Full Name:Shira 'Cutty' Hebi
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Shira Hebi

"Tell me what it's like to laugh and cry?"

Shira "Cutty" Hebi grew up with the misfortune of a poisonous chi that twisted her body with the eyes, fangs, movement, and cold emotions of a serpent. Abandoned by her parents, never adopted, she turned to wandering the streets for survival. Found by a kind group of gangsters, she learned how to fight using a combination of her innate inhuman movements, speed, dexterity, and the rough and dirty knife-skills used by her gang's leader to form the Snake-Style Knife Arts. With her gang and its leader dead, she seeks their killers, even as she finds herself drawn to the Twilight Star circus as a surrogate family. Shira's newest desire is to keep them safe, and unlock the puzzle that is emotion both from others and in her own seemingly cold and dead heart. Wielding a large butcher-like knife, and seemingly endless smaller ones, she is silent and deadly, striking from the shadows and slithering her way around the battlefield with blistering speed.

Style:Snake-style Knife Arts
Signature Move:Death By 1000 Slashes -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

Snakeing Interpol - Shira once again tries to mug someone. It happens to be a certain interpol agent, Daniel Little. Everything is Zach's fault. - Log created on 11:48:24 01/18/2016 by Shira Hebi, and last modified on 21:23:23 01/18/2016. Cast: Daniel and Shira Hebi.

Snakes and Robots - Shira makes a new robot friend in Alisa. Through pickpocketing and getting beaten up. - Log created on 15:22:53 01/17/2016 by Shira Hebi, and last modified on 20:07:04 01/17/2016. Cast: Alisa and Shira Hebi.

Snakes and Bigtops - Shira meets Honoka, and runs away to the Circus. - Log created on 21:22:00 01/12/2016 by Shira Hebi, and last modified on 22:36:46 01/13/2016. Cast: Honoka and Shira Hebi.

Petty Thievery - Shira tries to mug Quon. It goes poorly for our snake. - Log created on 08:21:22 01/12/2016 by Shira Hebi, and last modified on 20:15:54 01/17/2016. Cast: Quon and Shira Hebi.

Little Girl Lost - Shira had lost everything. Her family, her friends. She was alone, and distraught. And her only response was to walk. To wander. The snake woman finds herself drawn to Mount Koya, where a string of mysterious killings have cursed the mountain. Following the trails, she soon encounters a strange old lady... who finds a little child who was lost in the woods. And there, she finds a home for her... and an opportunity to make all the pain fade away. - Log created on 14:30:28 01/11/2016 by Eadni, and last modified on 19:42:39 01/12/2016. Cast: Eadni and Shira Hebi.

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