Full Name:Shaheen
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Status:Available for Apps
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Shaheen is a bodyguard by trade. Hailing from Saudi Arabia, he keeps a spotless track record of successful jobs, gaining high reputation within select circles for his professionalism. When a close friend's death is deemed an accident, however, Shaheen scrutinizes the official report, and quickly suspects a cover-up. Shaheen now trails G-Corporation, seeking to uncover the truth of his friend's death. A rugged and handsome man, Shaheen fights using CQC training commonly found in the military. While he abhors violence when it is unnecessary, Shaheen knows all too well that there is a time and place for fighting. When that time comes, Shaheen is more than prepared to dispatch his foes cleanly and efficiently.

Style:Military-based CQC training
Signature Move:Hornet -- PHYSICAL THROW

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