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Game:Mortal Kombat
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Millennia ago, Shao Khan konquered the idyllic realm of Edenia and took its queen Sindel as his bride, consigning the long-lived regent to a torturous existence of struggling to protect her people from the hellish denizens of Outworld and the casual cruelty of its Emperor. Being made to watch as Outworld abused the rite of Mortal Kombat to extend its tendrils throughout the realms broke something in the kind-hearted Queen. Sindel is a regal and graceful presence whose prolonged suffering has spun a coldly pragmatic shell around her soft center. She despises Shao Khan for stealing Edenia's future and raising her daughter as his own; she also admires his ruthlessness, finding herself inspired by it to seek his annihilation by any means. Leveraging her deep reservoir of sorcerous talent, Sindel enacted a ritual empowered by the souls of willing Edenians, allowing her to end her life in and be reborn in Earthrealm - the latest target of Shao Khan's ambitions - at the cost of abandoning her people to the ravages of Outworld. Freed for a time from the Emperor's bondage, the Revenant Queen seeks the power to overthrow his empire and claim it as her own as the foundation of a new Edenia.

Style:Edenian Martial and Mystical Arts
Signature Move:Banshee Scream -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

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