Full Name:Quack T. Tran
Weight:120 lbs.
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Drinking, Getting Lost in the Wilderness
Personal Treasures:His Coat
Favorite Food:Pistachios
Likes:Mature Women
Dislikes:Schoolgirls, Happiness
Best Sport:Competetive Eating
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Dat Phan
Theme Song:Crazy - Gnarls Barkley


Dr. Richard Tran is a man of action. A man of danger. A man shrouded in the darkest of mysteries. Some, like the Unofficial Dr. Tran Fan Club (now accepting members) say that he's the genetically engineered son of a ringmaster and a crack team of sexy scientists; many, based on his many public apperances, agree that he is highly American. Almost all can agree that his apparent love of putting on a show and saving up for a big finish generally makes his fights worth watching, even though the actual fighting may fall short. His style reflects this, a mix of straight-up brawling and mastery of his own unique flavor of chi, which manifests as boiling hot steam.

Style:Dr. Tran's High-Pressure Explosive Arts
Signature Move:Operation - Dr. Tran -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

Recent Logs

Doctor Doctor, Please - Oh, the mess I'm in! She walked up to me and stole my robo-clone's heart, and then he started to take my body apart. Livin', lovin', I'm on the run, far away from Tak. Livin', lovin', I'm on the run, now she'll bring me back. - Log created on 15:57:31 03/04/2015 by Amy, and last modified on 14:21:31 03/05/2015. Cast: Tran and Amy.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 4 - Dr. Tran in: Is It Torture? - If you have to ask, the answer is always yes. - Log created on 18:50:55 02/24/2015 by Tran, and last modified on 20:29:28 02/24/2015. Cast: Tran and Robo-Tran.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 4 - Jezebel/Cage vs Tran/Tran - Lee Chaolan nearly has everything on the island utterly destroyed. But some of it still stands. Fortunately, the last batch of insured items is both Zack's car, and an extension collection of barrels. Both teams should work hard to break both of them throughout the fight. Also there are a bunch of tiki statues too around here. You should break them as well for insurance purposes too probably. - Log created on 20:26:56 02/23/2015 by Jezebel, and last modified on 21:58:19 02/25/2015. Cast: Tran, Robo-Tran, Jezebel, and Johnny Cage.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week #4 - Chaolan's Island - Zack is missing in the wake of the devastating typhoon and the volcano's crater is spitting smoke and brimming with lava, but Lee Chaolan is here to take charge. Specifically, he is taking charge as captain, complete with Skipper outfit. Scheduled for today was a beachside party to celebrate the successful culmination of the Trouble in Paradise tournament, but it appears as though participants are being asked instead to aid in the search for Zack, assuming that he has been buried in the sand and not abducted by mermaids. What no one has been told is that they are also being used to clean up the mess that the storm has made of the coast -- 'they' being everyone except the finalists, who will be receiving the royal treatment along with Skipper Lee, here on Chaolan's Isle. - Log created on 21:32:36 02/20/2015 by Lee Chaolan, and last modified on 03:09:43 02/21/2015. Cast: Tran, Sada, Scratch, Rainbow Mika, Robo-Tran, Lee Chaolan, and Johnny Cage.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 3 - Team With Himself vs Fire Flowers - What starts off as a fight atop multiple jetskis quickly turns into a very, very different fight! (Winner: Team With Himself) - Log created on 19:32:01 02/16/2015 by Natsu, and last modified on 00:07:04 02/21/2015. Cast: Tran, Sakura, Natsu, and Robo-Tran.

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