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Game:Killer Instinct
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The leader of the Red Eyes of Rylai assassin's cult, Sadira is a cold-blooded and cruel woman, gaining her station with equal amounts skill and treachery. Long used as a fixer in the highest levels of corporate and political espionage, Sadira has lead the small group to riches with a merciless hand. Raised in a refugee camp along Thailand's border with Myanmar, Sadira grew up in a culture of violence and bloodshed. A vicious fighter trained in an ancestor art to Muay Thai, Sadira uses poisons and the countless blades secreted away on her body to inflict great pain and crippling wounds on those unlucky enough to face her. However, her most dangerous asset is the coveted golden spider that she took from the master she killed, a cursed bauble that tied itself to her heart the instant she took it, in the process giving her the powers of a spider. Ever since, they have said she is one without a heart.

Style:Rylai Assassin Arts
Signature Move:Widow Bite -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

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