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Game:Killer Instinct
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"*Maniacal Skeleton Noises*"

Once a bandit hired by a Babylonian vizier seeking to plunder and betray his king, Spinal's fortunes grew ill when that king proved too wise for their scheme, killing most of them and cursing the rest. Spinal's will was subjugated to a relic called the Mask of the Ancients. Powerless to resist its will, the man who came to be known as Spinal was beholden to its bearer for all time, even when the king ordered him to burn himself alive. Fearing karma, the king had the mask and Spinal's remains thrown into the sea. But the curse never lifted, and in the ages that followed, the deathless skeleton learned to control his body, losing his mind in trade for the power to live again. A ghastly fleshless version of his former self, Spinal has become an agent of mayhem, a primal creature marauding the coastlines and open seas searching for the Mask, the one thing he truly desires, the one thing he fears. By now, he has mastered the magicks that have given him unending life, hexes and necromancy beyond the reaches of most men. Sailor's tales are still told of him, a mad undead pirate on a wretched galleon crewed by ghosts, sinking entire ships without looting a single cent.

Signature Move:Soul Shaker -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

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