Full Name:Ruby Seneca
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A highschool girl, an adopted child, a knife-happy lunatic, a quiet bookworm. All descriptions that could apply to the one known as Ruby Seneca, though not all may be completely accurate. Taking up practice with knives for self-defense after an unfortunate mugging incident in her younger years, she's come up with a style fully her own from it, combining sports-honed reflexes, keen perception, and on-the-fly thinking into an unusual package. Completely innocuous things like that should not lead to a dangerous fighting style, but for her, they do. She's at the very least heard about the fighting circuits, and even watched a few matches, but she hasn't actually participated herself. Whether events will conspire to draw her into those is something that is yet to be seen...

Style:Scirocco Dancer Knife Style
Signature Move:Trickster Wind -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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