Full Name:Simone Naidoo
Weight:96lbs (43 kg)
Blood Type:Copious
Nationality:South African
Eye Color:Dark
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Immanetizing the Eschaton.
Personal Treasures:Signed photo of Gil.
Favorite Food:Jerky
Likes:The Apocalypse.
Dislikes:The World
Best Sport:Competitive Astrology
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Die Antwoord - Baby's on Fire


"And on the thirteenth day the Angel of Death will sing, and Their voice will herald the tearing of the veil. Brother will turn on brother, mother will slaughter daughter. It will be, glorious."

One should always be careful what one wishes for. Simone yearned for nothing more than the secrets of magic, believing that if she could just learn the right combination of words she could find her way out of the Johannesburg slums. One day, she met a man who offered to teach her those very secrets - it would only cost her the small price of her soul. The Illuminati are always willing to give power to those who are willing to serve. Simone was schooled in the 13th of the Illuminati's 66 Secret Arts, tearing out part of her soul to gain the ability to manipulate magical power. Now the leader of Crisis Management Unit 6-1-6 ('The Hellraisers'), Simone keeps her people in a state of awe and fear with a constant stream of terrifying proclamations, visions and demonstrations of arcane might, not to mention the halo of blood hanging above her head. She knows, with absolute certainty, that the apocalypse is at hand - and that she, as one of the last generation of Illuminati members, has a duty to eliminate all those who would prevent the end of the world. Thus, she stands at the forefront of a new and dangerous era for the Illuminati; determined to take the organisation from the shadows, and lay the groundwork for Gill to guide humanity towards the Divine.

Style:Secret Illuminati Magic
Signature Move:Immanetize the Eschaton -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

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