Full Name:Rosalyn Wainwright
Faction:Pacific High
Height:177 cm
Weight:No Comment
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:
Hair Color:Red
Date of Birth:November 17
Best Sport:Video Games
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


Rosalyn Wainwright is the second daughter of an American lawyer. Always more interested in machines and building things than any of the pursuits her father chose for her, Rosalyn was sent to Pacific High in the hopes that she'd grow out of her constant tinkering with tools. If anything, it's caused the reverse; Rosalyn spends more time in the mechanics shop than pretty much anywhere else, making her own little gadgets and providing technical support for the other students at Pacific. Extraordinarily intelligent and a mechanical and engineering prodigy, Rosalyn is also somewhat shy and uncomfortable in social situations, though some of the more exuberant students at Pacific have taken to dragging her out so she doesn't become entirely solitary. After having been grabbed to 'help out' with other people's sparring sessions, Rosalyn has found she's fairly comfortable joining in herself, as long as she's allowed to fight with her tools in hand - it's just another way of working with her hands, something assisted by an increasingly skilled use of her unusual chi.

Style:Industrial Martial Arts
Signature Move:Inferno Driver -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Natsu vs Rosalyn - Rosalyn's got an oversized wrench, a belt full of tools, and the home court advantage here in Pacific High. Natsu's armed with a couple volleyballs and a cheer section. And.... neither one wants to hurt the other?! How does -that- work? (Winner: Natsu) - Log created on 19:33:14 12/30/2014 by Natsu, and last modified on 08:58:11 12/31/2014. Cast: Natsu and Rosalyn.

[SNF 2014.12] SNF: Let Them Cheer Until They Bleed - Just when the crowd thought the fights were over for the moment, another one was announced - in the stands! The wrench-toting mechanist and the restauranteur go at it in the stands, trying not to take any of the crowd out while they fight! <Winner: Jam> - Log created on 18:02:20 12/12/2014 by Rosalyn, and last modified on 02:47:34 12/13/2014. Cast: Jam and Rosalyn.

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