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Game:Fighting EX Layer
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Shadowgeist was once a normal man, with a difficult life. Living under a harsh dictatorship, his wife was murdered by the government and his daughter subsequently went missing. Burning with contempt, he enhanced his body with cybernetic parts, and declared vengeance against the government, becoming a vigilante. Taking the name Shadowgeist, he fought against the dictatorship, liberating his daughter in the process. HAving escaped the tyranny with his daughter, his journey for justice has taken him, Shadowgeist continues his life of crime-fighting by joining Interpol, in exchange to keep his daughter safe. Now fighting on the side of the law, Shadowgeist dedicates himself in stopping all injustice in the world, and holds the most contempt against the tyrants of the world.

Style:Self-Designed Vigilante Arts
Signature Move:Death Somersault -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

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