Full Name:Ryo Sakazaki
Height:179 cm.
Weight:84 kg.
Blood Type:O
Nationality:Japanese American, Dual Citizenship
Eye Color:Dark Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:August 2
Hobbies:D.I.Y. carpentry, Home Gardening
Personal Treasures:Tatsumaki (his horse), A Harley Davidson Roadster that he restored himself
Favorite Food:Rice cakes (mochi), fermented soybeans (natto)
Likes:Yuri, Takuma, Robert, King, Fighting, Pushing His Limits, Country Music
Dislikes:Pickles, bugs with a lot of legs
Best Sport:Sumo Wrestling
OOC Data
Game:Art of Fighting
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Sakazaki Ryo. His name is legend, though, perhaps a legend that has passed its own time. Back in the day, before King of Fighters tournaments and the like, Ryo and his friend Robert were famous for going on a city wide beat down of Southtown criminals in search of Ryo's kidnapped sister. After that, Ryo then went on to participate, and win the very first King of Fighters tournament. Later, he helped his friend Robert with another incident south of the border, in Mexico that resulted in breaking up a drug ring. Since then, Ryo has mostly retreated from the limelight, focused instead in trying to help his family and friends, and to keep the ever struggling Kyokugenryu dojo doors open. To this end, he still takes to the tournament sector, competing for the sake of keeping the name Kyokugen on the tongues and in the hearts of fighting fans and potential students. Now known as Mr. Karate, his skill and power are nearly without rival. His form is renowned for it's power, and his own variation of the Kyokugen base form has been perfected to being nigh unassailable. This has earned him the title once held by his father, Mr. Karate, as well as being known as the "Invincible Dragon of Kyokugen". Meanwhile, as strong as he is, it doesn't stop him from being the victim of many plots by his loved ones attempting to get him to settle down with the lovely kickboxing beauty, King.

Style:Kyokugen Karate
Signature Move:Koho -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.07] SNF: Ken vs Ryo - "Shitenno-Ji Shotokan Showdown" - A global martial arts tour wouldn't be complete without a stop in Japan, home of the Ryukyu islands, the birthplace of karate! America's Ansatsuken master Ken Masters will face off against Kyokugen karateka Ryo Sakazaki in front of Japan's oldest Buddhist temple! Why was this location chosen, you may ask? Because it looks cool! And it'll look even cooler with a fireworks display overhead! - Log created on 12:24:30 07/02/2021 by Ryo, and last modified on 20:46:52 07/02/2021. Cast: Ryo and Ken Masters.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - Team ARTISTISM vs Team Kyokugen - Amidst a tranquil bamboo forest, the contenders of Team Kyokugen and Team ARTISTISM come to a clash of body and spirit. Things get maybe ever-so-slightly philosophical, which is just the unfortunate byproduct of fighting Slayer. But still! Violence! Hurray! - Log created on 00:53:05 06/22/2019 by Slayer, and last modified on 20:00:01 07/14/2019. Cast: Marco, Ryo, and Slayer.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Twilight Stars vs Kyokugen - In their first match of the King of Fighters 2019, Team Kyokugen faces the Twilight Stars in a harrowing battle on Ayers Rock, Australia! Will the mysterious powers of the Twilight Stars claim victory, or will they be unable to stand against KYOKUGEN MIGHT!? - Log created on 10:43:57 06/10/2019 by Ryo, and last modified on 12:21:33 06/17/2019. Cast: Ryo, Honoka, Koto, and Kasumi Todoh.

[KOF 2019] Team Kyokugenryu - The Beginning - While pondering how to keep the Kyokugenryuu Dojo afloat, Ryo and Yuri are interrupted by Marco, one of their best and brightest students, to inform them that the King of Fighters is beginning, and that it's up to the three of them to bring Kyokugenryuu glory to the world! Then, Ryo and Marco fight. - Log created on 18:46:41 05/30/2019 by Marco, and last modified on 01:30:49 05/31/2019. Cast: Marco, Ryo, and Yuri.

The Invincible Dragon. - A possible new disciple arrives at the Kyokugen dojo. The wounds are still raw, scars of battle yet to heal and theres a tremendous sense of unease and tension in the air. - Log created on 00:50:47 07/18/2018 by Hitomi, and last modified on 20:05:01 09/18/2018. Cast: Ryo and Hitomi.

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