Weight:Bloody light.
Blood Type:Yes
Nationality:Horrible Nightmare Worldian.
Eye Color:Yellow/Red depending on mood.
Hair Color:Red
OOC Data
Game:Mortal Kombat
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"... Yes, I can speak. You never asked."

Blood magic, as any novice sorceror knows, is dangerous magic indeed. There is perhaps no better example than that of Skarlet. A deadly ninja warrior composed from the blood of those powerful fighters who have displeased Shao Kahn over the millennia, Skarlet grows stronger with every battle - which is why her Emperor keeps her bound and chained when her skills are not needed. Skarlet serves as Shao Kahn's bloodhound, gifted through her origins with a link to the blood of all living beings which she can use to find them wherever they may be. Battles with her are guaranteed to be bloody and gruesome affairs, as she not only seeks to make her opponents bleed to absorb their strength, but uses her own blood to fuel deadly and devastating attacks. Skarlet has been released on the world in order to hunt down those who would get in the way of Shao Kahn's plans... but faced with her first taste of a world which is not drowning in blood, she is finding herself confronted with a whole new set of possibilities.

Style:Ninjutsu and Blood Control
Signature Move:Blood and Tears -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.01] TMC: BORNE IN BLOOD - Continuing his Midnight journey, the mighty Kung Lao finds himself drawn to one of the grimmest locales we at The Midnight Channel have had the pleasure of presenting. But what monster awaits our Shaolin warrior in this place of death? Warning: This match is guaranteed to be a bloody one. - Log created on 12:55:44 01/22/2021 by Kung Lao, and last modified on 23:28:21 01/22/2021. Cast: Skarlet and Kung Lao.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 2] RINGSIDE ATTRACTION - Several thousand people were working in Metro Square when it first vanished. A thousand or so are currently holed up in the Il Paradiso Opera House, and it would seem another few hundred have made the Slam Masters Arena their temporary home. But a dark secret lies in the rafters of the arena -- a curious infestation. After a week here, the people are becoming incredibly lethargic -- and it's not just from the dwindling supply of hot dogs and hamburgers. And worse: Outworld tourists MILEENA and SKARLET happened to be in town with a few days to kill. - Log created on 16:53:27 04/18/2015 by Baiken, and last modified on 20:39:38 05/10/2015. Cast: Charlie, Baiken, Skarlet, and Mileena.

Blood beckons, blood burns, blood knows its place~ - Dear Diary, there was a wonderful development today. One of my father's most talented and loyal retainers arrived to assist me against the villainous Earthrealm warriors known as the Metro City Punishment Division. Their underhanded techniques, destructive weapons and dishonourable weight of numbers were as nothing to our combined might - but I wonder, are we allowing ourselves to be drawn too deeply into this realm? Truly, those who dwell here are scarce as civilized as we. They provide not even the condiments with which to dine most properly upon their facemeats. At least I made a new friend. - Log created on 13:07:29 02/20/2015 by Mileena, and last modified on 22:23:48 02/20/2015. Cast: Skarlet and Mileena.

In The Red - Skarlet needs a coat so that she looks like she's actually wearing clothes, but she doesn't understand the concept of money. Hugin, fresh from one brush with death, saves a mall cop, and then gets her second. Valuable lessons are learned about getting between a ninja and her fashion. - Log created on 14:50:41 01/06/2015 by Skarlet, and last modified on 17:35:27 01/06/2015. Cast: Skarlet and Hugin.

In The Same Vein. - Skarlet finds a fellow Enforcer. She convinces him to join in her hunt for Mileena, but the many minds of Ermac have started to reach their own conclusions. Ermac wishes to rein in the Princess, where Skarlet merely wishes to be around for the inevitable lightning strike. Are fractures already starting to form amongst Shao Kahn's minions? Or will they be able to solve their differences without resorting to kombat? - Log created on 07:07:23 01/02/2015 by Skarlet, and last modified on 10:55:28 01/02/2015. Cast: Ermac and Skarlet.

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