Age:Unknown (early thirties?)
Weight:this space intentionally left blank
Blood Type:Unknown
Hometown:Genoa, Italy
Eye Color:Violet
Hair Color:Deep purple
Hobbies:Attending the Opera, Astral projection, Fortune-Telling, Watching you while you sleep.
Personal Treasures:Gold Scarf
Favorite Food:Italian
Likes:Cherry Wine, Bathing, Ryu
Dislikes:Evil Auras, Ancient Evils and waking up early.
Love Interests:None, no distractions!
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I seek only to protect this world. What happens to me is of little consequence."

A renowned psychic, Rose lives a jet-setting lifestyle, a stylish and elegant presence across continents. Even those who don't believe in her Tarot-card claptrap have to admit she gives a gripping performance. But this fabulous exterior hides a dark secret: Rose is the manifestation of a portion of the soul of Vega, the "weakness" he purged -- or as Rose would put it, his "good side." This spiritual origin has granted her formidable psychic talents, though her Soul Power has not kept step with Vega's ever-increasing Psycho Power. Worse, she fully expects that true victory over Vega will slay herself as well... which may explain some of that international jet-setting.

Style:Soul Power
Signature Move:Soul Reflect -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

Reading In Liguria - Rose runs into Sol Badguy while camping out in an abandoned town. Why is she here? Well, why is anyone anywhere. - Log created on 21:04:38 07/29/2019 by Rose, and last modified on 00:57:19 07/30/2019. Cast: Rose and Sol Badguy.

Permutations and Pappardelle - Shadowing I-No's activities to get a better idea of the shape of her witchy agenda brings Jack-O' Valentine to the doorstep of renowned psychic, Rose. Which she promptly breaks into. And then tries to make dinner for the hostess of. It's pretty much just all downhill from there. But in the midst of shattering wine bottles and exploding couches, Rose and Jack-O' find they may have more than a few things in common. - Log created on 20:43:53 12/27/2018 by Jack-O', and last modified on 23:09:37 01/06/2019. Cast: Rose and Jack-O'.

[Circuit Of Champions] SNF: Legendary Blue Belt Defense - The spiritualist Rose ventures into the frozen mountains and valleys of Japan, to see if her Soul Power can overcome Akuma's fists. - Log created on 18:14:12 12/10/2018 by Akuma, and last modified on 16:28:37 12/28/2018. Cast: Rose and Akuma.

After Wine, Veritas - Chun-Li visits Rose in Genoa and the two experienced fighters test their fortitude against a bag full of French wine. They inevitably succumb, but a pleasantly drunk evening eating cafe food and talking about rude metal witches still counts as a win, right? - Log created on 19:42:15 12/05/2018 by Chun-Li, and last modified on 11:28:15 12/23/2018. Cast: Rose and Chun-Li.

Atu METRO: The Cody - In which CODY emerges from a DUMPSTER to have his fortune read. His fortune is CRIME but also POLITICAL SUCCESS? Either way he scammed lunch off of Rose, a notorious soft touch. - Log created on 20:54:29 11/11/2018 by Mercedes, and last modified on 00:23:23 11/12/2018. Cast: Cody and Rose.

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