Blood Type:
Eye Color:Pink
Hair Color:Bald
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Mysterious and unnervingly vicious, the man simply known as 'Seth' seems to have come almost literally from nowhere. The head of Shadaloo's research and development branch known as SIN, Seth is well-known amongst their ranks for the amoral and deadly experiments he performs in the name of developing new and more powerful weaponry. He is a fundamentally heartless individual whose ruthlessness is matched only by his ambition, his bizarre and almost otherworldly appearance a fitting complement to his dark and terrible persona. Perhaps strangest about this man, though, is his fighting style, which utilizes the techniques of other great masters to almost startling perfection.

Style:SIN Hybrid Style
Signature Move:Tanden Engine -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Operating In Tanden - As Haru secures the main apartment complex, Sie Kensou searches throughout the complex, and finds a hidden elevator to deep below. With some quick words to his allies, Kensou boldly and foolish descends below. There, rather than mere prisoners, he finds the recently evacuated lab complex of Shadaloo's hidden operations. Worse yet, he encounters Seth15 in the midst of packing away the last pieces of arcane technology. Kensou might think he's finally found who'd attacked Athena, but Seth15 has found just one more prisoner to fill the ranks of the V Project. - Log created on 12:59:48 08/16/2018 by Kensou, and last modified on 11:54:55 08/23/2018. Cast: Seth15 and Kensou.

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