Full Name:Benedict Scorpium
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The Hunter

"I fear the blood, brothers. Its sweet siren song sings through your veins, beckoning me home. Be gone lest I sate my desire."

Once a vaunted hunter of the Brotherhood of the Silver Lash, Benedict's mission in life was to hunt down and destroy Darkstalkers. Famous throughout the order for revitalizing the crossbow as a viable Hunting weapon, as well as for leading an astounding 68 successful hunts, it was a great blow to the Order when he was captured by a group of vile monsters. His holy brothers prayed that the enemy would simply kill him. Instead, they transformed him. Now a yellow-eyed beast with the shape of a man, he stalks the world in search of blood. But not even he is sure whether he seeks the blood to create a cure, or to sate his unholy hunger.

Style:Monster Hunting Arts
Signature Move:Feast Of Flesh -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R2 - Behind Enemy Lines - Despite his desire to leave, Zach finds himself swept up in the chaos that has engulfed the city. Following a heroic intervention against a pack of wolves, the NOL took him in for a quick questioning but it's clear that they have more to deal with than a potential looter and the strange collar that he provided them earned the man a hint of goodwill. Halfway out the door, however, alarms start to sound as a sneaky group of snake-like dark stalkers launch a surprise raid on the complex. Once more the merc finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict with nowhere to go but through the enemy. - Log created on 13:23:18 04/10/2020 by The Hunter, and last modified on 21:42:29 04/10/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and The Hunter.

Blood Atonement 1: Animus and Honor - What secrets lie kept within the hearts of men? What foul lusts and noble lights are hidden from their fellows, nurtured in those pulsing chambers of which only they have access? Dwell not overlong on the mysteries of men. Know only that there are depths unplumbed, and when the need be greatest, all things will come to light. - Log created on 23:40:00 06/28/2019 by The Hunter, and last modified on 03:51:01 07/04/2019. Cast: The Hunter and Renka.

Mission #21: Isolation By Choice - A long trip in search of an ally, or at least information, hits a difficult wall in the form of a mysterious Preceptor and reclusive Order. In her ambitions concerning the violent beast Ayame set loose, time is of the essence. - Log created on 22:42:40 07/26/2016 by Ayame, and last modified on 01:29:20 07/29/2016. Cast: Ayame and The Hunter.

Grimm's Fables: Rock A DIE Baby! - [ADULT ONLY R18+ GRAPHIC VIOLENCE] Rock a DIE Baby, amongst the tree tops. When the Hunt goes, the creature will stalk. When the bough breaks, the Creature with fall. And down will come hunter, crossbows and all. (The cover shows a GIANT Content Warning label of [ADULT ONLY R18+ GRAPHIC VIOLENCE], making it clear that there is HUGE BLOOD and VIOLENCE in the comic. The cover itself shows a hint of the GRAPHIC VIOLENCE within: The Hunter is dressed in black leather and with yellow eyes, covered in blood as he rips apart a real skeleton with his bare hands, blood and guts spilling out. A long nosed, green skinned witch with white eyes and giant fangs is screaming as she points, as demons pour out from a pit below, riding on giant horned bats and enormous white snakes slithering out too. The Hunter is of course smoking a cigar of marijuana, ready for even more HUGE VIOLENCE) - Log created on 17:25:06 06/23/2016 by Eadni, and last modified on 23:03:11 06/24/2016. Cast: The Hunter and Eadni.

What Hunts The Night - Making her way through the depths of the Dark Forest at night, Azumi is ambushed by a creature that was once a hunter of monsters. The battle that follows is vicious and bloody, pushing the young werewolf past her furthest limits. Play time is over, and Monsters are very, very real. - Log created on 14:49:30 06/21/2016 by The Hunter, and last modified on 22:12:01 06/21/2016. Cast: The Hunter and Azumi.

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