Full Name:Sonia Romanenko
Faction:Black Dragon Cult
Height:178cm (5'10'')
Weight:60kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type:AB
Nationality:Russian American
Hometown:Moscow, Russia.
Eye Color:Violet
Hair Color:Violet
Hobbies:Shopping, knives, swimming, playing the guitar, beating other people senseless, being the center of attention.
Favorite Food:Pelmeni (Meat Dumplings), Kvas (Beverage).
Likes:Luxury, fast cars, hot guys, clubbing.
Dislikes:Undergarments, other women, having her plans foiled, idealistic fools and saviors, dirty people.
Best Sport:Martial Arts
OOC Data
Game:Rage of the Dragons
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"You should start to pray now."

Long ago in the Soviet Union, Sonia Romanenko's father was highly placed in the Party's military administration for Georgia, and so young Sonia wanted for nothing while the people of Russia starved. She received a top-notch education in the art of assassination from the Spetsnaz and served them well as a killer of dissidents. However, when the Wall fell, she discovered that her Soviet handlers not only used her to further their own ends, but also had her father killed. A botched attempt at taking them out found her fleeing the country and becoming a killer for hire before taking up with the Black Dragon Cult. Now she serves as a trusted lieutenant -- and occasional mistress -- to their leader, Johann... but her loyalty is more to money than to the Cult itself. Never one to panic, Sonia's confidence and level head in a crisis are just as much an asset to her in a fight as her superlative skill with a simple knife, a weapon she uses with the speed and strength of a striking serpent.

Style:Sambo + Assassination Techniques
Signature Move:Snake Hold -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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