Full Name:Saishu Kusanagi (Sometimes translated as 'Saisyu')
Weight:152 lbs
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Shinjuku, Japan
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:November 27th
Personal Treasures:Pride of the Kusanagi family, His wife
Favorite Food:Curry Udon, Strawberry Charlotte
Best Sport:Golf
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"My strength comes from hate, and no chemical substitutes!"

The current head of the Kusanagi clan, Saishu has dropped out of the spotlight somewhat with the success that his son Kyo has had. A bit more relaxed than one might expect of someone with Saishu's status, Saishu is an odd mix of the slow deliberation common of elder fighters, and the energy the Kusanagis are famous for. He fights with the same style and bloodline-granted flames that Kyo does, though Saishu places a noticable emphasis on lunging movements, making him similar but distinct from his son in a fight. Having long since established an heir to the family, Saishu has time for other things he enjoys, such as training, a nice glass of tea on quiet days, and finding excellent fighters to compete with. He has taken an interest in Shingo Yabuki, and often trains him when Kyo refuses to.

Style:Kusanagi-ryuu Kobojutsu
Signature Move:Oniyaki -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

Zack Island in Flames - The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn! Burn, motherfucker, burn! - Log created on 10:49:34 02/26/2015 by Saishu, and last modified on 15:09:04 02/26/2015. Cast: Saishu and Iori.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 9000 - Team SWAG vs Naval Orange - Mutiny beneath the waves! Sex and drugs! Violence! Eyepatches! Pat Benatar! Mermaids! Dead mermaids! Most of these in just a single pose! ARRRRRRR! PEEEEEEEEEE! - Log created on 17:56:37 02/10/2015 by Saishu, and last modified on 23:15:57 02/27/2015. Cast: Bonne Jenet, Saishu, May, and Shingo.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 2 - Obtaining Treasures - On the rampage, Saishu Kusanagi is attending to highly important business - pivotal to the tournament and, perhaps, the future of mankind - when he receives assistance from a strange and tiny source. Sometimes, the smallest packages come from the biggest hearts. This could be the start of a beautiful new future; for Saishu, for Shingo Yabuki, and for his future bride. The quest to make Shingo a man... has begun. - Log created on 15:17:16 02/05/2015 by Saishu, and last modified on 03:31:33 02/09/2015. Cast: Saishu and Eve.

So You Wanna Be A Dillo? - The most important scene of all time. Lightning Spangles is looking for a partner to take with her to Zack Island, and she can only have one partner: The Hoedown Dillo. The trouble is that she needs another fighter to take on the persona of her most cherished armadillo companion. Who has the gumption, the skill, and the fiddlin' power to take on what is arguably the most important character of all time? - Log created on 18:42:14 01/27/2015 by Jezebel, and last modified on 20:39:53 01/28/2015. Cast: Saishu, Hugo, Jezebel, Johnny Cage, May, and Shingo.

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