Age:A delicate flower of youth
Height:With or without the hat? KEEP YOUR GRUBBY MITTS OFF THE HAT!
Weight:Uh, dood, not cool. NOT COOL.
Blood Type:Yesssssss!
Nationality:So American I have a BALD EAGLE INSIDE OF ME. ...itwasdelicious.
Eye Color:I prefer the green ones, they taste like grapes.
Hair Color:Black as my sooooul
Likes:Destruction!, Murder!, Chaaaaos!, cuddling, and boardgames
Dislikes:Boredom, rules, things that aren't on fire, YOUR FACE - haha j/k kisses <3 <3 seriouslythough
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Ashly Burch
Theme Song:


"AhaHA... HAhaha! Third degree burns are how I show my affection!"

It could be said that the tale of this young girl is one of misfortune and tragedy. Intelligent and gifted in the arts of science, Sorcha was unfortunately never very much to look at, a combination of traits which did not serve her well in the difficult battlefield of teenage life. She turned to escapism to avoid facing the shame of constant bullying - alcohol, drugs, and *shudder* Dungeons and Dragons. This forray into the realm of fantasy lead the girl to a fascination with the occult and she dove deep into the dark paths of ancient sorcery and pagan rituals. Her parents believed it to be a temporary thing, a phase through which she would eventually emerge to discover that there is more to life than popularity; and this might have been true had she not stumbled upon something with true power: an ancient book filled with profane secrets. Led astray by the chaotic powers lurking within those pages, the once promising youth has now become a terrible abomination, body warped and mind twis-HEY! Ow, let go! ... Ahaha! What is this crap you're writing?! LIES AND SLANDER! Let me fix it. Ahem. Sorcha is the prettiest and most gifted girl in the whooole world! Everyone wants to be her friend because she is turbo amazing and the super best at everything and everyone who thinks differently had better sleep with ONE EYE OPEN BECAUSE I WILL CRAWL INTO YOUR SKULL AND BURROW INTO YOUR BRAIN UNTIL I GET TO THE GOOEY CENTER! Aha..HAHAhaha! Death and kisses~, Love Sorcha. <3

Style:Chaos Magick (with a K!)
Signature Move:Let The Galaxy Burn! -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

NOL Bounty Data

Class: CBounty: $40,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Powerful Darkstalker with suspected record of violence against humans.

Recent Logs

Chaos Blooms On The Battlefield - On a moonlit Southtown broadwalk, two souls find each other, joined together by entropy and chaos, with love forming at first gaze. ... What? NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED AT ALL! What *actually* happened involved Sorcha descending upon Broadwalk to sow chaos and destruction, and Tairyu took it upon himself to try to stop her. - Log created on 19:15:50 06/26/2020 by Tairyu, and last modified on 00:31:27 06/29/2020. Cast: Sorcha and Tairyu.

Bad Juju - Summoned by a dark voodoo priest, the chaos witch Sorcha finds herself presented with an extremely unusual request. - Log created on 10:59:42 11/16/2018 by Sorcha, and last modified on 21:31:14 11/22/2018. Cast: Sorcha and Benezet.

[Illyria] Illyria Finale - Aspect Of Fire - Filled with hate and wrath, Kulshedra's Aspect of Fire surrounds Nine, seeping through the tiniest cracks in the seals and wards that bind her. The sorceress finds herself momentarily free of the magics that bind her, but this is a fleeting dream, as she soon finds herself under the dragon's control instead. Its command is simple: come to Illyria Castle and set everything ablaze, friend or foe, and Sorcha and Lotus are unlucky enough to find themselves directly in Nine's way.... - Log created on 20:13:10 05/01/2018 by Lotus, and last modified on 12:55:49 05/16/2018. Cast: Sorcha, Lotus, and Nine.

Chaotic Negotiations - It's just another day at Abigail's garage - hard work and play in equal measure. Little does he realize that his afternoon is about to be ruined by a little bit of Chaos. - Log created on 23:08:32 11/16/2017 by Sorcha, and last modified on 05:00:29 11/17/2017. Cast: Sorcha and Abigail.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 2: Athena vs Ermac - Determined to earn the power to pay the price to regain what was lost, Asamiya finds herself challenging the Emerald Enigma guarding a vortex of collected souls. - Log created on 19:15:16 10/23/2016 by Athena, and last modified on 04:41:24 10/26/2016. Cast: Athena, Ermac, and Sorcha.

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Magick with a K!

Four simultaneous high fives!

Got my eeeeye on you!

Gimme a kiss!

Hello, new friend!

Haulin' ass, gettin' paid!

That's a nice soul you got there... be a shame if something happened to it!

You're not my /dad/!

Stay and cuddle with deeez arms!

And now... snuggliiiing?!

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