Disposal Troop' for dealing with traitors and rebels, she feels continued hard work and loyalty will eventually make her recognized. Outside being talented in both physical and magical combat, she is also the bearer of Izayoi, one of the most powerful weapons to exist, although excessive activation will render the user eventually blind. So deeply repressed she's not even aware of it herself, she resents being ignored in such a fashion and losing her dream position to Noel, weakening her mind and making her vulnerable to mental predations. Given she works closely with Hazama of the Intelligence Department to help track down enemies, this is unlikely to happen.

Style:Gladiator Arts - Grimoire Shield and Sword
Signature Move:Sanctus Aequum -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 3: Split the Difference - The Iga Clan suddenly finds itself dealing with the arrival of the NOL special forces seeking to extract Lee Chaolan from their custody. Matters only get worse when Oswald arrives on behalf of Akatsuki, another organization with its eyes on Lee. Will the heir of the Mishimas finally see his freedom, or will he simply train one cage for another? - Log created on 20:07:17 10/10/2018 by Tsubaki, and last modified on 12:09:15 10/15/2018. Cast: Oswald, Lee Chaolan, and Tsubaki.

Melancholy Reunions - In the aftermath of Tsubaki Yayoi's battle with Ragna The Bloodedge, the Second Lieutenant recovers from her wounds. Clio St. Jeanne arrives to offer a friendly shoulder of support. - Log created on 20:09:27 01/04/2018 by Tsubaki, and last modified on 14:57:27 01/11/2018. Cast: Tsubaki and Clio.

Friends in all the wrong places - Is it not right that suffering is shared by those closest? Is it a reality that both Noel and Tsubaki suffer the same fate, or is it a reminder to Tsubaki that they are closer than they should be - considering the bloodline of Tsubaki and Noel's ... failures. Would she keep carrying the dead weight? - Log created on 18:53:31 01/01/2018 by Noel, and last modified on 18:53:24 01/03/2018. Cast: Tsubaki and Noel.

Honor In Defeat - Moments after her defeat by Ragna The Bloodedge, Tsubaki Yayoi seeks help, only for Captain Hazama to reveal his presence, and judge wether or not she'll be useful to keep around. - Log created on 13:57:03 12/28/2017 by Tsubaki, and last modified on 15:43:32 12/28/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Terumi.

One's Mission - Tsubaki Yayoi seeks out Ragna the Bloodedge once more in order to carry out the mission assigned to her. Ragna doesn't appear to be in the mood for the NOL's shenanigans. The clash is inevitable. But in the end, for what purpose was this all for? - Log created on 21:30:14 12/21/2017 by Ragna, and last modified on 22:10:10 12/27/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Ragna.

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