Full Name: Shinobu Ootsuka
Game: Original Character
Faction: Seijyun High
Team: Independent
Profile: "Spontaneous" is the best word to describe Shinobu Ootsuka, a young high school student who has only recently gotten involved in fighting. Bizarrely, she seems to fight with a "non-style", instead acting on instinct and wild luck rather than any true martial art. In short, she is a "Fighting Savant", with a tremendous raw talent for fighting that defies conventional martial technique. Similarly, she lives in the moment, rarely seeming to consider the conquences of her actions. Nonetheless, she is a friendly soul, if sometimes a somewhat blunt and clueless one. If she were more asthetic and serene, one might say she'd attained the "no mind" of Zen Buddhism, but most attribute it more or her being a bit of a ditz. With roughly a dozen siblings, Shinobu is part of a extended, adopted family, and it's not uncommon for her to have half a dozen siblings cheering her on during a match.
Style: Improvised Savant Techniques
Signature Move: Rumble Punch -- PHYSICAL

OOC Data

VoiceActor: Yuki Matsuoka


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 155cm (5'1")
Weight: 41kg (90 lbs.)
BloodType: O-
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Southtown
EyeColor: Blue / Brown
HairColor: Brown
Wins: 10 Losses: 12 Ties: 3
Neo League Points/Fights: 8.8/11

Fight History

Loss SNF 2005.04 Five-way Free-For-All Apr 30, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.05 Shinobu vs Ramon May 15, 2005
Loss KOF 2005 [R1] Ikari vs Strongest! May 31, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.06 Shinobu/DongHwan/Malin vs Ryu Jun 25, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.07 2-on-2-on-1 Team Battle Jul 02, 2005
Win Wheel of Madness Shingo/Shinobu vs Cammy Aug 04, 2005
Win SNF 2005.08 Bao vs Shinobu Aug 13, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.09 Hell Boat Bout Sep 03, 2005
Win SNF 2005.10 Kensou vs Shinobu Oct 23, 2005
Win Medal Tournament Xiangfei vs Shinobu Nov 01, 2005
Loss Medal Tournament Shingo vs Shinobu Nov 06, 2005
Loss Neo League 076 #86: Shinobu vs Hinata Dec 20, 2005
Loss Neo League 101 #122: Shinobu vs Sakura Jan 02, 2006
Win Neo League 126 #136: Shinobu vs Frei Jan 12, 2006
Loss Neo League 126 #147: Xiangfei vs Shinobu Jan 15, 2006
Loss Neo League 151 #160: Xiangfei vs Shinobu Jan 22, 2006
Tie Neo League 151 #172: Shinobu vs Kensou Jan 31, 2006
Loss Second Victory R1: Iori/Yuri vs Grant/Shinobu Feb 16, 2006
Win Neo League 226 #238: Yuri vs Shinobu Mar 28, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.09 River?! Kensou/Shinobu vs Kain Aug 31, 2006
Win SNF 2006.09 Sweden! Cammy vs Frei/Shinobu Sep 17, 2006
Tie SNF 2006.10 Stars! Rob/Shino vs Ingrid/Sie Oct 29, 2006
Win Neo League 301 #303: Talia vs Shinobu Feb 14, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #352: Shermie vs Shinobu Apr 05, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #357: Alma vs Shinobu Apr 10, 2007