Full Name:Tabitha Coren
Height:164 cm (5'4)
Weight:Featherweight Class
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"I'm more than just a pretty face!"

Tabitha Coren is one of the up-and-coming faces of street fighting. Having started her career as little more than eye candy for more popular fighters in small-time bouts in Metro City, Tabitha's natural skill has lead her to become a true fighter herself, and she's become good enough to be comfortable making her entrance on the world-wide stage. Her goals are primarily for fame and self-improvement, but she has a soft side; growing up originally as a poor child in Metro City, Tabitha donates the majority of her winnings after bringing her family out of poverty. Her personal rewards are both her growing fame and the highly enjoyable challenge of fighting. Tabitha's street fighting style is self-taught but borrows heavily from boxing techniques as well as occasional bursts of chi. She is known for not knowing when to stay down and being entirely willing to fight combatants generally thought out of her league, both to compare herself and for the sheer fun of it.

Style:Self-Taught Boxing
Signature Move:Impact Knuckle -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury - Right in the heart of the Windy City, two teams battle for the headliner of the great split, with returning faces coming to a brutal face to face match. Team Balance will be facing off against Sound And Fury, as wild card runs against wild card. Team Balance brings the returning ninja Ryu Hayabusa with a fresh new team, coming into the tournament with the beautiful Kasumi and the strange, even more beautiful Alma at his flanks. Facing against him is a practical army of Sound and Fury. Alexis returns with her new partners, the alien Aranha, the belligerent Tabitha, and what looks to be a cosplaying dragon mascot, Walter. The professional faces the weird in Chicago, as Balance collides with Sound and Fury in the fight for the 2nd Bracket. - Log created on 20:43:18 08/07/2017 by Aranha, and last modified on 14:52:20 08/15/2017. Cast: Alma, Aranha, Kasumi, Tabitha, Ryu Hayabusa, Alexis, and Walter.

[KOF 2017] Tim Hortons? In My Metro City?? - A team gets a couple more members than expected... - Log created on 10:29:13 08/01/2017 by Tabitha, and last modified on 15:30:08 08/01/2017. Cast: Aranha, Tabitha, Alexis, and Walter.

[SNF 2017.06] ICP Fight Fest: Alexis vs Tabitha - Speaking of Metro City, how about their subways? If you ask any celebrity, one of the most important things is fashion. And what's the first thing you lose when you lose your house, other than your house? Fashion. We've found two fighters to battle it out in the Metro City subways. The stakes are high, though: The winner? Will get their outfit promoted through Violet Fashions International as a special line! ...too bad that one of them designed her outfit to annoy Violet Fashions and the other only cares about the fight. - Log created on 15:20:17 06/04/2017 by Tabitha, and last modified on 11:39:02 06/05/2017. Cast: Tabitha and Alexis.

[SNF 2015.10] SNF: Mazes & Monsters - At the beginning of the fight, the containers will be organized like a gigantic rat maze, with three entrances equally spaced around the edge of the rectangular cargo bay. Audience members will have the advantage of bleachers on all four sides of the cargo bay, and they'll be able to look down into the bay as if it were a miniature, seaworthy Colosseum. But the competitors can forget trying to memorize the layout of the fight beforehand: after the fighters have been moved to their individual waiting areas, Crane 1 and Crane 2 are in perfect position to move the empty containers around, shuffling their positions to minimize the chance that any one fighter can get a clear line-of-sight to any of the other. Cranes will be moving the containers around all throughout the fight, so fighters will need to take care to adjust their strategies accordingly! - Log created on 15:28:40 10/18/2015 by Tabitha, and last modified on 20:15:50 10/23/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack, Tabitha, and Alexis.

[SNF 2015.05] DOJO: You Won't Believe What Comes Out Of... - While a very accomplished submissions brawler in her own right, people have studied and speculated on the effects of the diminutive Sada Asai's bodily fluids (in certain bulletin boards in the bowels of the Internet and not really frequented by respectable individuals) ever since she entered the public fighting scene, independently of what she's actually said about it. Now, she'll be matched up against a former PFW ally, pugilist Tabitha Coren on the steep shores of the bright white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint in Denmark. Will Sada's former teammate do or say anything in the fight to out Sada's horrifying secrets?? Speaking of horrifying secrets-- (Conclusion is a DKO and a great deal of horrible froth caused by the reaction of chalk and Sada's horrible acid sweat.) - Log created on 20:47:17 05/19/2015 by Sada, and last modified on 07:09:28 05/22/2015. Cast: Sada and Tabitha.

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