Full Name:Yuuki Terumi
Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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"Want me to hold back a bit more?"

A strange entity that seems bent only on destruction and chaos, the true identity of Terumi is the manifested will of the Susano'o Unit; a divine weapon of annihilation used to destroy creation and allow it to be reborn. However, he has twisted and warped through a long life into a creature of raw sadism, preferring to torture creation rather than unleash the destruction his soul craves to spite his purpose. As a being who exists beyond reason and time, he can only manifest on a realm through being acknowledged by sufficiently powerful wills. He abuses such by spreading hatred and torture amongst many, their seething resentment anchoring him more to the world and granting him greater power and guaranteed existence. Immortal to most methods of destruction and able to cease interacting with the material plane at his leisure, Terumi is an incredibly dangerous psychotic who wishes nothing more to cackle as the world burns around him. After his merger with Hazama failed, he left Ouroboros in his care and imitates the weapon with his own power to retain his old fighting style. A skilled mage with surprising physical strength, many still feel he is continuously restraining his real potential, and he could manifest far greater destructive power if he cared to... <<OOC Note:>> Currently, Hazama is still hosting Terumi. When someone wishes to app Hazama, Terumi will be ICly split off.

Style:Imitation Ouroboros + Knife-Fighting
Signature Move:Splintering Thrust -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

NOL Bounty Data

Yuuki Terumi  
Class: FBounty: $500.00
WANTED: N/A Black spirit with green eye and green markings. Verified harmless. Currently under observation. Information leading to tracking it's location may be rewarded.

Recent Logs

[Springtide Rosalia 2021] Podiebrad of Passion: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Studly Baron of the House of Podiebrad, Bela von Podiebrad, has been betrothed to Rachel of the House Alucard, to take her hand in marriage when she is of age. But the future Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad finds temptations around ever corner. The dark and devilish Terumi has come to the manor grounds, eager to lure the handsome Podiebrad away into a life of leisure and pleasure. But the price may be too great even for the hedonistic Bela; for the green eyed demon invites Bela to defy his vows in the way only men can do, by giving himself up willingly into a Mind Break. To make matters worse, when his brother Matthias gets wind of the affair, Bela's father sweeps in to intervene between the two. Will Bela keep his vows with his family and his honor? Or will he be seduced into committing... dirty deeds done dirt cheap? (The cover shows the interior of a stable. It shows Bela stripped to the waist in leather pants, next to the pen where his black stallion is at. Terumi himself is also stripped to the waist, though he is wearing a yellow raincoat over his muscled, naked torso. Terumi has Bela pinned against the wall of the stable, pressed against him chest to chest. One arm is extended, palm out against the wall to corner him. Tee other is clutching a strange sack underhanded, the green eye of the god gleaming. Bela struggles to stare defiantly at man, clutching the neck of a pitchfork tightly as he struggles at the raw power of the god. Behind them, from the doorway to the stable, Matthias looks in wide-eyed, pointing with one hand, and escorting with the other the young Rachel Alucard. The young lady looks in, eyes watering in despair. A fat bat and black fat peer in beside her; the bat looks equally distressed, but the cat looks on the duo with an eager hunger.) - Log created on 22:54:16 06/10/2021 by Crock, and last modified on 16:38:26 06/30/2021. Cast: Terumi and Bela.

A Chance Encounter - Elisabeth, in search of answers, finds a curious source of knowledge that most should be mindfully wary of. The manipulative god is curious why someone is displaced from the normal timestream, but finds it might be a beneficial encounter for their mutual agendas... - Log created on 17:33:40 05/01/2021 by Terumi, and last modified on 17:36:55 06/07/2021. Cast: Elisabeth and Terumi.

Spider and the Fly - Makoto's investigations into Hazama's origin and actions during the Illyria campaign and earlier suspicions finally bear fruit... and garner some unwanted attention from a certain spectral figure, adding as many questions as there are answers. - Log created on 19:17:15 11/02/2018 by Terumi, and last modified on 17:42:14 11/08/2018. Cast: Terumi and Makoto Nanaya.

Rock and Roll - Hazama and Terumi are intrigued by the existence of I-No, opting to pay her a visit. The best way to tell if two people outside causality are friends or foes is attempting to brutally kill each other, of course. - Log created on 18:08:58 10/19/2018 by Terumi, and last modified on 20:45:00 10/21/2018. Cast: I-No and Terumi.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 0 - Like Pulling Teeth - Having been subdued by Dahlia's forces, the crime boss Duke is handed over to the NOL. After days of interrogation, they have little useful information from the crime boss, and his release is all too soon. But one more individual wants to have a round with the crime boss: Colonel Hazama. And the green-haired Intelligence Officer has an offer that Duke couldn't refuse, and shouldn't refuse... and has something that's very valuable to certain associates of the officer. - Log created on 15:14:24 05/03/2018 by Duke, and last modified on 12:43:21 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Terumi.

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