Age:Mid-late 20s
Height:215cm (7'1'')
Weight:118kg (260 lbs.)
Blood Type:O
Nationality:Mexican (Central)
Eye Color:Unknown
Hair Color:Unknown
Date of Birth:April 25
Favorite Food:"I eat anything!" (so he says...)
Likes:The griffon mask, the smiles of children
Dislikes:Dirty tricks, those who use them casually, magazine interviews
Best Sport:Triathlon
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"My identity's guts and justice, not just a mask!"

Better known by his wrestling identity as "The Griffon Mask," Tizoc is a famous Mexican pro wrestler who has been a favorite of children from his very debut. As a "face" - a good guy - the Griffon Mask stood for strength and honor in the ring, his great physique and technical skill surpassed only by his kindness and sense of justice. However, his was a world of staged performances and carefully choreographed bouts, which was slowly falling out of favor even as he first wrestled. A violent intrusion by Gaoh Futaba, a master of Chinese Kenpo, would shatter this world of fantasy once and for all. Tizoc's body and pride bruised in tandem, he fell off the radar for some time, resurfacing at last to step into the world of real organized fighting. His immense physical strength compliments his diverse arsenal of strikes and grapples in a true battle, bringing forth a spirited performance worthy of a pro wrestler as he espouses the same values he did prior to his harsh defeat. Even so, the real world is rarely black-and-white about matters of good and evil, and some yet believe that he is out of his element in the wild and unpredictable world of organized fighting. Underneath the bird-shaped mask, he harbors doubts about this new trajectory in his career, remaining uncertain if "real" fighting would ever be emotionally fulfilling.

Style:Pro Wrestling
Signature Move:Justice Hurricane -- THROW
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men - Taking place in a specially crafted arena in international waters out in the Atlantic Ocean, this massive arena will be hosting not only one of the greatest lucha team ups the world has ever seen, but the one and only Brandon Malone, the hot-headed activist protesting Violet Systems and the HitBit brand. Teaming up alongside him is Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, relative unknowns in the world of organized fighting. With the likes of the heroic Griffon Mask, the amazing Jaguar King, and the terrifying MURDERHOUSE coming in the wings, we can only see if Brandon does better than his debut match last KOF in his fight for a position in the 6th Bracket. - Log created on 13:16:45 08/10/2017 by Brandon, and last modified on 11:57:05 08/14/2017. Cast: Tizoc, Rock, MURDERHOUSE, Terry, Jaguar King, and Brandon.

Beyond Face and Heel - Following King Jaguar's visit to the hospital in which the man behind (and still inside the) Griffon Mask recovered from a violent match, Tizoc leaves the hospital with a clean bill of health. Just in time to be met by the crew of MURDERHOUSE Mick, ushered towards his bus for a little business talk. - Log created on 19:22:23 07/28/2017 by Tizoc, and last modified on 01:21:33 07/30/2017. Cast: Tizoc and MURDERHOUSE.

An Audience With The King (Jaguar) - Recovering from a bloody and bitter battle against the brutish wrestler MURDERHOUSE, the Griffon Mask - and the man underneath - feel deflated in having been overcome by a man defined through underhanded, dangerous tricks. He would not be left to lick his wounds on his own, not when the King sees a need for this man against a far greater threat. A greater threat to all of wrestling... - Log created on 18:18:47 07/26/2017 by Tizoc, and last modified on 20:49:13 07/26/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Jaguar King.

[SNF 2017.07] SNF: Lock A Lucha - Barcelona, Spain - Caged Arena. But for sane people, there is plenty of wrestling to enjoy. The infamous Mick 'MURDERHOUSE' made a startling appearance at the infamous Jaguar King match, and now the audiences want more. And what better way to promote the returned of the terrifying MURDERHOUSE than the world-famous lucha face Griffon Mask, otherwise known as Tizoc? But the stakes are higher than ever as Tizoc is forced to face the heel locked in the Caged Arena in Barcelona Spain. Can he prevail? Or will all the sins of the past return to consume him? Remember: Despite all your rage, you ultimately are just a rat in a cage. (WINNER: MURDERHOUSE) - Log created on 20:31:13 07/17/2017 by Tizoc, and last modified on 11:52:38 07/24/2017. Cast: Tizoc and MURDERHOUSE.

[SNF 2017.07] SNF: Mask of the Maya - Wrestling has become a hot topic for finding your special someone in the fighting world. And sometimes, a match can be closer than you think. Taking place in the Ring at the Pueblo Thunderfoot, Tizoc brings the wisdom of the Griffon Mask against the understanding of Julia Chang, the naturalist from Arizona. With a match taking place in the ring, Julia might be out of her element. But maybe Julia has the heart of the wrestler in her right in the Mexican desert. And there is only one way to prove it. - Log created on 17:37:25 07/05/2017 by Tizoc, and last modified on 19:45:06 07/07/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Julia.

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