Full Name:Steve Fox
Height:6'1" (187cm)
Weight:165lbs (75kg)
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Light blonde
Likes:Sportsmanship, Fighting, Training, Meeting new People
Dislikes:Being Dishonorable, Lying, Trickery
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Gideon Emery
Theme Song:Champion's Scars - SF x Tekken


"Hey, you, you wanna try me guv?

Steve Fox is a man at the height of his boxing career. Having maintained the middleweight world championship for years, he has almost everything he could ever want. The only thing that his money couldn't buy is a lead on his lineage. Despite having been adopted as a child, there has been no paperwork regarding his biological parents, so he has no way to know about Nina Williams being his mother. Recently, members of the Mafia demanded that he throw a championship fight that they had set a lot of money on. Refusing to yield, Steve fought his best and won anyway, but now lives as a marked man. Having fled the United Kingdom to the United States, Steve is using his newfound free time to find a lead on the identify of his parents and, maybe, the origin of the massive scar running down his arm.

Signature Move:Fox Hunt -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

The Treaty of Clapham Grand - A pair of what are supposed to be bitter enemies have a concert date to engage in the most romantic of activities: Discussing terms! Things go well, until they don't. - Log created on 17:37:21 01/29/2022 by Steve, and last modified on 10:46:21 05/10/2022. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

High Stakes & Police Hats - Following up from the earlier deal made at the cafe, Steve and Lyraelle brawl it out in a public park! When things get more destructive then the boxer had anticipated, the bobbies step in! - Log created on 18:24:37 07/10/2021 by Steve, and last modified on 21:30:04 07/13/2021. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

Confrontation at the Coffee, Cake and Kisses Cafe - Steve finally decides to give the demon queen a call after their encounter in the boxing underground. The two decide to meet in person to discuss the terms of their continuing relationship. The question remains, what does Lyraelle want with the British boxer...? - Log created on 13:03:18 07/09/2021 by Lyraelle, and last modified on 18:04:48 07/10/2021. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

And Now Steve Makes Mitsuru Sad?! - After her fight with Blazing Panther, Mitsuru runs off to Chinatown to find solace and self reflection. She hates both, so she calls Steve all the way in England to come over and pick her up. This is their story. - Log created on 09:45:34 06/15/2021 by Mitsuru, and last modified on 20:46:30 06/17/2021. Cast: Steve and Mitsuru.

Best of British - In an old, crumbling castle overlooking Loch Ness, the disgraced boxer Steve seeks redemption in the only kind of match he can find these days - a traditional underground Scottish brawl. But why is his opponent another teenage girl for him to abuse? What drives her to such unsavoury locales? And just who is the audience for this kind of perverse battle? (Juliet vs Steve, with a special cameo appearance by a mysterious redhead.) - Log created on 09:30:58 04/14/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 15:58:00 04/14/2021. Cast: Steve, Lyraelle, and Juliet.

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